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Sunday, 2 December 2012

02/12/2012 Trout upsets the odds against Cotto

Unbeaten Austin Trout last night produced what many would call an upset win over Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, but after watching the 12 round encounter its hard to see why he was the underdog. The writing was on the wall for Cotto to win this fight and advance into the new year with a dream match up against Canelo Alvarez. But that fight is now in jeopardy after last night and the attention now turns on to Trout and how far he can go in the division.

Cotto opened up the fight with a great start, great movement and energy and some blistering combinations, but Trout seemed happy to take the shots and keep pace with Cotto, knowing the longer the fight went on the more it would favour the younger man. And it did just that, as rounds 1 and 2 became 4 and 5 and moved to 7 and 8, Trout was becoming more and more comfortable and confident that he was gaining the points on the judges scorecards.

By the last few rounds the Garden seemed almost silenced as the huge Cotto contingency were seeing the undoing of their hero, Trout came on a lot stronger and was always looking to win the fight. Cotto fought to the dying seconds in true warrior fashion but it was never going to be enough, leaving him questioning his career now moving forward. When asked after the ring if he was likely to return, he simply said 'Probably'.

With Alvarez watching on amongst the Boxing Faithful, he now must ask himself if beating Cotto will give him the credibility it perhaps would of a year ago, is he know to look at taking on Trout or someone else in the division. Stylistically Alvarez v Cotto is the match everyone wants to see, but after that performance i don't Cotto stopping Canelos incredible record. Trout made it very clear after the fight he wants Alvarez, but he also said he would be happy to offer a rematch to Cotto, not forgetting a showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

01/12/2012 Great weekend for Fury and Price

I would firstly like to start off by saying this weekend has shown the very best of both David Price and Tyson Fury, but for completely different reasons. Price knew he had to make a statement against Matt Skelton as he was highly criticised for taking a fight with a 45yr old potentially in his last fight. Fury on the other hand had to stay composed and focused against American Kevin Johnson who has only ever lost 2 of his professional fights.

Both men lived up to their promises and got the job done, It took Price just 2 rounds to reduce Skelton to his knees with some destructive body shots. He came out the blocks like he has done in his last few fights and looked so much more stronger and faster than his opponent and the intention was set by the end of round 1, finish this fight as soon as the opportunity arises. And that's what Price did, recognising Skeltons strength was his incredible chin, he went to work downstairs with some hard shots to the body, and it was a great right hand that left Skelton looking up at the referees 10 count and maybe drawing a close to his career.

Furys task was slightly different and also slightly tougher, he was in the ring with a man that had only ever lost to Tor Hamer from the SkySports Prizefighter final and World Heavyweight Champion VItali Klitschko. Fury knew from the opening bell he would have to outbox Johnson and not get complacent, working the jab from distance and not committing himself on the inside, this would have left himself venerable to Johnson. The fight at times became stale and produced moments of frustration for the Belfast crowd who found themselves booing their man, but Fury didn't let that upset his game plan and continued to handle Johnson from distance. It was enough for a unanimous decision from the judges, leaving Fury in prime position for a number 1 contenders spot at Vitali's Heavyweight crown.

Both men have performed at a top level this weekend but 2 question marks still hang over them, could they take on and beat one of the Klitschko brothers, and ultimately... could they beat each other?