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Monday, 30 July 2012

30/07/2012 Guess whos back? and with a new promotional company

3rd of August is a day that shows little significance for many people, but for a certain P4P Champion its the day that he steps out from his cell and begins his quest back into the Boxing ring. Floyd Mayweather would have served 63 days of his jail sentence which is only three quarters of the time he was sentenced to, clearly someone has been behaving himself. He will be no doubt looking towards a major fight at the end of the year but against who is anyones guess, matches between Manny Paquiao and Juan Marquez, and 'Canelo' Alvarez and Miguel Cotto have been provisionally put in place for the end of the year. As usual in this sport nothing is set in stone, and im sure if the Money man put his cards on the table and requested a match up with any of these Boxers, they would all jump at the chance....Maybe even Manny Pacquiao.

For now focus will be on getting back in shape for a big payday, and a payday that will help fund his new promotional company that is currently being established alongside his best friend and Rapper 50 Cent. TMT (The Money Team) is the name of this promotion and has already had Boxers like Dirrell and Gamboa jump on board. Both men have a substantial amount of money and will I'm sure make this a success. And the reason for setting up this company? to put on the fights that people want to see according to Mayweather and (curtis) Jackson. Its a promotion that has been setup for Boxers by Boxers, i guess we will watch this space and await the uprising of Floyd Mayweather and look forward to seeing him back in the ring. Love him or hate him, Boxing needs a Floyd Mayweather.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

28/07/2012 The British Olympic Boxing Team, what can we expect?

1904, the first official year that Olympic Boxing was introduced into the program, and it has stayed with us ever since (apart from the Swedish Olympics in 1912 due to the Swedish law). It is split across 11 different weight classes currently measured in  kg's. Its a points based system over 3 rounds and contenders wear protective head gear to reduce damage and injury.

I have given a brief overview of the British contenders to watch out for at this years London Olympics. It will also include for the first time the British women contenders who will be looking to bring home gold after the inclusion of women's Boxing for the first time at the games.

Natasha Jones 28, from Liverpool claimed a Bronze medal at this years Boxing Championships will be stepping into the Lightweight category and going for Gold, as will Savannah Marshall who recently became the first ever British world Boxing Champion. But probably the most promising Boxer to step up in the woman's category has to be Nicola Adams from Leeds, a 3 time Silver medallist at the Championships and European Champion, she will step into the flyweight division and will no doubt be one of favourites to come out on top.

Anthony Joshua stands above all the other British men as he goes into the Super Heavyweight category and again looks to be one of the favourites to pick up a medal, an ABAE Champion, Joshua carries a major threat going into the ring and has all the skill and technical ability to match up with any other Boxer in this category.

Andrew Selby, a Bantamweight from Wales is no stranger to Boxing at the top level. Twice a Bronze medallist at European level until 2011 where he became the first ever Welshman to win Gold at the European Championships. This tells the whole story to why Selby is not to be looked over, and I'm sure all the other men in his weight category would have done their homework around him, Selby will be disappointed with anything less than a medal.

Anthony Agogo, who seems to be the face of the British Boxing team and one of the faces of the entire British Olympics. A 23year old who shows much promise at Middleweight and i believe will walk away with the Gold. As i write this post Agogo has already overcome his first test against Junior Castillo Martinez, a comfortable win that sees him move on to the next round.

Fred Evans, a 21 year old who has already achieved so much. A gold medallist at Commonwealth and European level. He will be the man to watch in the Light Welterweight division. Josh Taylor, Luke Campbell and Tom Stalker round up what is a very strong British Boxing Team. I see very good things for this years British hopefuls, and a few that can really move on to make a big name for themselves.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

26/07/2012 Garcia v Morales 2 October 20th, no rematch for Khan

After his incredible KO win over Amir Khan, Danny Garcia will put his Championship and Unbeaten record back on the line against the man he beat before he stepped in the ring with Khan. Erik Morales is to be the man to try and stop Garcia and take back his Light Welterweight Crown. Their last fight in March ended with Garcia claiming the win over 12 rounds as he out classed Morales throughout the bout. I can see this going exactly the same way, Morales offers to much experience and class to be caught and stopped early by Garcia and will look to wear Garcia down round by round working off the jab again. Garcia will be more motivated than ever to get through this fight and move on to bigger paydays, all the advantage lays with the man from Philladelphia after proving many critics wrong and destroying Khan early on, leaving no doubt in peoples minds that he is one to watch. It leaves Khan looking elsewhere, especially after he perhaps thought he was inline for a rematch. It may not seem it right now, but its probably the best thing that could happen for Khan as it now gives him time to take a break from the sport and think about his next opponent.

Monday, 23 July 2012

23/07/2012 Price v Harrison set for October 13th

David Price has announced his next opponent and it comes in the shape of Audley Harrison. The 13-0 Liverpudlian will take on the Olympic medallist on October 13th. Harrison who comes off the back of a win against Ali Adams is eager to prove he still has something left in the tank, but he will need to Box the best he ever has if he plans on getting through Price.
The winner of this will surely have a close eye on Former British Champion Tyson Fury, and it wouldn't surprise me if Price is already looking ahead to that showdown.
For now Price must concentrate on getting past Harrison, i can only see this going one way, and as much as the public like to see an upset / underdog story i feel there will be no upset here.
Price has all the skills and in ring ability as proven against Sam Sexton to take on the best that Britain has to offer and will soon be looking to take his talents to the world stage. Much attention is currently on Tyson Fury who has a win over Dereck Chisora and has shot to the top of British Boxing since, but Price defiantly looks to be the sharper more focused man when in the ring. Either way we will have to await this encounter whilst Price burns up valuable energy against Harrison, may Audley prove me wrong.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

21/07/2012 Are we about to see Khan switch Camps?

In the wake of Amir Khans loss to unbeaten American Danny Garcia he has confirmed that he is unhappy with the time he receives from trainer Freddie Roach. Khan who has now lost two fights back to back says he is looking for a trainer that can offer him 100% of their time. Roach currently shares his time across the gym with middleweight Julio Ceaser Chavez and P4P Champion Manny Pacquiao and has confirmed he can't offer Khan the time he wants.
Roach has taken Khan to two world titles and it would seem can take him no further, many trainers are available across the globe, but very few with the credentials that Roach carries.

Step up Enzo Calzaghe, who has recently stated that he would love to take on the Former LightWelterweight Champion on a full time basis. Enzo who this past week regained his license will now be looking to jump straight back in the game, who better than Khan? I feel this would be a great move for Khan as he will fill his wish of having a full time trainer with 100% focus on him, but could he possibly reach and better the heights that Roach has already taken him to, i guess time will tell. For now i believe it is essential that Khan takes some time out the ring to recover and relax, Khan himself admits he has been either in the ring, preparing for a fight or making his next match-up since he turned his hands to the pro's.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

19/07/2012 Will we finally see Haye v Vitali?

Great episode of Ringside tonight, with Amir Khan and David Haye as the studio guests rounding up their eventful weekend's.
After a full summary of both fighters results against Danny Garcia and Dereck Chisora, attention was turned towards Klitschko manager Bernd Bonte and Haye's Trainer Adam Booth.
The subject was simple, will we ever see the long awaited Haye v Vitali match up? it was a question that had driven very positive answers between both camps. Bonte has confirmed that the contract was indeed in place for a summer showdown with Haye, but the Haye camp had the bout with Chisora already in place so they were looking for a fight with Vitali at the end of the year. Bonte responded by saying that they were unhappy to wait and went ahead with putting together a bout with Manuel Charr.

Bonte confirms that it would be the biggest match out there and one that everyone wants to see, but he also stated that if Vitali beats Charr in September, everything then hinges on Vitali's political voting results in November, assuming they go according to plan for the Ukrainian chances are he will retire there and then. It left Haye none the wiser to weather he would get his dream match up or not, but he now knows that he may have to wait some time before he gets any closer to an answer from the Klitschko camp. With Wladimir already confirming that he has nothing to prove against Haye after beating him comfortably, the Heavyweight division offers not much else for the British Heavyweight.

Haye still feels that there is plenty of opportunities to put other fights together, but none that would draw the attention that a Vitali showdown would. It was recently reported that Cruiserweight Marco Huck was interested in taking on Haye, Huck who stepped up to Heavyweight to take on Povetkin, would be a great match up as both men Box through great entertainment, but i cant help but feel that it would be a step backwards for Haye. With the likes of Tyson Fury and David Price soon breathing down his neck he will never be short of an option back home, but ultimately Haye knows if he doesn't get Vitali, he will most likely retire again.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

18/07/12 Maccarinelli Guilty of taking banned substance


Welsh Cruiserweight Enzo Maccarinelli could be facing a lengthy ban for testing positive to a banned substance. Maccarinelli has been under the spotlight since word circulated that there was an issue with the results.
It comes at a real low time for the sport, after the likes of Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto have been found guilty of taking banned drugs. I will be keeping a close eye on the outcome of this situation with Enzo, as he was just getting his career back on track and found himself in rumoured talks with Nathan Cleverly for an all welsh showdown, it now seems that this could be the end of the road for Maccarinelli if this ban goes through.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17/07/12 Price calls out Chisora & Haye, Klitschko and Charr saga begins


It was confirmed yesterday that British Heavyweight star David Price will be looking at Dereck Chisora as an option for his next opponent. Price confirmed that he wants to fight the best, and Chisora is one of the best. It comes at a good time for Price after Chisora's loss to Haye after a fifth round knockout, it would be the perfect fight for Price to establish himself as one of the top Heavyweights and should then be considered with in Heayweights elites. It would also be an ideal opportunity for Chisora to bounce back after 3 losses in a row, my guess is that Chisora would be looking to avenge his defeats to either Robert Helenius or other British Heavyweight Hopeful Tyson Fury.

Ultimately i think the British public will be holding out to see Price and Fury trade punches in the ring, but until then the British scene seems to be hotting up again, especially in a division that worldwide, is struggling. David Haye on the other hand will still be looking for a world title shot at Vitali Klitschko. Klitschko is scheduled to fight German Manuel Charr in September but Charr was seen at this Saturdays encounter between Haye and Chisora. Rumours now obviously circulating around Haye, Klitschko and Charr with various media articles confirming that they will at some point all be fighting each other, as always with Boxing.....ill believe it, when i see it.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

15/07/12 A win for Garcia leaves Khan's Mayweather dream a million miles away

 Amir Khan v Danny Garcia

Winner: Danny Garcia TKO Rd4 WBC, WBA & Ring Magazine Championship

With much talk over the grudge match going on in London between David Haye and Dereck Chisora, it seemed to have left this light Welterweight encounter following in the shadows, and after round 4 its probably where Amir Khan and British hopefuls want to keep it.
Khan started the fight as expected and found himself leading the way throughout rounds one and two, his incredible hand speed seemed to much for Garcia who was just trying to catch Khan off guard with a big shot. Both men traded combination after combination, but it was Khans that looked to be doing the most damage, until round three when after nearly the full 3 minutes. Garcia caught Khan on the side of the head with a terrific left hook that saw Khan hit the canvas in a daze. Commentator Nick Halling called it correct when he said, if that shot had not brushed the shoulder of Khan before it his him upside his head, he would not be getting back up. But get back up he did and he held on for the remaining 10 seconds of the round but not without damages.

Both men came out in the 4th round with one thing in mind, for Khan to try and weather the storm from the last round and find his feet again, and for Garcia....Knock him out. Both men continued to trade punches as the fight really opened up, the bout was turning into an instant classic just as Khan was hit again with a very light handed shot, but it was enough to put him down and have to take another count.
The defining moment was a barrage of punches from Garcia that left Khan helpless on the ropes and forcing the official to step in and give Khan the standing count, Khan was unable to steady himself and alongside pleading with the referee to continue the fight, Khan had to concede that his night was over. It seemed that Khan had slightly under estimated Garcia and his punching power and has now lost two big fights back to back. Garcia who now holds a 24-0 record comes off the back of wins against Morrales and Khan putting him in great position for a very big payday in his next battle. Khan will have to now plan his way back to the top after dreams of an eventual Mayweather encounter, seem a million miles away.

15/07/12 Haye v Chisora

 David Haye v Dereck Chisora

Winner: Haye KO Rd 5  WBA & WBO International Championship

It went perfectly to script for Haye, who right from the outset was the clear favourite to win this encounter. With incredible speed and movement around the ring Haye was able to pick his punches and regularly find ways through the tough defence of Chisora. Some thought that even though Chisora was never going to out-box Haye, he would be able to catch him with a punch that could end the bout, and this seemed to have been his game plan from the opening round. With his guard held high and close, Chisora wanted to Soak up the punches of the former world champion and hope that he could counter with a huge bomb. It came close to landing a few times but Haye always seemed one step ahead when dancing at speed around the ring, and the only time Chisora could land a big shot successfully was after the bell of Rd 3 where Haye dropped his guard and was caught with a shot that seemed to leave him questioning his whereabouts in the ring was.

But Haye Composed himself and came on strong and in Rd5 landed a 1-2 combo that put Chisora on the canvas, most fighters would have stayed down but with his larger than life heart Chisora picked himself up and continued, but to no prevail. Haye's final Combination that sent Chisora packing was one of his finest and even the man himself said 'it was the best punch i have ever thrown', Both men after the event seemed in ore of each other and had nothing but praise for their competitor. It was a great emotional cap to a brilliant evening of Boxing, and one that promoter rank Warren can hold his head high about.

Vitali Klitschko is now the talking point for Haye, the WBC champion has a fight lined up later this year and it is scheduled to be his last before he makes a jump into politics. Haye's trainer Adam Booth confirmed if they can't get Klitschko then there is no other option out there. I agree, even with talk of Tyson Fury and David Price, for me neither man is ready yet to step up to face someone of Haye's quality. With that in mind could this be the last time we see the Former WBA Champion, if so, what a fitting way to cap off an incredible journey for the 'Hayemaker'. Chisora no doubt will continue to fight (putting all licensing issues aside) and will probably look to avenge defeats against Fury and Helenius.