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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Haye v Fury confirmed for September 28th

At last we have the conformation that we have all been waiting for, Tyson Fury has signed the contract that David Haye himself signed yesterday. It means that both men will go toe to toe on September 28th in Manchester. Its a highly anticipated Heavyweight fight that many fight fans have been waiting for, especially the British Boxing fans.

Haye was involved in the last big British showdown with Derrek Chisora and will look to replicate his performance he gave on that night. Tyson Fury has thrown his fair share of comments towards David Haye over the last few weeks, but it was Haye that seemed to have the final words yesterday when he signed the contract. But Fury has agreed and the fight is on.

It will be a much anticipated fight, but i think we are also in for a treat throughout the build up to this battle, both men are not men to shy away from words, and im sure many will be exchanged as the fight date draws closer. Haye will no doubt walk into the ring the favorite, but he can not under estimate the size and power that the 25yr old Fury has, both men have proven to have gone 12 rounds and both have a good chin, this should be an incredible fight. Lets hope David Haye has no injury problems here, this is an all British showdown that could catapult both men to a world title shot

Monday, 8 July 2013

Haye signs to fight Fury for September showdown

Today we get one step closer to the all british showdown that has been on all fight fans lips for a few weeks now, David Haye announced today that he has put pen to paper and signed to fight fellow British heavyweight Tyson Fury on September 28th at in Manchester. Its a fight that has been on and off now for a while, with both men sharing words online over twitter, and both camps undecided on what the opposing camp is doing. Peter Fury confirmed last week that he offered the Haye camp a 50/50 split which Adam Booth accepted, but Haye declined.

It seemed that it was David Haye that was the missing link to making this fight happen, but that has now all changed as its the former champion that has got the ball rolling with his signature on the contract. He later stated that he heard rumours Fury was looking to duck this fight and go after American Tony Thompson who picked up a win over David Price this past Saturday night. Haye said that he hopes these rumours are not true, and I think British Boxing fans are in agreement. The ball seems very much in Furys court, has Haye called his bluff, or will Fury back up his comments and twitter rants by also signing the contract.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Thompson dominates Price in 5 Rounds

Should I be as shocked as I am, probably not. A great performance from Tony Thompson left David Price with nothing left in the tank and hading over another win to the American in round 4. It should have been redemption for Price but it turned into a repeat of 134 days ago when Thompson proved to much for the man from Liverpool.

Price opened up the first round using the jab which seemed to be the game plan right from the opening bell, the swcond round seemed much of the same, it was when Price landed a huge right hand that put Thompson to the floor that opened the fight right up. Thompson then got the fight he wanted, a scrap, that Price was drawn into and it was round 3 that looked to have exhausted Price of everything he had to offer. Lennox Lewis was ringside screaming for Price to stand up and prepare himself for round 4. But Price looked on dangerous ground from the moment he left his stool, Thompson went at Price acknowledging that this was the opening he was waiting for.

Round 5 was the telling round, Thompson hit Price with a combonation that saw Price backing off more and more, eventually he was left with his back turned to Thompson in the corner. The referee had no choice but to stand in and give Price the standing count which went the whole way and the fight was stopped there. It all seemed to much for Price as he had no energy to even argue the stoppage, but also to much for promoter Frank Maloney who after the fight seemed speechless. Maloney even commented saying he would remain loyal to Price butnif he wasnto call it a day he would do the same.

Much talk now revolves around Prices carrer and if would be wise to continue, I guess we will have to wait and see what he has to say as we recieved no comments after the fight from Price. A man that locked himself away in his locker room now thinking about where it all went very wrong for him tonight.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Golovkins camp looking at Chavez jr next

After this past weekends destruction of Matthew Macklin, 27-0 Gennady Golovkin is now looking to quickly advance his way through the middleweight division. It took just 3 rounds for Golovkin to put a stop to his encounter with the New York based fighter, something that took Sergio Martinez 12 rounds to do. All the talk is now surrounding the power puncher and where his Boxing journy takes him next, but we could soon have the answer as his promotor has hinted at now targeting the 46-1-1 Mexican Julio Ceaser Chavez jr.

Tom Loeffler, confirms that they will be looking to get another two fights in for Golovkin before the year is out. Its comments like this that really shines through for the Golovkin camp and sits well with all fight fans. Its a mouth watering prospect that would leave fans sitting on either side of the fence here, but its Golovkins performance at the weekend that would probably land him the favorite. Chavez jr who is set to fight American Brian Vera later this year has also found himself in the public eye after finally having his drug abuse case settled, a reduction of $800, 000 has left the Mexican only having to pay a $100, 000 fine, this also comes after completing a nine month ban from the sport.

Chavez jr's camp has yet to comment on a middleweight showdown with Golovkin. It would come nearly a year after losing to p4p contender Martinez, a fight that not only ended his unbeaten streak, but also landed him in trouble after testing positive for marijuana. Golovkin on the other hand is now being put in the mix with some of the biggest names in the sport right now, rumours of a possible shots against Carl Froch and Floyd Mayweather have been thrown about. But for now Golovkins camp has made it very clear who they are after.

Was the Chavez jr ban fair?

Conformation that Julio Ceaser Chavez jr has had his fine for drug abuse reduced from $900, 000 to $100, 000 still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Appreciating that Chavez jr has served his time with a nine month ban from the sport, but after continued work from his attorney's stating that it effects the fighters constitutional rights, they have reached an agreement with the Nevada state athletic committee to reduce the fine.

Chavez jr was tested and caught after he had smoked marijuana,  which ironically came off the back of his first career loss, but the fighter is due back in the ring the September after what I feel is a short ban from the sport. I pose this question to the Boxing fans to add thier  veiws on this matter. If we are looking to eliminate the use of drugs not only in Boxing, but in all sports, should the ban have been extended, and should the fine have remained high?

Haye v Fury looks to be a done deal

It looks as if the fight that all British Boxing fans having heen craving could finally be confirmed. Rumours confirm that today Peter Fury announced that talks have continued between both the Fury and David Haye camps, with Haye's trainer Adam Booth set to make a public announcement at some point this week.

The fight looked to have been a done deal 2 weeks ago with co-promotor Eddie Hearn stating the fight will go ahead later this year and the contracts are soon to he signed. It then transpired that talks had fell through, with statements from Fury offering an 80/20 split in his favor as he was the man in the spotlight right now.

Fury then tweeted mid week that he would be prepared to settle on a 60/40 split with the winner taking the majority of the money. Just as fight fans were prepared to let this one slip away, Fury has this evening come out and asked Adam Booth directly to make thisnfight happen.

Its a fight that has all the makings of a recent Heavyweight classic, I really hope contracts and the purse can be agreed, it is a great opportunity to see who is currently the best British Heavyweight in the division, and a chance to put all of this trash talking to bed.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Broner v Malignaggi, good, bad and very ugly

Last night we finally got a conclusion to the war of words between Adrien Broner 27-0 and Paulie Malignaggi 32-5 after weeks of both men exchanging words it was time for them to exchange punches. It was a much anticipated showdown partially due to boths fighters ability to verbally promote this match up, but also fans were intrested to see if Malignaggi could be the man that stops Broners unbeaten streak. From the opening bell it was Malignaggi that proved to be the busier man with Broner standing his ground and aiming to cut off Malignaggis every move, but even though the older man was busiest he was also the weakest, and every punch thrown was just shrugged off by Broner.

Broner remained strong throughout the fight and knew that Malignaggi wouldnt be able to maintain his work rate through 12 rounds, he simply rolled his shoulder and picked off Malignaggi with the stronger shots. It was a technique and performance like that of his good friend Floyd Mayweather, who himself watched on and at times shouted encouraging words for his younger prodigy which seemed to do nothing but anger the defending champion Malignaggi. It was just a further exchange of words which seemed to be the theme of the whole fight.

Once the final bell rang it was clear that Broner had won but it was still close, with judges scoring it 115-113 Broner, 115-113 Malignaggi and 117-111 giving Broner the win and the WBA Welterweight crown. Broner after the fight not only confirmed his greatness and denied any concern he ever had of losing to Malignaggi, but also continue his verbal onslaught of Malignaggi, stating that he had taken Paulies belt and his girl. It did nothing but incite the man from Brooklyn, leading him to give his views on why the belt should of remained with him in his home town. Away from all the trash talk Malignaggi did actually have a valid case, after receiving a low blow and an elbow to the face after the bell the tables could have easily been turned, unfortunately it all went in Broners favour. Although Broner won the fight, silenced the crowed and became a 3 weight champion, he still didnt offer a performance that gives him the right to call himself Boxings next superstar.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Banks v Mitchell, doors could open for both fighters

All the talk this weekend is directed towards Broner v Malignaggi, but whilst everyone's focus remains on this showdown, Boxing fans will be keeping a close eye on the rematch between Johnathon Banks 29-1 and Seth Mitchell 25-1. Going into the last fight many fight fans had Mitchell their favorite to pick up the win, but this was soon blown out the water after Banks showed an incredible performance to stop Mitchell in two rounds. Mitchell, like many other young Heavyweights, shows much promise and is doing everything he can to provide America with the long awaited champion they have been searching for.

Mitchell will of course still be going into this fight with much backing but i think fight fans will take a step back after his last performance at Boardwalk Hall, Banks showed that he has much more to offer in regards to ability, picking off Mitchell and when he had the 31 year old stunned he went after him. A very respected Boxer, Banks currently works with in the Klitschko camp as Wladimir's trainer, and I'm sure both brothers will be enjoying this fight on Saturday night. Both of these men aspire to be the Heavyweight champion and will be using this fight as a next step, Banks who currently sits number 2 on the WBC and WBO rankings is with in touching distance to a shot in the spotlight. Mitchell falls shorter and has a longer journey if he is to reach these heights, but a win on Saturday it will push him into a great position.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Maidana overcomes Lopez to look towards Cotto showdown

Just had a chance to watch back Marcos Maidana v Josesito Lopez from this past Saturday, it was a fight that Maidana went to the favorite, but Boxing fans knew that Lopez was able to match Maidana aslong as he avoided the power and strength the Argentinian poses. Lopez opened up the fight with great promise, showing that he was able to go toe to toe with Maidana and at certain points early on looked the better man. But this fight was never going to let us down and it didnt, with both men trading punches round by round this fight was perfectly balenced for wither man to take the lead to the 12th round.

But it was Maidana who overcame Lopez in round 6 in what looked to be an early stoppage, this came after the recent pressure on referres to step in when they feel either fighter is in danger of being hurt. When watching the reply back of Maidanas 6th round punching flurry i dont think that Lopez will have issues with why the fight was stopped as his guard was high and he return no punches that came his way.

This was also a match that Miguel Cotto would have undoubtedly been watching as talks that the winner of this would go on to meet the Puerto Rican in November. Cotto who now looks to be nearing the end of his incredible career would still offer more than both of these men in my opinion, but Maidana would certainly take him the 12 rounds and he would need more than ice to fix the swelling if Maidana caught him like he did Lopez.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Riddick Bowe makes ring return, but in MMA

Great article on Espn on Riddick Bowe's return to the ring, only this time he swapped the Boxing ring for a MMA ring. The 45 year old stated that he needed the money and earned a huge $150, 000 for his apperance, it didnt last long though as the fight was stopped in the 2nd round after Bowe it the canvas 5 times in total.

The man that famously beat Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield left the Boxing ring in 2008, and after missing the sport so much obviously had the urge to have another shot in the spotlight. With rumours circulating over the last few years that he may make a return to the ring, he must have realised that getting in amoungst the current Heavyweight Boxing division wasnt the wisest choice, not sure what made him think MMA would be any easier.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Broner v Malignaggi, a war inside and outside the ring

Styles make fights, any Boxing fan knows that, but what happens when both men have a flash, fast, no will to back down attitude? well on the 22nd June we will have the answer to that exact question when 32-4 Paulie Malignaggi takes on unbeaten 26-0 Adrien Broner. Already this is shaping up to be a great fight but much of that is partially due to the war of words being exchanged out the ring.

As soon as the fight was announced both men have done nothing but have a verbal onslaught at each other, and neither man looks like they are going to back down. Malignaggi comes into this fight after a great win against Senchenko using his speed and jab to out work his opponent and give him the 9th round stoppage and a 12 round split win over Cano. Broner on the other hand gave Welshman Rees a beating and barely broke a sweat.

Broner of course goes into this fight the favorite and for me the man who will pick up the win, if he fights at his best I can see a late stoppage, one thing is for sure its going to take everything in Broners locker to stop Malignaggi especially if he can reproduce the incredible heart he showed against Cotto. It should be an entertaining fight, hopefully even more entertaining than the antics outside the ring, but I can see Broner proving to everyone again why he is Boxings next superstar.

'Rip his heart out and feed it to him' Fury v Haye update

Further progression has been made in the David Haye v Tyson Fury showdown as Eddie Hearn has now confirmed that the fight deal is near completion. Hearn confirms that it will be an Autumn clash with both fighters expecting to earn up to £5miliion each. There was even talk of putting the press conferences on box office, as no doubt this would be as entertaining as the fight itself.

Hearn has given nothing away at this point, but offers a little more than Furys promotor Mick Hennessey who still is refusing to comment on whether either camps have traded words yet. It would seem the rumours are way to strong here and we could be looking at one of the biggest all British heavyweight clashes in many years, as Hearn rightfully stated, a previous world champion versus a young up coming prospect.

Fury has confirmed that he would like to forget about the Klitschko brothers for now, calling them 'robots' and wants to turn his attention to everyone else in the division. Unfortunately if he plans on beating Haye or 'ripping his heart out ans feeding it to him' as stated on IFilm London, he will be in a posirion where he will have no choice than to step up to the best in the division. Fury shows no remorse here though and is already tempting the fans to their seats, with comments towards Haye that will leave a very sour taste in the 'Hayemakers' mouth.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stevenson shocks the Boxing world.

This past weekend saw an early contender for KO of the year, Adonis Stevenson took out Chad Dawson in just over 70 seconds. It was a match up that showed great promise, with the experience and all round in  ring ability from Dawson, and the incredible knockout power of Stevenson. From the opening bell Stevenson looked the more confident fighter, Dawson hadn't even had a chance to find his range before he was caught with a left hook that sent him crashing to the canvas in a daze.

It was a punch that shook the Boxing world and put Stevenson into a position where he is now a man to be very much avoided. With that being said it was Tony Bellew who was able to offer his opinion first, stated that he never backs down from any fight and would happily face Stevenson for the WBC crown. He did however say that he would give Stevenson the respect he deserves, in other words, he knows what damage Stevenson could cause should he land one of those big shots.

Stevenson on the other hand is making his own path to build his legacy, now looking for shots against the likes of Bernard Hopkins, but he knows that Tony Bellew has landed himself a mandatory challengers shot at  his title. Dawson now has to rebuild his career after this devastating loss, which also comes of the back of being outclassed by Andre Ward. For now the spotlight sits on Adonis Stevenson, a man with a punch that even 'Superman' would be proud of.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

James Degale, impressive, but not ready for Froch.

Great night for James degale after an impressive display against Croation Stejpan Bozic. It took just 4 rounds of great speed, footwork and combinations from degale, which led to Bozic calling it a day on his stool. The Croat looked to be soaking up all of the local mans punches but a 10 second flurry of incredible combinations seemed a step to far for the challenger. Its the first time in a while I have seen degale look so strong and worthy of being amoungst the other domestic names in British Supermiddleweight Boxing.

Degale said this was him at his best and he felt he could have stepped up another couple of gears, he also feels he is now in a great position to take on British p4p champion Carl Froch. For me he needs to aim towards clearing his loss against George Groves before he takes on the worlds best. After tonights performance he has shown that yet again he is clearly a big name in British Boxing, butmhe still has much to learn before he progresses. Acknowledging Degales WBC silver title, he should continue on the WBC route and firmly plant his place as a world title contender, this way Froch might start listening to offers from Mick Hennessey. Right now Froch has no need to step down to face Degale, Froch has earned his spot in the limelight, its like Joe Calzaghe v Carl Froch all over again.

Monday, 3 June 2013

03/06/2013 Tyson Fury v David Haye

Tyson Fury who boasts a 21-0 record is continuing to create havoc on the Heavyweight division, after a recent win in fashionable style over American Steve Cunningham, he now looks for his next step to a world title. The problem with Tyson Fury is that he does not want to play by the rules, and he wants to create his own destiny whilst climbing to the top. The nailed on match-up would have put him against fellow British Heavyweight David Price, but after Price's loss to Tony Thompson, he has his own problems to deal with for the time being. Fury on the other hand remains unbeaten, and feels that he is now a prime position to take on one of the top 5 Heavyweights.

Recent comments though haven't gone down particularly great with the powers that be, talks of Fury moving over to take on UFC's finest if he doesn't get the matches he wants. The problem i have with Fury is his loud mouth nature has worked up to this point as he has managed to back it up, but this will come to an abrupt end if he steps in the ring with a Klitschko brother or David Haye (who is set to complete a deal for later this year).

Sources state that talks have opened up and may have even neared completion, after Fury's promoter Mick Hennessey failed to turn up to a press conference with the Pulev camp. On the flip side, it may be Fury's nature to not follow the norm, that leaves the British public with a mouth watering prospect of an all British Heavyweight showdown, something we haven't had since Haye v Chisora.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

30/05/2013 The Biggest fight in recent Boxing history

One of the biggest fights in recent Boxing history has just been announced. Floyd Mayweather and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez has finally been confirmed. Rumors started as soon as Mayweather overcame Robert Guerrero a month ago. It was the nailed on fans favorite, as both men stand proud of their unbeaten records, and with Mayweather running out of options, Alvarez seemed to be the only fighter to fill that void.

It looks as if Alvarez will be dropping a few pounds to meet Mayweather, but this will not effect the Mexican too much, this will be the biggest shot he ever has at being an over night megastar. He will not only become a World Champion (again) but he will have done what no other has done before and knock Mayweather off his throne. This also presents an incredible opportunity for Mayweather, a man that consistently receives criticism after every fight for ducking fights and taking on over the hill Boxers, this will be a chance for him to silence the critics and cement himself in Boxing history.

More to Follow...  

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

28/05/2013 Froch v Kessler II

Its safe to say that this past Saturday night saw the fight of the year so far, redemption for Carl Froch as he battled his way through 12 hard fought rounds to overcome the Danish 'Viking Warrior' Mikkel Kessler. It was a fight that had Boxing fans watering at the mouth from the moment it was announced, partially due to the first encounter between the 2 warriors, but also as fans knew that Froch was in the shape of his life, and this was his time to snatch back the loss he had 3yrs ago to Kessler.

From the opening round it went exactly as planned for Froch, a game plan that consisted of working the jab and not letting Kessler catch him on the front foot, many fans looked on in ore of what Froch was producing, at this point the tables had turned 360 degrees and Froch was the man in charge. But in round 4 the Kessler that we all knew but had forgotten about came on strong, catching Froch with some incredible shots, but it was never quite enough to trouble the Nottingham based fighter.

Through the middle rounds, fans watched on not really knowing which way this fight was going to go, but what was certain was if this was going the distance, Froch had got himself into a great position to take the win. Everyone knew that Froch had to start the fight strong as this has always been a reoccurring theme when he has lost or won by a close margin. But not only did he have to come out strong, he also then had to maintain this throughout the contest, by round 9 though the tide had taken a drastic turn in Kesslers favour. Was this going to be a comeback performance from the Dane, and was he going to give Froch a taste of his own medicine. Kessler caught his opponent with some great shots that most fighters would have struggled to pick themselves up from, but the Boxing world knew (Kessler included) that if you hit Froch with a clean punch you better make it count. The British fighter has a chin made of granite, i can not put that any clearer.

In the last 3 rounds just when it seemed that Kessler was establishing himself back in the match, Froch sucked it up and went at him with everything he had left. It was a brutal few rounds that left the crowd standing from their chairs. Round 12 was everything the previous fight had and more, Kessler needing a KO and Froch needing to finish strong, and it didn't disappoint. With the final bell sounding, and after Froch looked to have nearly ended the fight after a barrage of punches unloaded on Kessler, both men stumbled towards the centre of the ring and embraced each other like only these two men could. They knew they had been in an incredible fight, and they knew they left everything they had in the ring.

After the fight both fighters couldn't have been more gracious to each other, and with Froch suggesting a third showdown with Kessler, Bernard Hopkins looking for the winner before the fight had even started and Andre Ward watching on, it leaves Frochs career very carefully balanced on a knife edge.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

22/05/2013 Cotto's return

Im a huge fan of Miguel Cotto as i think most fight fanatics are, and after seeing how he nearly overcame the odds of the biggest upset of last year by losing to Floyd Mayweather on points, it gives me great pleasure to confirm that the Puerto Rican is looking for a ring return on September 28th this year. He's a fighter that never backed down from a big fight and had an incredible career. It seemed to make sense that his last fight would be against the best fighter in the game right now, but as the last few months have shown there is many more opponents out there for Cotto.

I personally think Cotto had very little left in the career tank after taking out all his frustration on  Antonio Margarito in New York in 2011, it was a revenge path that Cotto knew he had to finish and he did in great style. It Gave him the world title shots he again deserved and a big money payday that he always strives towards, but losses against Austin Trout and Mayweather looked to have left Cotto with no option but to take some time out the ring or maybe even retire for good.

Goldenboy Chief Richard Schaefer confirms that they are looking at the Barclay's Centre to hold Cotto's return but nothing is for definite at this point, and no opponent has been confirmed. I'm just pleased that i may get to see one of my favorite fighters over the last ten years get back in the ring.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21/05/2013 Matthysse has arrived

This past Saturday night saw one of the KO performances of the year, Lucas Matthysse launched himself into the Boxing limelight after a 3rd round KO of Lamont Peterson. Matthysse who stands above all others as the hardest p4p puncher in the ring, produced another incredible performance to increase his KO number to 31.

Everyone knows that the Argentinian fighter has a lot less ring ability that his piers, but what he lacks in Boxing finesse he very much makes up for in punching power. After knocking down Peterson twice before that final blow that had Peterson fighting to his feet, Matthysse left no doubt as right from the opening bell he was looking for that killer shot, he even at one point threw a punch so hard he removed his own feet from the canvas.

After the fight and when he had finished being paraded around the ring, his corner was quick to take advantage of his performance and get the verbal ball rolling, with comparisons to Manny Pacquiao and an open challenge to Danny Garcia. Matthysse has since come out stating that he is happy to have been compared to the ex-p4p king.

Garcia was an onlooker from ringside that night, as for him the winner of this showdown is due to meet him later in the year, and as much as he remained his cool and confident self infront of the camera, there were times he knew what awaited him in his next battle and he didn't look best pleased. Both men offer huge KO power (evidently from Garcias encounter with Khan and Morales) and both men love coming forward to fight, i don't think either man knows what the back foot is.

But the Garcia showdown seems to have temporarily been forgotten about as many critics are now looking for Mathysse to take Floyd Mayweather from his throne. It seems any Boxer that shows a break through performance of recent is being quickly pushed infront of Mayweathers unbeaten record, just ask Canelo Alvarez. It would be a great fight to see (styles make fights as they say) but would Matthysse's ability be enough to take down the current p4p king, Devon Alexander may tell you otherwise.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

16/05/2013 $23 Million for Povetkin v Klitschko

The big news in the Heavyweight division right now is the $23.3 million that has been put up for unbeaten Alexander Povetkin to get in the ring with Wladimir Klitschko. But first he must overcome Andrzej Wawrzyk, not exactly the toughest test he will face. I cant help but feel this fight will be one to forget, as much as Wawrzyk has a chance to win a world title he is very much out of his depth here, and Povetkin will be doing everything in his power to prevent himself picking up an injury.

It has been confirmed that both Povetkin's and Klitchko's camps are looking to have the contest held at the back end of August or the first week of September. Either way both men will be looking to stay in shape as they are just a few months away from a big money earner. It will be the biggest payday of Povetkin's career and also the biggest chance he will have of standing on top of the Heavyweight division. I guess we will await the outcome of this Fridays fight first.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

08/05/2013 What next for Mayweather?

As Floyd Mayweather moves on to 44-0 and continues to showcase his desperation for someone to unlock the Mayweather code, it leaves Boxing fans asking the question, who can beat the best boxer in the world?
Robert Guerrero certainly thought that he had all the credentials and the backing of God to bring Mayweather back down to earth with a bang. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, infact it was such a one sided fight that anyone that took a moment to even think Guerrero had a chance will now be hanging their head in shame.

From the moment that the opening bell sounded Mayweather proved his dominance and back up every word he had said before the fight. By standing off Guerrero and picking his shots he was able to gain control of the fight from the start, and in true Mayweather 'counterpunch' fashion he announced to the world that he still had much to offer.

The question now stands, who next? With rumors being confirmed by the Mayweather camp that he will be looking to fight in England very soon and stepping up to 147 pounds, Amir Khan became the name instantly in lights. Khan is set to face the winner of Britain's Lee Purdy and awkward customer Devon Alexander, but also chases matches of his own. Khan confirms redemption against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia is a certain, but often references that he ultimately wants his chance to dethrone Mayweather.

The Natural and obvious choice is Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez who himself remains unbeaten, but even he realises that as good as his record stands, and as good of an opponent he has overcome he may have to just hold off a while longer before he steps in the ring with Mayweather. Regardless to what happens it will be an entertaining time to watch Mayweather finalise the rest of his legacy over the next few years, (assuming his right hand holds up) and it will also be entertaining to see how Robert Guerrero overcomes his court hearing for being in possession of an armed weapon without a licence. This was his second mistake of this year, the first thinking he could beat Floyd Mayweather.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

22/04/2013 Action from both sides of the pond

We saw everything this weekend after an incredible night of Boxing action, from Madison square garden to wembley and back across to Austin Texas, we had plenty of action from both sides of the pond. KO's to close decisions, I have rounded up this weekends ringside action and given my views on what we can expect from here out.

Saul Canelo Alvarez v Austin Trout

This match up had the making of a classic, with Alvarez carrying his incredible unbeaten record at the tender age of 22 to the ring, and Trout bringing his unbeaten and strong amateur background to the fight the crowd were awaiting the showdown. Trout started strong and seemed to take control very early on, with Alvarez keeping his guard high and taking the back foot Trout was able to maintain his distance and pick shots at will. Alvarez then knew he had to up the tempo, and he did just that. By rounds 4 and 5 he had found his rythem and was beginning to open up on the American.

It was in round 6 that the tables had completely turned in the favour of Alvarez after he landed and impressive straight right hand to Trout, this resulted in the 26-0 man hitting the canvas for the first time in his career. From there on out it was Alvarez that took control, as he breathed confidence over Trout he gave the crowd a real show as he stood for a strong 30 seconds weaving and ducking I and out of Trouts punches. It was that confidence and the overall Boxing master class that took Alvarez to    The final bell with another win on his résumé. He remains unbeaten and now looks for a bigger test of his ability, with talks of Floyd Mayweather still hovering around the Boxing world he finds himself in a very strong position to challenge the king for his crown. For now he will have to wait a little while longer as Mayweather goes about his business, but I'm sure we will see them very soon in the same ring, and when we do I'll be sure too not write of Alvarez as quick as I have in previous encounters.

Tyson Fury v Steve Cunningham

It was Furys chance to show the Boxing world what all the talk has been about, and a chance to get his name up in lights in the home of Boxing Madison Square Garden, and Fury took that chance by the scruff of the neck and showed everyone exacktly what he Heavyweight division has been missing. Cunningham started the fight very strong and had Fury frustrated, infant Fury seemed so wound up by the American that by the end of round 1 he was already giving Boxing fans something to write about as he shoved Cunningham back into is corner. This didn't come as a shock to British fans, especially Jose that have followed his antics over this past year, but the Americans were about to find out what this man was really about.

Fury continued to frustrate fans and seemed more inclined to make a name for himself than get the job done that stood in front of him. Cunningham stood strong and had Fury on the floor in the second round. With respect to Fury he dusted himself down and continued to go after Cunningham. Both men exchanged great shots, but it was the big shot that both men were trying to land but neither could  find it. And then as he bout drew closer to he final few rounds, Fury ceased his opportunity and whilst having Cunningham firmly locked on the ropes produced a devastating right hook that nearly took Cunningham out the ring. It was the telling shot that proved to much for the experienced Cunningham, and it was the shot that not only put Fury on path for a showdown with Pulez for a shot at anKlitschko title, but also announced to America 'is this the Heavyweight you have been missing for the last 10 years?

Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi

Nathan Cleverly went into this fight knowing that he was just 2 mandatory fights away from a shot at the big time, ultimately a chance to face Bernard Hopkins. I think many people had this fight down as an easy win for the Welshman, but hat wasn't to be and the scorecards certainly didn't do Krasniqi any justice. The German based fighter proved to be a good test for Cleverly and landed some great shots throughout the fight, but Cleverly held his stance and used his jab to perfection to gain a very favourable points win.

Friday, 19 April 2013

19/04/2013 Not just Alvarez v Trout tomorrow night.......

Fight fans are in for a treat this weekend, with 3 huge match ups which all promise to offer something special.
British fans will be familiar with Tyson Fury's climb to the top of the Heavyweight division on channel 5, and they have captured another step of Fury's career as he edges ever closer to the crown. This weekend he takes on American Steve Cunningham, Its a match that Fury should win but he will certainly have his work cut out. Both men will look to prevail as the Boxer next inline for a shot at Vitali's Heavyweight title, this eliminator will probably go the distance unless Fury comes out the blocks strong and we could then see an early KO from the big man. Nathan Cleverly will also go head to head with Robin Krasniqi whilst Dereck Chisora steps back in the ring after his infamous fight with David Haye. Chisora will look to overcome Hector Avila and get himself back in the running of the heavyweights.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

18/04/2013 Brook v Alexander called off again

Today it has been confirmed that the IBF have ruled that Kevin Buizier will be the man to step up and face Devon Alexander after Britain's Kell Brook has pulled out through injury. Its the third time that this match up has been called off leaving many fans upset that the fight they have wanted to see, they will now have to wait to see.

Buizier who is 20-0 has been given the chance to step up as he is the IBF's mandatory challenger, this means that Kell Brook will fall back down the rankings and have to wait to get another chance at his world title shot in America.

It was the chance of a lifetime for Brook, who originally pulled out through injury, Alexander himself also had the fight delayed due to injury, and when all was cleared with both fighters and the papers had been signed it seemed that fight fans would get a Welterweight showdown that looked so promising. Alexander becomes the overwhelming favorite to retain his title and we will have to wait to see what happens with the Kell Brook saga.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

11/04/2013 Donaire v Rigondeaux this weekend!

This weekend sees one of the most anticipated fights of the year, 31-1 Nonito Donaire faces unbeaten 11-0 Guillermo Rigondeaux. It's the fight everyone wants to see, with all the incredible Boxing ability of Donaire, critics are saying that he faces his toughest challenge yet. Rigondeaux offers a huge amount and I personally think he cold really upset the odds on Saturday night. 

Styles make fights, and this certainly has everything a Boxing fan could ask for, speed, counter punching and KO power. Since Donaire lost his first fight a few years ago he has come back better than ever and it looks like no one will stop him in his tracks, many have him ranked in the top 5 p4p Boxers in the world and this weekend he will either solidify his place amongst Boxings elite or he will take another step backwards. Watch this space.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

20th April, Alvarez v Trout, my take.

20h April will be a night to keep free, as 2 of the best upcoming fighters will go head to head and compete for a potential shot at current P4P champ Floyd Mayweather. Both Austin Trout and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez will look to overcome each other as this could shoot them to the big payday they are both seeking.

After an incredible upset against Miguel Cotto, Austin Trout has put himself in great position but must defeat the odds by putting an end to the incredible win streak of the Mexican. Rumours are already circulating that Canelo is next inline for Mayweather, but I can't help but agree with many critics and reporters that the young gunslinger should hold fire and continue to wow throughout the division and work his way through an overwhelming talent of fighters.

Trout on the other hand will no doubt be entering this match up the underdog just like he did when he  outclassed the Puerto Rican Cotto, but he offers an incredible ring presense, with great in ring ability, speed and strength he can surely do what many have failed to do and unlock Canelos weaknesses. It will be the undoing of one of these men, for me I have to favour Alvarez, but I really hope Trout pushes him to the edge of his ability.

With a barrage of incredible fights coming our way this is definitely one not to be missed, styles make fights and this fight is built on two different styles that will surely prevail as one of the fight of the year contenders. Mayweather will be watching this one very closely, although not to close as he will currently be getting in shape for his showdown with Robert Gurrero, another potential fight for one of these two ringmasters.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

31/03/2013 It was the right decision....

Saturday night brought us plenty of action from the echo arena in Liverpool, notably two clashes with two very different styles, both resulting in the same outcome. The first match up saw a rematch from a year ago, Anthony Crolla v Derry Matthews. Matthews went in to this match with a huge advantage, not only had he already beaten Crolla, but he had the backing of some 7000 fans.

It was a fight that promised so much and delivered so much more, from round to round the momentum swung in both men's favours, Crolla starting off with a terrific game plan and looking very sharp. Matthews on the other hand took a while to settle in to the fight, but once he found his rythem he looked just as sharp as before. Both me deserved the win, and when it was announced that they may have to fight again due to a draw on the judges scorecard, I couldn't help but feel slight disappointment that this saga wasn't settled on the night, but it remains that everyone including myself will be glued to another fight between these two men.

Topping the bill was Tony Bellew v Isaac Chilemba, this was a huge contrast compared to what the fans had just witnessed, and certainly did not live up to what most fans thought would be a great encounter. Bellew was the clear favourite going into the ring, but people had obviously failed to do their research on Chilemba, as he was a man that had only lost one fight on his way to this eliminator, and he even avenged that. He was not to be taken for granted, but I can't help feel that Bellew did just this. Obviously very frustrated right from the outset after a slight push of heads and a stare down after the first round ended. The fight continued in the same fashion, with both men landing some telling shots but neither really doing any damage.

Overall it was the decision that left silence fall over the echo arena, with another draw, and one judge even having Chilemba winning by four rounds, it was thought that Bellew had been hard done by. I personally saw nothing wrong with the decision and I actually am in agreement with the final outcome. Bellew pleaded that he was the clear winner, even saying that he should of win as he was the home town man, I'm sorry but that's the sort of excuse that we fans want to take straight out of the sport (reference to last weekends action in Germany). Somebody should have reminded Bellew with a few rounds left that this was indeed an eliminator and had he have won this he would have probably landed a big pay day in the U.S.

Either way this fight will probably happen again, in order for Bellew to win his time he will need to keep his head, and also forget about the other fighters around him. I still can't help but feel he has still not forgotten his close loss to Welsh champion Nathan Cleverly. What is for certain is based on this performance neither man will beat current WBC champ Chad Dawson.

Friday, 29 March 2013

29/03/2013 Gurrero caught in possession of a gun at JFK

With just 6 weeks until he is due to face pound for pound champion Floyd Mayweaher, Robert Gurrero finds himself in hot water after being stopped yesterday at JFK airport due to being in possession of a gun.

It couldn't have come at a worse time for the man who has promised to dethrone Mayweather, 'I have been put on this planet to humble Floyd Mayweather' states Gurrero. Most would say that it's an impossible task, but he if he does manage to see through his promise, he must then enter the courtroom to give reasoning to why he was carrying the weapon.

Mayweather himself has confirmed that he has many more fights left in the tank over the next few years, with many fighters out there that would love a shot at the 'money', he finds himself in a unique position of choosing who he wants next to step up. I think most fans would love to see Mayweather take on the Mexican gunslinger 'Canelo' Alvarez, but it would seem he is biding his time before he opens up a shot to he young champion. For now Robert Gurrero is the man left to the challenge of breaking the unbeaten record.

Monday, 25 March 2013

25/03/13 Back for 2013

After being away for a over the new year period, we are back and having seen some incredible matches and some shock results, I think we can all agree that we are excited to have the boxing season back and underway.

I myself had a chance to sit back and enjoy the highs and lows of the sport that I love, watch matches fall apart, notably Kelly Pavlik calling it a day just a few weeks after promising to take on Andre Ward. Matches being made that have got us on the edge of our seats again, encounters like Alvarez v Trout, Mayweather v Gurrero, Rios v Alvarado and manymore. I also got the chance to attend my local amatuer boxing event showcasing all that the midlands have to offer at a variety of weights. An incredible day that proved once again theres nothing sweeter than live sports, especially up close and personal.

Watching David Prices shock loss to Tony Thompson was hard to swallow, especially as I have been backing him to go all the way and dominate what is a less than average heavyweight division right now. Instead its Tyson Fury that yet again have the critics talking, and weather its for the right or wrong reasons, he definately looks like nobody is going to stop him getting a shot at a world title. Adrien Broner showed us yet again tha he is the man to beat at lightweight, taking Gavin Rees to the limits of his boxing ability and showing that he was still leagues ahead of him. His brash and cocky nature is coming across more and more to the Brithish public, but it would seem his home nation are still struggling to connect to his fighting nature.

Froch v Kessler 2 was officially announced and leaves all British fight fans with a mouthwatering promise that this time round, Froch may comeout on top. Both men friends outside the ring again seems a distance away as they now both prepare for the biggest fights of their careers. With Froch aiming for another rematch with Ward and Kessler looking to climb back to the top of a division he once dominated.

This post is short and sweet but I want all fans to know that we at BWM will be back and tracking all the latest fight news and reviewing all the fights from across the world.