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Sunday, 2 December 2012

02/12/2012 Trout upsets the odds against Cotto

Unbeaten Austin Trout last night produced what many would call an upset win over Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, but after watching the 12 round encounter its hard to see why he was the underdog. The writing was on the wall for Cotto to win this fight and advance into the new year with a dream match up against Canelo Alvarez. But that fight is now in jeopardy after last night and the attention now turns on to Trout and how far he can go in the division.

Cotto opened up the fight with a great start, great movement and energy and some blistering combinations, but Trout seemed happy to take the shots and keep pace with Cotto, knowing the longer the fight went on the more it would favour the younger man. And it did just that, as rounds 1 and 2 became 4 and 5 and moved to 7 and 8, Trout was becoming more and more comfortable and confident that he was gaining the points on the judges scorecards.

By the last few rounds the Garden seemed almost silenced as the huge Cotto contingency were seeing the undoing of their hero, Trout came on a lot stronger and was always looking to win the fight. Cotto fought to the dying seconds in true warrior fashion but it was never going to be enough, leaving him questioning his career now moving forward. When asked after the ring if he was likely to return, he simply said 'Probably'.

With Alvarez watching on amongst the Boxing Faithful, he now must ask himself if beating Cotto will give him the credibility it perhaps would of a year ago, is he know to look at taking on Trout or someone else in the division. Stylistically Alvarez v Cotto is the match everyone wants to see, but after that performance i don't Cotto stopping Canelos incredible record. Trout made it very clear after the fight he wants Alvarez, but he also said he would be happy to offer a rematch to Cotto, not forgetting a showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

01/12/2012 Great weekend for Fury and Price

I would firstly like to start off by saying this weekend has shown the very best of both David Price and Tyson Fury, but for completely different reasons. Price knew he had to make a statement against Matt Skelton as he was highly criticised for taking a fight with a 45yr old potentially in his last fight. Fury on the other hand had to stay composed and focused against American Kevin Johnson who has only ever lost 2 of his professional fights.

Both men lived up to their promises and got the job done, It took Price just 2 rounds to reduce Skelton to his knees with some destructive body shots. He came out the blocks like he has done in his last few fights and looked so much more stronger and faster than his opponent and the intention was set by the end of round 1, finish this fight as soon as the opportunity arises. And that's what Price did, recognising Skeltons strength was his incredible chin, he went to work downstairs with some hard shots to the body, and it was a great right hand that left Skelton looking up at the referees 10 count and maybe drawing a close to his career.

Furys task was slightly different and also slightly tougher, he was in the ring with a man that had only ever lost to Tor Hamer from the SkySports Prizefighter final and World Heavyweight Champion VItali Klitschko. Fury knew from the opening bell he would have to outbox Johnson and not get complacent, working the jab from distance and not committing himself on the inside, this would have left himself venerable to Johnson. The fight at times became stale and produced moments of frustration for the Belfast crowd who found themselves booing their man, but Fury didn't let that upset his game plan and continued to handle Johnson from distance. It was enough for a unanimous decision from the judges, leaving Fury in prime position for a number 1 contenders spot at Vitali's Heavyweight crown.

Both men have performed at a top level this weekend but 2 question marks still hang over them, could they take on and beat one of the Klitschko brothers, and ultimately... could they beat each other?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

24/11/2012 Is this the end for Hatton?

After three and a half years out of the game there was only ever one question hanging over the head of former World Champion Ricky Hatton, could he replicate the performances of the old 'Hitman'? The short answer is no, but there were moments of this fight that had the British public thinking otherwise. Vyacheslav Senchenko was the man in the way of Hattons dream of a World title come back, and it is the Ukranian that may well have put an end to the career of 'cheeky chappy' Hatton.

The 20,000 strong crowd was just as pumped as the 'Hitman' himself, so pumped infact they probably didn't even realise that Senchenko was sporting a Manchester United Jersey until his name and record was mentioned. Hatton's reception was incredible and the emotion was written all over his face, it was his moment to soak up and as he entered the ring it became obvious that it was all quite overwhelming for him.

From the opening bell Hatton seemed to feed of the energy from the MEN faithful, landing some great shots with sharp movement around the ring. Senchenko seemed happy though to Box from distance and pick his shots when they became available. As both men progressed through the opening part of the fight Hatton was clearly on top, looking the busier fighter it all looked as if the comeback was going according to plan.

As Rounds 5 and 6 came round Hatton was looking like the 34 years was creeping up on him and became a lot slower and Senchenko was becoming more and more comfortable and was able to land some great shots. Hatton continued to hit Senchenko but never really followed it up with anything else, that killer instinct that Hatton had become known for wasn't there, as both men traded punches it was Senchenkos that were the more meaningful.

Hatton became more frustrated as he seeked the KO punch, and his legs looked static by the back end of the fight. Rounds 7 and 8 were even more of a success for Senchenko, but it was round 9 that told the whole story. Hatton knew he had to come out the corner and impress the judges, like the rest of us he probably knew he was just ahead on points, but to be sure of the win he had to land some clear punches.

The punches never came and it was Senchenko that landed what may be the dagger in the heart of Hatton's career, a body shot that a young 'Hitman' would have been proud of, and as Hatton dropped to the canvas, so did the noise levels and atmosphere in the MEN arena. 10 was counted and Hatton's night was drawn to a close, but when Hattons head dropped his fans heads lifted and with a standing ovation.

He said he is gutted and so am i, never wanting to see any fighter in that position but that's the harsh reality of the sport, Senchenko may have landed himself a rematch against Paulie Malignaggi for the WBA crown and one that he deserves, a great performance of him and nothing should be taken away from the way he finished off Hatton.

As for the 'Hitman' he will have to go away and have a long hard look at himself and give an honest evaluation of his position in the sport right now. What he does know is, if he decides to get back in the ring then his fans will stick with him, and if he calls it a day his fans will stick with him, or if he opts for another comeback in 3 years time........yep you've got it, they will stick with him.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

21/11/2012 Banks incredible win over Mitchell

We can unanimously agree that the heavyweight division is not the strongest right now, but the new wave of heavyweights bring a lot of promise to the stage, none more so that America's rising star Seth Mitchell.

But this weekend the exciting star was undone by fellow American Jonathan Banks, the man who only two weeks ago trained Wladimir Klitschko for his own fight, this coming after the passing of legendary trainer Manny Steward.

This also seemed to be all the motivation Banks needed going into this fight, only taking two rounds to finish of Mitchell and landing himself in a position where he could meet Klitschko for a title shot.
Mitchell said after the fight not to feel sorry for him, but to feel sorry for his next opponent, I'm sure Mitchell will not want to be apart of another performance like this one.

Banks will now sit down and look at his position in the division and decide what to do, one thing is for sure, if he can produce the devastating punches he did this weekend it will be an exciting fight to witness.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

20/11/2012 What next for Carl Froch?

OK so who had Yusaf Mack causing Carl Froch any trouble what so me neither. In fact the odds were so highly stacked against Mack as Froch is currently in the form of his life and this weekend looked better than ever.

From the opening bell Froch took charge and looked more than comfortable, Mack was never able to find any rhythm as Froch was sharp and accurate with every punch. Going into the fight Froch knew what was in store for him but i don't think no one quite realised how easy this was going to be.

After three rounds it was over and Froch retained his Championship crown, and now finds himself looking at another top draw fight early next year. Lucian Bute was the man who was next in line for Froch as a rematch was written into the initial contract earlier this year, but Bute's camp look to have pulled back slightly and may not be entering another encounter with Froch.

Theres only two other men out there that Froch wants and both have beaten him in previous fights, Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward remain the only two fighters that have gained wins over the 'Cobra'. Both have shown interest over the last couple of days, with Ward Tweeting that he wants to come over to the UK and fight, and Kessler saying he will accept Froch's challenge of a rematch.

Next year looks to be the biggest year yet for the man from Nottingham, if all goes to plan he may have a chance to avenge his defeats, and maybe even add another world title to his name.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

11/11/2012 The Executioner wants Cleverly in March

Legendary Boxing Champion Bernard Hopkins has confirmed he will be back in the ring March 9th to become Light Heavyweight Champion at the impressive age of 48. His opponent is likely to be WBO Champion Nathan Cleverly who picked up an 8th round stoppage this weekend.

It has been on the cards for a while now as Cleverly's promoter Frank Warren has been trying to get Hopkins in the ring with his man for the last few months. Hopkins said initially he had no intention on fighting the Welshman and that Warren was only mentioning his name to get his fighter some promotion. Since then Cleverly has travelled and opened his audience to America, which is where he is likely to face Hopkins if it happens.

Hopkins is looking to defy the odds again and become a 48 year old champion, many critics say that Hopkins is one step tofar for Cleverly, and i must admit i too think this could be a wrong move for Warren and Cleverly. Hopkins is a top draw fighter and although having reached the end of his career, still offers much in the way of a tough fight. No one knows the four corners of the ring better than the man from Philadelphia, probably the most awkward opponent that has ever stepped into a Boxing ring, Cleverly would have to produce the fight of his 25-0 career to retain his crown.

11/11/2012 All in a nights work for Wladimir

It was written on the wall but some question marks did hang over whether or not Wladimir Klitschko would be able to get through the unbeaten Polishman Mariusz Wach. After the recent passing of Manny Steward, and for the first time coming up against a fighter who was bigger than him, Klitschko was out to prove the to everyone there is a reason he is the number one heavyweight in world Boxing.

He went straight to work from the opening bell and worked  the jab like only he can, keeping Wach at distance and moving around the ring with ease. The only time Wach looked that he was going to cause any damage was in round 5 when he rocked Klitschko with an over the top right hand that left him rocking on the ropes.

The more the fight went on the more it looked as if Klitschko was going to put an end to the fight and KO Wach. The KO punch never came but the final bell did, along with the announcement of Klitschko's UD win.

The question remains where does he go from here, the list of names that are available right now leaves nothing to get excited about, but the new batch of U.S and British fighters are climbing their way up the heavyweight ladder and will be knocking the Klitschko door very soon.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

07/11/2012 A sad time for U.S Amatuer Boxing

After recent Comments from former American amateur Boxing president Hal Adonis regarding homosexuality and child abuse, all U.S amateur Boxing has been suspended for three months.

He was reported telling the New Yorker magazine in May, "half of our girls have been molested; half of our girls are gay", and that physical abuse in childhood was a good grounding for a career in boxing.

He was quoted as saying: "When kids call me up, I say: 'Let me ask you an honest question: have your parents ever hit you?' If they say no, I say: 'I don't think you belong in boxing.'
"My father invented child abuse... I learned how to play chess when I was six years old. My father would have a strap and smack me across the face if I made the wrong move. So when I got on to the streets and got into boxing, I was so used to getting hit it was like, hey, this is nothing!"

He also went on to say, "before a fight I'd start smacking them real hard in the face. Because you feel, in boxing, the first couple punches. After that, the endorphins kick in and it's like someone gave you Novocain."

And pointing out a female boxer to the New Yorker's interviewer, he said: "Let me tell you a story about her: she was raped by a member of her family when she was a little girl! Half of our girls have been molested; half of our girls are gay."

After these incredibly strong and personal comments it leaves all American amateurs some as young as 12, without a ring to step into for the next 3 months.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

06/11/2012 Another drop out for Fury, who will step up?

Tyson Fury finds himself again without an opponent in the space of a few weeks, his initial show down with Ruslan Chagaev was brought  to an abrupt end when Chagaev looked elsewhere notibly Mike Perez of Cuba.

It then left a huge opportunity for someone to come in and take on the Irishman, step up Denis Boytsov. The 31-0 man was due to take on Fury in a WBC eliminator and would offer a huge stepping stone towards a world title shot. Unfortunately Boytsov has now pulled from the fight as well leaving unbeaten Fury with no where to turn.

With a 19-0 record and showing some great promise from his last few encounters, Fury looks all the makings of a legitimate challenge to the top Heavyweights, but now he will most probably have to take on a journeyman that will offer nothing more than another win on his record.

Ultimately the challenge has been sent to fellow British Heavyweight David Price but it will be a while before that happens as both men have contracts and commitments elsewhere for now.

06/11/2012 Bute wants Froch, but no way near ready

Where next for Lucian Bute? well he seems to think a rematch with Carl Froch in his homeland of Canada. After this weekends performance against Denis Grachev it would seem that Bute has a lot of work to do before he is ready to try and claim back his championship crown. Looking very sluggish and of the mark at times, Bute managed to gain a unanimous decision over the Russian, but at times looked like the fight was slipping away from him.

Carl Froch who faces Yusif Mack this month will be looking to make quick work of the American so he can go into the new year ready for another big encounter, the initial plan would have been the rematch that was promised to Bute in March but Froch may want to look at the situation again and decide if taking on Bute again is going to propel him back into the spotlight. As the rematch has been written into their initial contracts prior to their encounter earlier this year Bute can call upon this and he can most probably negotiate a deal to hold the fight in Toronto, but i think even Bute knows that he is a million miles away from being able to stand toe to toe with the 'Cobra'

06/11/2012 Reality TV and Election polls

No further development in the Haye v Vitali saga, it would seem that Vitali has carried himself through to the next round of voting by finishing 3rd in the initial round 1 of voting in Kiev. Due to the recent performance in polls and the hunger Vitali has shown to prove his worth as a politician, all talks of the fight have now hit a stand still and we will probably have to now wait until next year before they pick up again.

Haye on the other hand has taken a different approach to get himself back into the public eye, recent reports confirming that the former world champion has signed up to enter the jungle in the hit reality TV series im a celebrity get me out of here. He has also just finished recording of a new fitness DVD that he has been working on. Haye who prides himself on image has yet again managed to put himself in the spotlight without actually stepping foot into a Boxing ring.

Hopefully next year we will see this encounter, it seems that its all Vitali has left regarding big pay days, and as for Haye, he confirms he will not step into the ring for anyone but Vitali.

Monday, 29 October 2012

29/10/2012 Ricky Burns aims Walsh then Broner

WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns will go head to head with Liam Walsh on the 15th December in London's Excel arena. It comes after Burns recorded an incredible win over Kevin Mitchell. Many thought that he would go on to fight American hot shot Adrain Broner, but it would seem that he will have to wait a showdown with the unbeaten US star.

Walsh himself is unbeaten after 13 professional fights has landed himself an opportunity of a life time, one of which he will aim to throw everything at and prove that he is a worthy name amoungst the lightweight elite. 2 years younger and 24 fights less than Burns, the odds are firmly stacked against Walsh but he thinks he can cause an upset on the 15th December.

"To fight for the world title is my dream and I'm going to cause a big upset on 15 December at the ExCeL when I take the crown from Burns,"

Burns has his sights elsewhere though, and as much as a strong challenge from Walsh stands infront of him, Burns wants a unification fight with WBA champion Adrian Broner. Its defiantly where the money and fame sits for both men and it will be a fight that we would all love to see next summer, having passed all other challenges in the division Broner is the one they all look up to. In my opinion Broner stands tall above the others for a reason, his style, swagger and Boxing class shines through with every fight he is in. Having been compared to P4P champion Floyd Mayweather he defiantly has a lot to live up to everytime he steps in the ring, but if there was one man that could push him to the edge of his ability it would be Burns.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

25/10/2012 RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012

RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012 

Boxing today has suffered a huge loss as legendary Detroit trainer Emanuel Steward has died, the 68 year old who is most famous for his iconic work in the Kronk gym has been suffering for a while now. His family have rightfully been very reserved with any information around his suffering and even held back any information this evening regarding his passing.

Its a sad moment for everyone involved in Boxing now that it has been confirmed, just searching the Internet its easy to see just how much he was loved in the Boxing community. Messages, thoughts and prayers have all been left with his family who will still be trying to come to terms with his loss like many others.

Steward has guided many Boxers to titles, and has had much involvement in the careers of others, the likes of Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, Prince Nassem, Wladimir Klitschko, Julio Ceaser Chavez and many many more. He is up there with some of the best trainers in the world, often compared to other greats like Angelo Dundee and Freddie Roach, but Steward has his own techniques and philosophy on the sport and that's what made him so successful.

I had great enjoyment reading the story of Thomas Hearns and to see the impact that Steward had on him was incredible, he was an irreplaceable trainer and a father figure to many men that walked through the doors of his gym. The biggest reason i love this sport is the history that it is built on and its the stories and matches that involve men like Steward that make this such a passion.

It comes at a time where we have seen many other greats pass us, Angelo Dundee, Johnny Tapia, Corrie Saunders, Terry Spinks and one of my all time favourites Joe Frazier. Many more have been unfortunate to have passed away but very few will leave the impact that Emanuel Steward has. A true legend with an incredible story to tell, he will very much be missed in this world were nothing is certain but anything is possible.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

21/10/2012 Brook on track for world title

An incredible night for Kell Brook, with a third round stoppage over Hector Saldivia which has propelled him on to the world stage. A fight between Devon Alexander and Randell Bailey will decide who Kell Brook will fight next for the IBF world championship.

Brook came into this fight on the back of a lot of critisicm after he was beaten around the ring in the back end of his last fight against Carson Jones. Since then Brook has re conditioned his body and he looked a new man coming into the ring tonight. He hit the ground running and went straight after Saldivia and in the first round had him on the canvas.

Round two saw much of the same as Brook continued to dominate, by round three it was all over. Saldivia walked straight onto a right handed jab from Brook and went down and could not regain his feet. Brook leaped with elation as he now knows this eliminator has put him in an incredible position with in the Welterweight division.

When asked about his next match, Brook said that he would love to knock the chin off Amir Khan, but promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that the Brook camp would be continuing their journey towards a world title. What ever the outcome from the other match up, Brook is now the man that everyone will be watching. It would seem that the steel city has found themselves another future champion.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

17/10/2012 Price responds to Furys recent comments

Further comments have been made in the latest Tyson Fury and David Price saga, this time is the Mancunian Price that has has his say. "His idiotic and giving the sport a bad name" says Price, this comes after a weekend where Fury had firmly made his points clear about British Champion Price.
With an interview on Channel 5 that 'Exploded' as described by Mick Hennessy, Twitter comments and a recent post of himself Fury has not exactly endeared himself to anyone, namely the fellow British Heavyweights.

"We are grown men and no-one bullies as far as I'm concerned" added Price, "its like dealing with a kid at school talking absolute nonsense". No doubt these comments wont be well received by Fury who has found himself in hot water because of his actions. It would be wise for Fury to now keep his mouth firmly closed and keep his comments to himself, but as we know its very unlikely as in Boxing there always seems to be a bad guy who wants to step in the way of every good guys path to glory. And at the moment i think we can all agree that its Fury playing the bad guy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

15/10/2012 Fury Lands himself in hot water

Tyson Furys recent rant on Channel 5 seems to have upset a few people and is now being investigated by the BBBC. Fury who half way through the James DeGale fight was interviewed on his thoughts towards David Price and the Liverpudlians comments. Fury Said that price was a bum from Liverpool and said he was going to cause him some serious harm.

The channel 5 presenter had to remind Fury that he was live on channel 5 but Fury didn't seem to acknowledge and was set on getting his point across as he went on to say that Price was getting it, also adding comments about fellow Liverpudlian Tony Bellew.

Things are really heating up between these two heavyweights, and no matter who i ask would come out on top of these two men i keep getting a different answer. Both men have full credentials and deserve their time in the spotlight, Price has proved his ability and knockout power, and Fury has since shown his new in ring ability and has come on a long way since he beat Dereck Chisora.

I really can wait for these two men to get in the ring, Maloney has reportedly already offered half a million to Fury for the match. Price is due to fight Matt Skelton on the 5th December and will no doubt be looking past this match and will have his eyes firmly set on the Irishman. Like Fury said on Saturday, Its personal.

15/10/2012 This weekends fight schedule 20/10/2012

Barclays Center, New York, USA

Danny Garcia v Erik Morales (12)

(WBC and WBA 'super' light welterweight titles)

Paulie Malignaggi v Pablo Cesar Cano (12)

(WBA welterweight title)

Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam v Peter Quillin (12)

(WBO middleweight title)

Randall Bailey v Devon Alexander (12)

(IBF welterweight title)

Daniel Jacobs v TBA (8)


Dmitriy Salita v Brandon Hoskins (8)


Luis Collazo v Steve Chambers (8)


(SM Mall) Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines

AJ Banal v
Pungluang Sor Singyu (12)
(vacant WBO bantamweight title)

Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, UK

Kell Brook v Hector Saldivia (12)

(IBF welterweight title eliminator)

Jamie McDonnell v Darwin Zamora (12)

(IBF bantamweight title eliminator)

Robin Reid v Kenny Anderson (12)

(vacant British super-middleweight title)

Kal Yafai v Scott Gladwin (6)


Martin J. Ward v Ibrar Riyaz (4)


Palasport Gianni D'Arco, Sardegna, Italy

Silvio Olteanu v Andrea Sarritzu (European flyweight title)

15/10/2012 Audley Harrison Interview

I said I had prepared very well for this bout and it showed...I was in great shape and went out there with no fear, believing I could win it. I was really in the zone, didn't get fazed by the crowd, or atmosphere and stay focused on the task. After 8 years, I finally had control of myself again.
My whole game plan was about avoiding his right, so to get lined up like that is a disappointment for me. Father time has caught up with me, as I didn't see the initial shot, so could not react. He finished me off like a good pro, so I have no complaints. I have a broken nose for my troubles, so I didn't get away Scott free.
I have said when I turn up to win, and lose to nothing other than ability, I will know my times is up, so this could be my last bout. I'll take some time to think this out, as I never want to come back to boxing once I've walked away.
I started this journey as a nineteen year old juvenile tear-away, boxing at the Top hat social club in Ealing against a policeman Tony Wildgoose winning by 2nd round stoppage...if it's to end here, what a ride it's been and I'm grateful to the universe for allowing me to find my destiny and walk the precarious road my way.
Keep dreaming, keep believing and never give up.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

14/10/2012 1 Min 30 Sec

The writing was on  the wall for this all British encounter and it was the man from Liverpool that came out on top. As expected It was an early night for Audley Harrison as just after 1min and 30seconds David price landed a devastating right hand that sent Harrison leaning back against the ropes where he left himself open for a barrage of punches from Price. And that's what Price did, he hit Harrison with a combination that shook him and left him knocked out on the ropes, he then hit the canvas and showed no sign of getting up.

After Harrison had risen to his feet, Price was probably thinking about his next opponent. With promoter frank Maloney throwing various names out it would still seem that Matt Skelton is the favourite to take on the big Liverpudlian on the 1st December. A challenge has been set to Tyson Fury that does include a half a million pound pay day, but Fury seems to have his eyes firmly set on different opposition across the pond in the US.

As for Harrison that puts a cap on a career that has had its highs and lows, there was much criticism thrown Harrisons way after the fight and whether it was deserved or not, it makes no difference to his performance and his future in the sport.

13/10/2012 Do not miss any of tonights Boxing action

Audley Harrison v David Price

An all British showdown that will no doubt go no longer than 3 or 4 rounds, appreciating that Harrison has put everything into getting in shape for this fight but i think it wont be anywhere near enough to topple Price.

Harrison as usual has done all the talking in the build up to this fight, and has also promised that if he loses he will retire. I guess this where we say goodbye to the 2000 Olympic Gold medallist. Coming into this fight Price offers to much for Harrison in regards to speed, power and the ability to put combinations together. I really cant see this fight going past the early stages and even if it does, i still think that this plays into Price's hands as he is the younger fitter fighter.

Rd 4 KO David Price

European SuperMiddleweight Champion James DeGale v Hadillah Mohoumadi

After recently deciding to join Mick Hennessy's promotions James DeGale will make his Channel 5 debut against the tough opposition of Hadillah Mohoumadi. It would seem though that DeGale is already looking past this catchup and looking towards a showdown with Chris Eubank Jr.

With words being exchanged on Twitter recently DeGale has made it very clear who his next target will be. For now he will have to concentrate on getting past Mohoumadi which i believe he will, DeGale who is still finding his way again after his loss to old foe George Groves will be looking to put on a solid performance tonight, especially if Eubank Jr is watching on.

Rd 9 KO James DeGale

IBF/WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire v Toshiaki Nishioka

So much talk recently that Donaire doesn't deserve his place as ring magazines 5th best P4P boxer in the world. With marginal wins over Omar Narvaez, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Jeffrey Mathebula it would seem that Donaire is struggling to make the maintain and establish himself as a Super Bantamweight fighter.

Nishioka who comes in 39-4-3 will defiantly offer a huge challenge to Donaire, some fight fans actually have him winning the encounter. for me there is a reason Donaire is one of the top P4P fighters in the world and i believe he will prove this tonight. Donaire knows he will need to pull a brilliant performance out tonight to confirm his status back amongst the elite.

MD Nonito Donaire

Brandon Rios v Mike Alvarado for the vacant WBO Latino light welterweight and WBO light welterweight title eliminator

So much sits on this fight being an instant classic. it certainly has all the makings and I'm sure will not disappoint. Question marks still loom over Rio's controversial decision win last time round, and his shock decision against Abril.

This fight comes down to the weight difference and the advantage sits with Alvarado who i think will pick up the majority decision tonight.

MD Mike Alvarado

Saturday, 6 October 2012

06/10/2012 Prizefighter Results

Brilliant Prizefighter tonight with an incredible upset, outsider Terry Flannigan overcame the odds to take the £32,000 prize money and a big money shot in the bag. The evening was always heading towards an upset when favourite Derry Matthews found himself clutching on to his place in the tournament after both of his eyes were cut open by the lowest ranked favourite to win Jamie Moore. Matthews however did make it through to the semi finals against Flannigan.

On the other side of the tournament former British champions Gary Sykes and Anthony Crolla found themselves facing each other just 3 years on from their last encounter where Sykes beat Crolla. History repeated itself in this battle and Sykes came away the winner. Flannigan exploited Matthews cuts and went to work from the opening bell trying to put an early end to Matthews evening. After countless checks by the official and two check overs from the ringside doctor Matthews was allowed to continue but he knew he hadn't done enough, and Flanningan found himself in the final where he was to meet Sykes.

Sykes got off to a great start but Flanningan matched his every move, determined to make his night hard, South paw Flanningan made Sykes work harder than normal but by the time the final bell sounded it seemed that that hard work paid off.
The general vibe across the venue was that Sykes had edged it on hard work and punches thrown but after a split decision was announced Flannigan picked up the win and the prize money, he now looks as if he may be next in line for a shot against Gavin Rees.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

04/10/2012 For those who said it was a joke

OK so a couple of weeks ago i was the first to hold my hand up and say that Ricky Hatton was making a mistake by coming back, this was unless he was really taking this serious, well from what i am hearing and seeing from the Hatton camp he is taking this very serious. Infact the Hitman is looking in the best shape i have seen him in for a very long time.

After posting a recent picture of himself on Twitter you can clearly see that he has shredded all the weight and is looking more ripped than ever. Hatton who is due to face Vyacheslav Senchenko in six weeks has found himself with a huge point to prove to not only the British fans but Boxing fans all around the world.

I am now in full support of the Hitman and hope that he comes back better than ever, yes i know that the history of fighters coming out of retirement doesn't swing in Hattons favour, but the exceptions like, Ali, Leonard, Foreman and Hopkins will most defiantly tell you otherwise. Hatton is a man on a mission and we will soon find out if he has what it takes to work his way back up the division and position himself amongst the best.

04/10/2012 Peterson gets undeserved shot at Bradley

Just a few months after hitting the very bottom of his Boxing career, Lamont Peterson finds himself as the number one contender to take on Timothy Bradley. This rematch looks set for December 15 and will probably not offer much more than their original encounter back in 2009, where Bradley won in dominant fashion.

Two issues i have with this fight going ahead, the first being what seems to be a pointless fight for Bradley to take, it would seem he could find no other man to join him in the ring in December and has left himself in a position where he will do nothing for his career. The other issue being an undeserved match for Peterson, i am sure that Bradleys WBO crown will be on the line and it presents an opportunity for the 30-1-1 fighter to shoot himself back into a top position not long after he was found to have taking enhancement drugs throughout the feud with Amir Khan.

Contracts have apparently been sent to both men and we will now await the agreement from both camps. I have no doubt this will still draw a big audience including myself, but i cant see Peterson upsetting Bradley on this occasion, although i said the same prior to Bradleys shock win over Manny Pacquiao.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

23/09/2012 In instant classic, Burns v Mitchell

Last night saw two friends who turned enemies for one bout, and what an encounter it was. It always had the making of an instant classic, it was a shame that it was over by round four. Both men came out strong and punches started flying very early on. Kevin Mitchell was determined to show his Boxing ability that he showed the world against Prescott, the problem he had was Ricky Burns was always going to be a tough test due to the size and power he offers.

Mitchell came out of round one on top, he landed the better of the shots and looked the more positive, but that all turned in round two when Burns hit the Londoner with a terrific straight but it was taken and soaked up. Heading into round three the crowd were pumping and Burns seemed to feed of this energy, he settled his nerves and came on much stronger, Mitchell looked happy to stand and trade punches but knew he couldn't afford to get caught with one of Burns big left shots.

After a round that saw both fighters taking quite a bit of punishment, combinations and chest pounding, it was poised going round four. Huge shots came from Burns and Mitchell tried to match but unfortunately the Scot was to strong and caught Mitchell on the chin with an incredible left hook that saw him crash to the floor. As the crowd raised to their feet so did Mitchell, but not for long. As Burns sensed the end was near he continued to unload shots and Mitchell was down again. With just under 40 seconds left Mitchell could do nothing but try and hold on to the bell, but with one second left of the round the referee had seen enough and had to step in.

Mitchell was obviously disappointed with the stoppage but so would most Boxers be, for me it was the right call and stopped any further damage caused to Mitchell. It leaves Burns in a great position for the next opponent, Scott Harrison who also picked up a win last night has confirmed he would like the winner, but Burns may just look for a bigger pay day. With Champions Demarco and Vazquez in the same division Burns may look to try and add another belt to his WBO Championship.

We may even see Burns step up to Jr Welterweight due to his size, and we know the calibre of fighters in this division. As for Mitchell he may have to start looking elsewhere in the division for another fight but with an impressive record of only two losses that shouldn't be too hard. Its great to have some great British Lightweights amongst the Division, and i think we can now say that Burns stands above them all.

Friday, 21 September 2012

22/09/12 Burns v Mitchell

Tonight sees the clash of two of Britains best lightweights as Ricky Burns puts his WBO title on the line against Londoner Kevin Mitchell. With just two years and 4 oz separating these fighters, this is shaping up to be one of the all time classics. Mitchell has lost only once in his career to Michael Katsidis and will now stand as very tough opposition for the Scotsman. Burns has two losses on his career but has stepped into the ring more times.

Mitchell has had a rough journey over the last few years since the break up of his marriage but then went on to beat John Murray and has not looked back since. For me Mitchell is the best he has ever been and Burns will find it tough to break him down. Mitchells movement and combination work seems to have improved greatly, but Burns will be fully aware of what Mitchell brings to this bout and will have a game plan of his own.

Burns was gifted the WBO belt when Juan Marquez decided to step up in weight, but he looks as if he has always been a champion. with a great mix of strength, punching power and agility Burns rightfully stands top of the tree and is defiantly the man to beat. Having the fight in his own back yard will be a huge advantage for Burns but you will be sure to hear the 1500 travelling fans of Mitchell im sure.

This match offers everything and should not be missed, it promises to be one of the best all British fights in many years. My heart tells me it will be Mitchells crowning moment, but my head tells me Burns will remain the man to beat.

Monday, 17 September 2012

17/09/2012 'Canelo' now ready for the elite

This past Saturday saw an incredible Boxing display from the young Mexican, 'Canelo' Alvarez never looked troubled against Josesito Lopez. It was a very one sided affair that saw Alvarez take another step closer to that big fight he is in pursue of.

From the opening bell Alvarez found his rhythm and wasn't going to be stopped, standing strong in the middle of the ring he worked the jab and opened with some incredible combinations when Lopez gave dropped his guard. I think even the man he was due to fight originally Paul Williams looked on impressed with what he was witnessing. Victor Ortiz was also in attendance and I'm sure relived at times that it was Lopez in the ring with Alvarez and not him.

The first knock down came courtesy of an incredible left hook to the body that shook Lopez and forced him to hit the canvas and take a standing count, the fight could have been over then but luckily for Lopez he was saved by the bell. It was a familiar story as the bout continued with some unstoppable shots to the body Lopez at times could only cover up and try and find an opening. But that opening never came and as much as Lopez threw his own combos, Alvarez shrugged them off and concentrated on the task in hand, it was in round 5 with only seconds left in the round when referee Joe Cortez stepped in as he had seen enough.

It was the right decision as the fight was only ever heading in one direction. It now leaves Canelo with a few options ahead of him, all of them very big opportunities. One option is a mega fight with Miguel Cotto who himself fights in December, the other is Manny Pacquiao who is currently undecided on his opponent for later this year. Ultimately the match he wants and everyone else is crying out to see is that with P4P king Floyd Mayweather. Although right now it seems very early for that showdown its a fight that is defiantly on the cards for the future.

A special mention goes to hall of fame referee Joe Cortez who decided last night he would hang up his gear and no longer officiate another bout. It was an incredible performance by Alvarez leaving Cortez stopping his very last fight in only round 5.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

13/09/2012 50 Cent and Pacquiao join forces

It has been confirmed that 50 cent (curtis jackson) will no longer be teaming up with Floyd Mayweather and will now be moving on to join forces with Manny Pacquiaos promotional group.
It was reported earlier this week that there was friction between The Money Team, and confrontation between Mayweather and Jackson have caused both to part ways with each other.

Jackson confirmed that they are still good friends, but he has just as much money as him and he didnt need this. It would seem that Mayweather likes no one being bigger than him and 50 was heading that way. With some great fighters already signed to the TMT label it will be interesting to see who goes where when this deal with Pacquiao is finalised.

13/09/2012 Pacquiao rematch with Marquez, Cotto, Bradley?

Who will Manny Pacquiao be fighting at the end of the year, it looks to be one of three men, Miguel Cotto, a rematch with Timothy Bradley or Juan Marquez. The most likely opponent seems to be Marquez in a rematch for the fourth time, but its not necessarily the right decision. Regardless to what happened in their previous encounter, there is no way Bradley would risk losing the rematch, especially when he didn't win their first battle. Cotto would be the logical choice as he is probably the most ready, after taking on Floyd Mayweather and proving he can mix it up with the best he would no doubt cause many problems this time round for the Pacman.

I'm not as unhappy as most about the announcement of a potential fourth showdown between Pacquiao and Marquez and this is purely because of the incredible fights they have produced in the past. For me Marquez would need to win this fight and if not probably hang up his gloves, many people including Marquez himself thought he had beaten Pacquiao in two of their three fights and if he was to lose again he may feel there is no reason to continue.

I would have loved to seen a rematch with Bradley but this is simply to set the records straight as i and many others had Pacqiuao winning this fight (revenge for the Marquez encounters i guess).

Lets hope who ever the Pacquiao camp chose to take on it matches up to some of the recent fights Pacquiao has been involved in and hopefully lead him on to a bigger fight....Mayweather anyone?

13/09/2012 Everyone loves a comeback story...

Ricky Hatton is just a 'yes' away from stepping back in the ring in November and being handed a license to Box again. Hatton 33 is just awaiting a response as regards his medical tests and after meeting with the British Boxing Board of control on Wednesday is hoping all comes back positive.

Secretary of the BBBC Robert Smith confirms once the results are in, the BBBC doctors will look at the tests and they can then make their decision. Rumours have spread more and more since reports that the hitman was make a conscious effort to get fit again and lose alot of weight.

There is no conformation around who Hatton will be facing if the fight goes ahead, one things for sure he will want to forget in 2009 against Manny Pacquiao and look to get his career back on winning ways. Names like Paulie Magilinaggi and Junior Witter have been mentioned so far, but i cant see Hatton jumping straight back in such a big fight after being out of the game for a while. His Ultimate goal will be to work his way back up the Welterweight division, how far he will go is anyones guess, it will all depend on how serious he is about this come back.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

09/09/2012 Ward v Dawson, incredible display

An eargerly anticipated match up between two of the finest boxers on the planet right now, Andre ward and Chad Dawson produced a great fight and answer any critics over Andre Wards ability.
It was an encounter that was scheduled at 168pds, a weight that Ward has dominated over the last few years. Dawson had to drop down from his usual light heavyweight division and this seemed to have an overall effect on him when the fight neared the end.

Dawson started off the bout great and looked to be getting the better of Ward, but Ward specializes in figuring out his opponents strengths and stopping them. This was the case here, as Ward realised fighting on the inside of Dawson would reduce his range and automatically cause a few problems for the taller man. As the fight progressed Ward took more and more control and was putting together some great combinations. It all eventually become to much for Dawson as he hit the canvas in round ten and as he rose to his feet he was asked if he was good to continue, and he simply said no.

It is another huge win Ward can add to his impressive record, he has no doubt cemented his place at the top of that weight. Much criticism over the way Ward goes in with his head when taking on his opponents still hovered over as the fight went on, there was times i watched on and thought that surely what he was doing should be stopped. But unless the official steps in he will continue to do it, and as there was no real complaint from Dawson i guess everyone was ok with it.

Yes Ward comes to spoil fights, theres no Boxer out there that hasn't once had to dig deep or change a tactic or two to pick up a win. But for every time Ward spoils a round, he produces an incredible round of skill and ability straight after. I still think a rematch with Carl Froch shouldn't be forgotten, as Froch could cause Ward problems and proved that at times. But right now, with Floyd Mayweather just coming out of prison and Manny Pacqiuao's loss to Bradley and mixed emotions over his next fight, surely this leaves Ward right at the top as the best pound for pound Boxer in the world?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

08/09/2012 Tony Bellew now looking at a shot at the big time

It was finally in round 9 when Tony Bellew was able to stand tall and say he had beaten the experienced Edison Miranda. A great fight overall with some terrific moments from both fighters, Bellew now takes home the WBC light heavyweight international crown and can start to push for a big pay day now.

It was always going to be a tough one for Bellew with the Experience of Miranda, a man that has taken the likes of Andre Ward over 12 rounds, but he got the job done, his performance wasn't without his moments of madness though. On many occasions Bellew had the chance to put Miranda away but instead got caught up in Miranda's 'Kidology' and walked away. With his corner, promoter and huge fan following screaming at him to go after Miranda when he had him rocked on the ropes, no one could figure out why he wasnt trying to end the fight.

But it was round nine when Bellew caught his opponent with a great combination which Left Miranda on the floor, as he rose to his feet after the nine count Miranda looked Micky Vann in the eyes and shock his head. It would seem that his age caught up with him and you could see the energy had been drained from his body, with his dirty tactics stopped very early on and not being able to out Box Bellew, Miranda had seen enough to know he wasn't going to go the distance.

Also a big win for Lee Purdy over Argentinian Gumersindo Carrasco takes him one step closer to a match up with Matthew Hatton or Kell Brook.

08/09/2012 Klitschko v Charr, is this the end?

It was always going to go one way, and after just 4 rounds it was Vitali Klitschko that picked up the win over Manuel Charr. Unfortunately though not in the fashion Boxing fans would have liked to see, ending with a cut over the right eye of Charr the fight was waived off by the fight doctor.

The fight started slow as expected, and as Vitali found his range and worked from the jab in which he is so confident doing, it looked as if there was no way in for Charr. But as the fight started coming together Charr found a rhythm which was proving quiet a challenge for Vitali at times. With quick hand speed and sharp foot work some fans perhaps thought that Charr stood more of a chance than they gave him credit for.

But it was in round four when Charr went in for a hook missed which left the shot open for Vitali to take, and take it he did. With a great left hook of his own, Vitali caught Charr right above the right eye which instantly produced blood. The officials watched on concerned as blood poured from the face of Charr and there was no sign of it stopping. After the Doctor took a close look the fight was called off leaving Charr extremely upset.

With months of hard work and training from Charr, taking himself away to knuckle down and focus on beating Vitali, he found it hard to swallow when he was told the fight could go no further. After taking Charr's unbeaten record Vitali now has a very big decision to make, either he looks at one last fight with David Haye or he decides to hang up his gloves after an incredible career, somehow i don't think this is the last we will see of Vitali Klitschko.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

06/09/2012 Freddie Flintoff takes on the Heavyweight Boxing division

The Ricky Hatton rumours will not stop and are louder than ever since recent news has come out that Cricket Star Freddie Flintoff would be appearing on his undercard in November.
Hatton who has recently had his promotions turned down from a new agreement with Sky, will now be looking at pushing his fights through ITV and channel 5.

Flintoff has been appearing more and more in the public eye through the sport he shares a passion for, with ring walks, belt carries and TV interviews at ringside, he is no stranger to the Boxing world and looks to take it to the next level. Sitting at ringside on many occasions has perhaps led Flintoff to look further ahead and make a big move for his professional career, who next Gordan Ramsey?

I have already made my opinions clear on the Ricky Hatton situation, and the same can be said about Flintoff. I understand that every man deserves his chance to take on another sport, ask Bill Sonny Williamson the New Zealand rugby star who has recently turned his hand to pro boxing and remains unbeaten. Whether this goes ahead or not I'm still unsure, first things first, the Hitman needs to find himself a TV deal. which shouldn't be hard considering the amount of fans that follow him around.

Monday, 3 September 2012

03/09/2012 Nathan Cleverly's big announcement

And the big announcement from Nathan Cleverly has finally been confirmed, October 27th Motorpoint arena in Cardiff he will step up against Ukrainian Vyascheslav Uzelkov. A big disappointment from a British perspective as i was awaiting a big name announcement. The 27-2 33yr old will offer nothing more than slow punching and deteriorating stamina against the Welsh world champion.

Bernard Hopkins was the original target for Cleverlys promoter Frank Warren but after talks between the camps the agreements broke down and it would seem that Cleverly was left with no other option. I think many thought he may even look at a rematch against Tony Bellew, but i feel that Bellew at times had Cleverly rocked and the Welshman may not want that fight again any time soon.

A shame for Cleverly, as even a dominant win against Uzelkov will leave the World none the wiser to what Cleverly is really capable of. It comes at a time in his career when he should really look to be tested. I guess we will wait until next year. Hopefully the door will open to names like Dawson, Cloud and maybe Hopkins.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

02/09/2012 WBC and Haye meeting positive

David Haye seems to have moved a step closer to getting his dream fight against Vitali Klitschko. Haye recently came out from a very positive meeting with the president of the WBC, Jose Sulaiman confirmed the talks were Amicable with the former Heavyweight Champion and welcomes Haye back into the fold.

Haye, who at one point looked as if he was never going to step foot in a ring again, Dispatched fellow Brit Dereck Chisora and leaves himself in a great position to line a up a showdown with one of Heavyweight Boxing's biggest names.

For now Vitali has his sights set on Manuel Charr and will look to make quick work of him as he nears the end of an illustrious career, but will we see Haye next on the Champions list. Klitschko manager Bernd Boente agrees that Haye has put himself in a great position for a match up with Vitali, notably for next March, talks do look to have progressed very slightly with both camps, but as we have seen many times before, we wont believe it until both men are standing face to face in the ring together.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28/08/2012 Froch announces next opponent in IBF showdown

Carl Froch has announced his next opponent and it comes in the shape of Yusaf Mack, the 32 year old from Philadelphia will look to take away Froch IBF crown. With 31 wins out of 37 Mack is brings no naivety to this bout, and with fights against the likes of Andrade, Johnson and Cloud Mack is no stranger to a big fight.

Froch comes off the back of a total dominant performance against Lucian Bute, where the Brit took centre stage and marked his spot as one the best Super middleweights around. Froch confirms that Mack wont take this fight lightly, but deep down must know that he is more than capable of stopping the American. It would seem that this is a fight that Froch will look to keep him in shape and see him through the new year where bigger fights await him. Certainly a rematch with Bute is still up for discussion, pencilled in dates suggest that this may happen in march of 2013. Froch will also be looking at a rematch with Kessler and maybe even Arthur Abraham after his win against Robert Steiglitz at the weekend.

With Andre Ward stepping up to face the Light Heavyweight Chad Dawson it is a great time for Froch to command the Super Middleweights and become the man to beat. I'm sure he still has a good few fights left in him, and as long as the opponents are out there for him and Hearn makes them happen, we are defiantly in for a treat with Carl Froch

Sunday, 26 August 2012

27/08/2012 Is Ricky Hatton on his way back?

I could ultimately make this very short and sweet, and over a short period that's what i aim to do. May 2nd 2009 was a defining moment for British Welterweight sensation Ricky Hatton, it was his moment in time, and a moment he will long live to forget. An incredible performance from the P4P Champion that left the Hitman on the canvas with no where else to go. Whats more important is that it was to be his last fight in the ring, albeit against the wishes of the British fans.

And this last week i have heard many rumours re ignited that Hatton was looking at making a ring return, its sounds believable as he clearly has unfinished business in the sport, but truthfully this is a dead end rumour that needs to be put to bed once and for all.
Hatton hit a very dark place before and after the Pacqiuao bout, crying, being sick, and looking himself away, would he want this he wouldn't. Hatton had achieved everything possible i n he sport but beat the 2 best Boxers in the world, and he carries no shame with that. With reports that Paulie Maglinaggi and Kell Brook both making statements surrounding the Hitman, it comes as no surprise that his name has been brought to the public attention again, but the Hitman is in a great position right now with his promotion company and a great stable of talented fighters, this makes it a lot easier to overlook any demons of the past.

Will we see Hatton back in the ring, i suppose you can never say no, not when people like Evander Holyfield, George Forman and now Bernard Hopkins prove that any aged man can step back in the ring assuming they have kept himself in great shape. But i cant help but feel that as many thoughts that Hatton may get when he wakes up in the morning and opens up his gym, he will never make a move to get under the spotlight and try one more round.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

18/08/2012 An Incredible Month ahead....

Saturday, August 25 -- at Berlin, Germany
WBO super middleweight title: Robert Stieglitz vs. Arthur Abraham

Both men looking to make a statement here in this division, Abraham seems to have found his feet again after his loss to Britain's Carl Froch and with a win in the bag goes into this fight looking good. Stieglitz has had to put up with his name going under the raider for a while, but now gets the chance to really put on a show and gain an impressive win over one of the Super middles top opponents. A win here could see either one of these men step in the ring for another World title, most likely against Carl Froch who will now be the man to beat if Andre Ward stays competing with the Light Heavyweights. I have Stieglitz winning this fight over 12 rounds, i can not see a very entertaining fight here but it will be long and brutal.

Saturday, Sept. 1 -- at Oberhausen, Germany
WBA/IBF middleweight titles: Felix Sturm vs. Daniel Geale

Unfortunately i cant see anything but a Sturm win here and it ultimately boils down to him fighting again in Germany. I hate to say it because it should have no place in the sport but decisions do seem to sway towards Strum when he fights here. Luckily for the sake of Boxing i don't feel that this will be close enough for there to be any dubious decisions and i feel that Strum offers a little too much for Geale who goes into this fight with a little less experience. I don't doubt that the Australian can cause a few problems for Sturm, but this will be a very tough test for him, especially when he is not only fighting against the man in the ring, but the men surrounding the ring as well.

Saturday, Sept. 8 -- at Moscow, Ukraine (HBO)
WBC heavyweight title: Vitali Klitschko vs. Manuel Charr

Any takers on a Charr win here? thoughts exactly, this unfortunately might be the last we see of the big Ukrainian and it seems that he is happy to go out on a minor pay day. One half of the most dominant brothers currently competing in the sport, now looking to change his career path completely and go into the world of politics. Many of us wanted to see David Haye's name headlining this event alongside Klitschko but it wasn't meant to be. Rumours have it that we may see it in 2013 but i wouldn't hold out for it. The Knockout king will no doubt prove his power again here and i believe pick up a very easy and early win.

Saturday, Sept. 8 -- at Oakland, CA (HBO)
WBC/WBA super middleweight title: Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson

An encounter i am very much looking forward to, after dominating the Super Middleweight division Ward was left with no option but to try his skills elsewhere, and where else but the division that sits above him. Dawson recently picked up a solid win over legend Bernard Hopkins and after getting that demon of his back will want to move on and further his career in the ring. Ward has not stepped foot inside the ring since defeating Carl Froch in December 2011, will this affect him, probably not. A classy fighter who one day will no doubt be amongst the best P4P fighters around, Ward surely comes in the favourite here, both men have no problems when going the distance but Dawson will probably be more favoured if the fight goes this far, but i cant help but feel Ward will work himself into a great position by out scoring Dawson through the early stages of the fight.

Saturday, Sept. 15 -- at Las Vegas, NV (Showtime)
WBC light middleweight title: Saul Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez

Does this match up to the Pay per view headlines we were all it doesn't, but that's to no fault of either of these men. It was a day that the young Mexican was to come up against his toughest opponent yet in Paul Williams. Sadly Williams was involved in a horrific crash that has left him unable to walk and will most defiantly never fight again. Attention was then turned to Victor Ortiz, who was favourite when going up against Josesito Lopez. What no one saw coming was Ortiz yet again refusing to come out of the corner mid-fight this time because of a broken jaw. This left Lopez the favourite to step in the ring with 'Canelo'. If Lopez can replicate his round by round ability against Ortiz then he will be very much in this fight, but Alvarez will always be the favourite and the Young gun that seems to have the world at his feet right now. The Mexican can not put a foot wrong and i believe will continue to impress, Floyd Mayweather will soon be in his sights.

Saturday, Sept. 15 -- at Las Vegas, NV(HBO-PPV)
WBC middleweight title: Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

This promises to be one of the fights of the year, and will leave me trying to guess the outcome right until the final bell. Both men coming off great wins, Martinez currently ranked 3rd best P4P boxer in the world broke down Matthew Maklin round by round and the son of legend Ceasr Chavez, picked apart Andy Lee with ease. It s a true test of Strength, Power, Speed and age will play a big factor here. Is Chavez literally punching above his weight here? Is Martinez too slow for the young Mexican? Who holds the most power? The Argentinian 49-2-2 fighter has seen it all and will soon be looking to step aside but not without proving he is the best around, a win for Chavez will surely set up a mouth watering encounter with fellow countryman Canelo Alvarez.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

11/08/2012 A moment for Boxing history

Olympic Boxing has brought us so much in the past and will no doubt throw up many more historic moments. Moments that capture the world and everyone involved in the sport, moments like Britain's Nicola Adams becoming the first woman ever to win a Gold medal at the games.
Adams went into the Flyweight division a serious contender for the top prize and she didn't disappoint. When coming up against Mary Kom of India in the semi finals many people thought that Adams road might come to an end but she was more than capable of battling her way through the world champion, which left her with a guaranteed medal and a place in the final against Chinese number one Ren Cancan. Adams was exceptional and nothing was going to stop her winning the illustrious Gold medal in front of her home support.

It is only on occasions like these when the sport is recognised in all of its glory, often critizised for its politics and brutality, but try telling all the women that entered this Olympic year taking part in the sport they love. Its a true Honor to have the first Women's Olympic medallist come from Britain and a memory that will burn strong not only in Olympic history but in Boxing history. Adams now faces the next stage of her career and will look to take things to the next level, rumours of Amir Khans camp showing an interest in taking her on. Khan himself confirmed that he has many women turn up to train at his gym and its a sport growing very quick amongst the girls. Adams will now stand out as an idol to many women who are involved in the sport and to many young girls who will now be looking to try their hand in the ring.

Well done Nicola Adams Flyweight Olympic Gold Medallist 2012.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

01/08/2012 140 Khan v The 147 Welterweights?

What does Amir Khan have left at 140pds? The question he is most definitely asking himself as i write this. He has already talked about stepping up and as a rematch with Danny Garcia looks like it wont happen due to his rematch with Erik Morales, this is most definitely his best chance to make a move. Khan has taken some negative feedback for talking about this move and will no doubt come up against more media comeback if he does decide to step up to 147. I believe Khan has a very important decision to make and must recognise that if he does leave the Jr Welterweight behind him, the challenge he will be up against.
With the likes of Lopez, Ortiz, Bradley Britain's own Kell Brook this makes it one of the toughest divisions to break into, and once you establish yourself in this division the primary target becomes the two best P4P boxers in the world in Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The million dollar question then becomes, if Khan couldn't stop Peterson or Garcia, what chance will he have against the Fighters in this division.

Khan will need to seriously thing about his next few fights and should maybe consider easing himself back into the ring with an easier opponent especially at 147. He is currently taking some time away from the ring to look at his career carefully, but already talk about him getting back in the ring in December, which i think is a mistake for the Brit. Khan needs to look at taking until next summer out of the ring as he has been either been fighting or preparing for a fight for the last seven years. A recent interview with GoldenBoy CEO Richard Schaefer confirmed that they can not wait to see Khan back in the ring and will be supporting him 100% of the way. Schaefer went on to say how Khan's entertainment value is what keeps him as a top draw attraction, with the current popularity of the UFC due to fans getting the fights they want, its people like Khan that keep Boxing up there alongside the Fighting Championship for entertainment reasons. Win or lose Khan puts everything into a fight and ultimately it always produces something exciting.

Khan will have nothing to worry about if he eases his way back into the mix and steps up to 147, will he get back on winning ways, i guess only time will tell. one things for sure, with the entertainment that Khan shows us in his fights and the Fighters in the 147 division, we are certainly in for a treat.

Monday, 30 July 2012

30/07/2012 Guess whos back? and with a new promotional company

3rd of August is a day that shows little significance for many people, but for a certain P4P Champion its the day that he steps out from his cell and begins his quest back into the Boxing ring. Floyd Mayweather would have served 63 days of his jail sentence which is only three quarters of the time he was sentenced to, clearly someone has been behaving himself. He will be no doubt looking towards a major fight at the end of the year but against who is anyones guess, matches between Manny Paquiao and Juan Marquez, and 'Canelo' Alvarez and Miguel Cotto have been provisionally put in place for the end of the year. As usual in this sport nothing is set in stone, and im sure if the Money man put his cards on the table and requested a match up with any of these Boxers, they would all jump at the chance....Maybe even Manny Pacquiao.

For now focus will be on getting back in shape for a big payday, and a payday that will help fund his new promotional company that is currently being established alongside his best friend and Rapper 50 Cent. TMT (The Money Team) is the name of this promotion and has already had Boxers like Dirrell and Gamboa jump on board. Both men have a substantial amount of money and will I'm sure make this a success. And the reason for setting up this company? to put on the fights that people want to see according to Mayweather and (curtis) Jackson. Its a promotion that has been setup for Boxers by Boxers, i guess we will watch this space and await the uprising of Floyd Mayweather and look forward to seeing him back in the ring. Love him or hate him, Boxing needs a Floyd Mayweather.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

28/07/2012 The British Olympic Boxing Team, what can we expect?

1904, the first official year that Olympic Boxing was introduced into the program, and it has stayed with us ever since (apart from the Swedish Olympics in 1912 due to the Swedish law). It is split across 11 different weight classes currently measured in  kg's. Its a points based system over 3 rounds and contenders wear protective head gear to reduce damage and injury.

I have given a brief overview of the British contenders to watch out for at this years London Olympics. It will also include for the first time the British women contenders who will be looking to bring home gold after the inclusion of women's Boxing for the first time at the games.

Natasha Jones 28, from Liverpool claimed a Bronze medal at this years Boxing Championships will be stepping into the Lightweight category and going for Gold, as will Savannah Marshall who recently became the first ever British world Boxing Champion. But probably the most promising Boxer to step up in the woman's category has to be Nicola Adams from Leeds, a 3 time Silver medallist at the Championships and European Champion, she will step into the flyweight division and will no doubt be one of favourites to come out on top.

Anthony Joshua stands above all the other British men as he goes into the Super Heavyweight category and again looks to be one of the favourites to pick up a medal, an ABAE Champion, Joshua carries a major threat going into the ring and has all the skill and technical ability to match up with any other Boxer in this category.

Andrew Selby, a Bantamweight from Wales is no stranger to Boxing at the top level. Twice a Bronze medallist at European level until 2011 where he became the first ever Welshman to win Gold at the European Championships. This tells the whole story to why Selby is not to be looked over, and I'm sure all the other men in his weight category would have done their homework around him, Selby will be disappointed with anything less than a medal.

Anthony Agogo, who seems to be the face of the British Boxing team and one of the faces of the entire British Olympics. A 23year old who shows much promise at Middleweight and i believe will walk away with the Gold. As i write this post Agogo has already overcome his first test against Junior Castillo Martinez, a comfortable win that sees him move on to the next round.

Fred Evans, a 21 year old who has already achieved so much. A gold medallist at Commonwealth and European level. He will be the man to watch in the Light Welterweight division. Josh Taylor, Luke Campbell and Tom Stalker round up what is a very strong British Boxing Team. I see very good things for this years British hopefuls, and a few that can really move on to make a big name for themselves.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

26/07/2012 Garcia v Morales 2 October 20th, no rematch for Khan

After his incredible KO win over Amir Khan, Danny Garcia will put his Championship and Unbeaten record back on the line against the man he beat before he stepped in the ring with Khan. Erik Morales is to be the man to try and stop Garcia and take back his Light Welterweight Crown. Their last fight in March ended with Garcia claiming the win over 12 rounds as he out classed Morales throughout the bout. I can see this going exactly the same way, Morales offers to much experience and class to be caught and stopped early by Garcia and will look to wear Garcia down round by round working off the jab again. Garcia will be more motivated than ever to get through this fight and move on to bigger paydays, all the advantage lays with the man from Philladelphia after proving many critics wrong and destroying Khan early on, leaving no doubt in peoples minds that he is one to watch. It leaves Khan looking elsewhere, especially after he perhaps thought he was inline for a rematch. It may not seem it right now, but its probably the best thing that could happen for Khan as it now gives him time to take a break from the sport and think about his next opponent.

Monday, 23 July 2012

23/07/2012 Price v Harrison set for October 13th

David Price has announced his next opponent and it comes in the shape of Audley Harrison. The 13-0 Liverpudlian will take on the Olympic medallist on October 13th. Harrison who comes off the back of a win against Ali Adams is eager to prove he still has something left in the tank, but he will need to Box the best he ever has if he plans on getting through Price.
The winner of this will surely have a close eye on Former British Champion Tyson Fury, and it wouldn't surprise me if Price is already looking ahead to that showdown.
For now Price must concentrate on getting past Harrison, i can only see this going one way, and as much as the public like to see an upset / underdog story i feel there will be no upset here.
Price has all the skills and in ring ability as proven against Sam Sexton to take on the best that Britain has to offer and will soon be looking to take his talents to the world stage. Much attention is currently on Tyson Fury who has a win over Dereck Chisora and has shot to the top of British Boxing since, but Price defiantly looks to be the sharper more focused man when in the ring. Either way we will have to await this encounter whilst Price burns up valuable energy against Harrison, may Audley prove me wrong.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

21/07/2012 Are we about to see Khan switch Camps?

In the wake of Amir Khans loss to unbeaten American Danny Garcia he has confirmed that he is unhappy with the time he receives from trainer Freddie Roach. Khan who has now lost two fights back to back says he is looking for a trainer that can offer him 100% of their time. Roach currently shares his time across the gym with middleweight Julio Ceaser Chavez and P4P Champion Manny Pacquiao and has confirmed he can't offer Khan the time he wants.
Roach has taken Khan to two world titles and it would seem can take him no further, many trainers are available across the globe, but very few with the credentials that Roach carries.

Step up Enzo Calzaghe, who has recently stated that he would love to take on the Former LightWelterweight Champion on a full time basis. Enzo who this past week regained his license will now be looking to jump straight back in the game, who better than Khan? I feel this would be a great move for Khan as he will fill his wish of having a full time trainer with 100% focus on him, but could he possibly reach and better the heights that Roach has already taken him to, i guess time will tell. For now i believe it is essential that Khan takes some time out the ring to recover and relax, Khan himself admits he has been either in the ring, preparing for a fight or making his next match-up since he turned his hands to the pro's.