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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Haye v Fury confirmed for September 28th

At last we have the conformation that we have all been waiting for, Tyson Fury has signed the contract that David Haye himself signed yesterday. It means that both men will go toe to toe on September 28th in Manchester. Its a highly anticipated Heavyweight fight that many fight fans have been waiting for, especially the British Boxing fans.

Haye was involved in the last big British showdown with Derrek Chisora and will look to replicate his performance he gave on that night. Tyson Fury has thrown his fair share of comments towards David Haye over the last few weeks, but it was Haye that seemed to have the final words yesterday when he signed the contract. But Fury has agreed and the fight is on.

It will be a much anticipated fight, but i think we are also in for a treat throughout the build up to this battle, both men are not men to shy away from words, and im sure many will be exchanged as the fight date draws closer. Haye will no doubt walk into the ring the favorite, but he can not under estimate the size and power that the 25yr old Fury has, both men have proven to have gone 12 rounds and both have a good chin, this should be an incredible fight. Lets hope David Haye has no injury problems here, this is an all British showdown that could catapult both men to a world title shot

Monday, 8 July 2013

Haye signs to fight Fury for September showdown

Today we get one step closer to the all british showdown that has been on all fight fans lips for a few weeks now, David Haye announced today that he has put pen to paper and signed to fight fellow British heavyweight Tyson Fury on September 28th at in Manchester. Its a fight that has been on and off now for a while, with both men sharing words online over twitter, and both camps undecided on what the opposing camp is doing. Peter Fury confirmed last week that he offered the Haye camp a 50/50 split which Adam Booth accepted, but Haye declined.

It seemed that it was David Haye that was the missing link to making this fight happen, but that has now all changed as its the former champion that has got the ball rolling with his signature on the contract. He later stated that he heard rumours Fury was looking to duck this fight and go after American Tony Thompson who picked up a win over David Price this past Saturday night. Haye said that he hopes these rumours are not true, and I think British Boxing fans are in agreement. The ball seems very much in Furys court, has Haye called his bluff, or will Fury back up his comments and twitter rants by also signing the contract.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Thompson dominates Price in 5 Rounds

Should I be as shocked as I am, probably not. A great performance from Tony Thompson left David Price with nothing left in the tank and hading over another win to the American in round 4. It should have been redemption for Price but it turned into a repeat of 134 days ago when Thompson proved to much for the man from Liverpool.

Price opened up the first round using the jab which seemed to be the game plan right from the opening bell, the swcond round seemed much of the same, it was when Price landed a huge right hand that put Thompson to the floor that opened the fight right up. Thompson then got the fight he wanted, a scrap, that Price was drawn into and it was round 3 that looked to have exhausted Price of everything he had to offer. Lennox Lewis was ringside screaming for Price to stand up and prepare himself for round 4. But Price looked on dangerous ground from the moment he left his stool, Thompson went at Price acknowledging that this was the opening he was waiting for.

Round 5 was the telling round, Thompson hit Price with a combonation that saw Price backing off more and more, eventually he was left with his back turned to Thompson in the corner. The referee had no choice but to stand in and give Price the standing count which went the whole way and the fight was stopped there. It all seemed to much for Price as he had no energy to even argue the stoppage, but also to much for promoter Frank Maloney who after the fight seemed speechless. Maloney even commented saying he would remain loyal to Price butnif he wasnto call it a day he would do the same.

Much talk now revolves around Prices carrer and if would be wise to continue, I guess we will have to wait and see what he has to say as we recieved no comments after the fight from Price. A man that locked himself away in his locker room now thinking about where it all went very wrong for him tonight.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Golovkins camp looking at Chavez jr next

After this past weekends destruction of Matthew Macklin, 27-0 Gennady Golovkin is now looking to quickly advance his way through the middleweight division. It took just 3 rounds for Golovkin to put a stop to his encounter with the New York based fighter, something that took Sergio Martinez 12 rounds to do. All the talk is now surrounding the power puncher and where his Boxing journy takes him next, but we could soon have the answer as his promotor has hinted at now targeting the 46-1-1 Mexican Julio Ceaser Chavez jr.

Tom Loeffler, confirms that they will be looking to get another two fights in for Golovkin before the year is out. Its comments like this that really shines through for the Golovkin camp and sits well with all fight fans. Its a mouth watering prospect that would leave fans sitting on either side of the fence here, but its Golovkins performance at the weekend that would probably land him the favorite. Chavez jr who is set to fight American Brian Vera later this year has also found himself in the public eye after finally having his drug abuse case settled, a reduction of $800, 000 has left the Mexican only having to pay a $100, 000 fine, this also comes after completing a nine month ban from the sport.

Chavez jr's camp has yet to comment on a middleweight showdown with Golovkin. It would come nearly a year after losing to p4p contender Martinez, a fight that not only ended his unbeaten streak, but also landed him in trouble after testing positive for marijuana. Golovkin on the other hand is now being put in the mix with some of the biggest names in the sport right now, rumours of a possible shots against Carl Froch and Floyd Mayweather have been thrown about. But for now Golovkins camp has made it very clear who they are after.

Was the Chavez jr ban fair?

Conformation that Julio Ceaser Chavez jr has had his fine for drug abuse reduced from $900, 000 to $100, 000 still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Appreciating that Chavez jr has served his time with a nine month ban from the sport, but after continued work from his attorney's stating that it effects the fighters constitutional rights, they have reached an agreement with the Nevada state athletic committee to reduce the fine.

Chavez jr was tested and caught after he had smoked marijuana,  which ironically came off the back of his first career loss, but the fighter is due back in the ring the September after what I feel is a short ban from the sport. I pose this question to the Boxing fans to add thier  veiws on this matter. If we are looking to eliminate the use of drugs not only in Boxing, but in all sports, should the ban have been extended, and should the fine have remained high?

Haye v Fury looks to be a done deal

It looks as if the fight that all British Boxing fans having heen craving could finally be confirmed. Rumours confirm that today Peter Fury announced that talks have continued between both the Fury and David Haye camps, with Haye's trainer Adam Booth set to make a public announcement at some point this week.

The fight looked to have been a done deal 2 weeks ago with co-promotor Eddie Hearn stating the fight will go ahead later this year and the contracts are soon to he signed. It then transpired that talks had fell through, with statements from Fury offering an 80/20 split in his favor as he was the man in the spotlight right now.

Fury then tweeted mid week that he would be prepared to settle on a 60/40 split with the winner taking the majority of the money. Just as fight fans were prepared to let this one slip away, Fury has this evening come out and asked Adam Booth directly to make thisnfight happen.

Its a fight that has all the makings of a recent Heavyweight classic, I really hope contracts and the purse can be agreed, it is a great opportunity to see who is currently the best British Heavyweight in the division, and a chance to put all of this trash talking to bed.