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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29/02/12 Anger Management

Today the WBC banned Dereck Chisora indefinatly. The good thing is that this ban may only last a 1 year – 18 months, the bad thing being that just as we have found ourselves with another heavyweight capable of stiring up the division, he is taken away. I can’t help but feel  that some of this desicion was based on Chisoras personal history and not just his recent behaviour.  If this is the case i am very suprised that the WBC have continued to let Floyd Mayweather fight. It would seem he can assult who he likes and ultimatly end up in prison but continue to represent the WBC with thier Welterweight championship belt, fair?
Bernd Boente manager of the Klitschko brothers has been reported saying that he feels this was the right thing to do from the WBC and that it would be wise to get help. But Bonete has confirmed that he will not over look a match with Wladimir Klitschko when Chisora has returned from his ban.

 "I am pretty sure Chisora will be banned for at least a year and I am not sure Vitali will still be fighting by then”.
"But a fight against Vladimir in a year or two is possible but first of all I think Chisora needs some help”.
Full article and interview can be found here:

It would seem that writing off Chisora from the heavyweight division wouldn’t be wise, he may still have a chance to get in the ring with the best heavyweights around. Maybe even another title shot?
For now though we will sit back and wait for the desicion of the BBBC, if a ban comes into place the only option Chisora will have is to box out of another country and there is no guarentee that they would offer a boxing licence. If New York can offer a licence the badly beat up and partially sighted Antonia Margarito then Chisora surely stands half a chance.
Frank Warren has made his feelings clear and wants to know how the WBC can take action when no hearing has taken place. I have to agree with him, It would seem that the WBC have been very quick to take action and have choosen make an example of Chisora.

Monday, 27 February 2012

27/02/2012 David Haye on That Sunday night show

I have no problem admitting that I am a huge David Haye fan, owner of numerous photographs and a signed copy of his new book, but I can’t help but feel Haye somehow couldn’t admit he was in the wrong and still had to make excuses for his actions on last nights, ITV’s That Sunday night show. 
 "I've got no desire to fight Chisora inside the ring or outside the ring," Haye explained. "He's lost his last three fights”
 Were the words of a former British heavyweight champion David Haye, It’s a shame because I think after the recent brawl between these to fighters most of the boxing public would like to see them glove up and prove their own arguments right in the ring. I can’t see it happening for a while but the foundation for a British mega-fight is all there, at least we wouldn’t be let down like we were when Audley Harrison decided it would be wise to step in the ring with Haye.
Haye went on to explain that it was his fist he hit him with and not a bottle, and this would have been the same weather it be a mobile phone or a hotdog (which would have proved interesting), either way i do think Haye has the right to defend himself but from what? I don’t think Chisora had any intention on hitting him, yes he walked up to Haye like he had stolen his lunch money and in a way that would have probably provoked Haye into thinking he was about to strike but Haye threw the first punch and ultimately that’s what kicked this whole week of drama off. Overall Haye has stated that he wishes he hadn’t have gone down to the conference and the only reason he was there was as part of the media but as he says ‘you can’t rewind time’. I understand the history that Chisora carries but I personally think Haye knew he was capapble of getting under Chisora’s skin and getting a reaction. I am really happy Haye gave an interview and expressed his opinions I just feel that he perhaps should have made more of a public apology and perhaps a little sooner as he has defiantly tarnished the british boxing name and has most defiantly not been much of a role model this past week, I think in by having done this, he would probably have more of a chance of landing his dream fight of Vitali Klitschko. Or maybe just not having got involved at all and he would probably already have this title fight agreed, being a David Haye fan I still hope he gets that chance.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

26/02/12 Povet king? Cleverly clever?

For me the fight of the night has to have been Alexander Povetkin v Marco Huck, just an all out heavyweight brawl at times for the WBA championship. Firstly i take my hat off to Povetkin for fighting Huck in Germany as we all know just how tough the German crowd can be to please especially when they are not on your side. But Povetkin held his own the whole fight and seemed to have controlled the fight better than Huck. Huck stepping up from Cruiserweight found himself in the same position as David Haye when he did the same and had all the speed and agility just not quite enough power to finish off the Russian opponent. Round 4 looked Hucks most likely chance to have caused damage as with around 30 seconds left of the round he had Povetkin on the back foot and for a moment the crowd must have thought that the perfect 23-0 record was gone but the bell sounded and Povetkin had time to recover. Round 12 was one of the best rounds of boxing i have seen for a while as both fighters poured every last bit of energy they had left into their punches, Huck, knowing he needed a KO punch landed with a straight right that would have most defiantly taken down any cruiserweight but Povetkin took it like a true heavyweight and stood strong proving why he is the world champion. The majority decision going in Povetkins favour did prove the fight was close at times. Great effort from both men which i really enjoyed but did leaving me asking myself could Derrick Chisora be the next WBA champion of the world.....based on this fight i would probably have to say yes.

I was really looking forward to watching Nathan Cleverly take on Tommy Karpency, with the ultimate question being, could Karpency walk the walk with Cleverly. And straight from the first bell Karpency looked in too deep and struggled to keep pace with the Welshman, shots came thick and fast and cleverly looked as if he was going to stop the fight early on. By round 5 Karpency was in the corner with dad Tom Karpency snr telling him that he was to tired to continue and he couldn’t keep up with the WBO champion. After great support from his corner, Karpency continued and managed to stay in the fight coming on slightly stronger in the last 3rd of the fight, but he was never even close to winning a round as Jabs and Body shots from cleverly seemed to continuously slow his opponent down and just when it seemed he could end the fight with one killer punch it never came. I think overall the welsh crowd was impressed and felt like the homecoming of their champion was a huge success but a KO may have been what they were after, especially the way the fight was heading, with a UD from the judges scoring the fight 120-108 in Cleverlys favour, the WBO light heavyweight champion will now be looking for a match with a classier opponent. Im sure the cleverly camp will be looking at people like Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal, although Frank Warren did confirm he will be looking at Bernard Hopkins after the Chad Dawson rematch. I personally think its a great call, as someone like Hopkins will give Nathan a really tough time in the ring and be a very awkward opponent to box against, this will give cleverly all the experience he needs going into the ring against some of the other light heavy’s. Maybe even Andre Ward if he does step up from super middleweight, im excited just thinking about it.

Devon Alexander managed to turn around his bout in the early rounds against Marcos Maidana. after receiving a cut above the eye in the 3rd round it looked as if Maidana would go on to win this fight proving to strong for Alexander in the early rounds. But Alexander found his rhythm and started picking off his opponent in style, maybe it was the weight difference but Maidana looked weak and should perhaps stay at 140lbs in the future. The final score cards read 100-90, 100-90, and 99-91 in the favour of Alexander.

23-0 Adrian Broner seemed to make very easy work of Eloy Perez, with a nasty right hand shot ending the bout in round 4. Now proving that he can dominate the super featherweight division it maybe worth him looking a division higher to take on fighters like Gamboa, Marquez, Burns and Rios. My guess is that he will now leave the WBO super featherweight belt behind and go after a bigger fighter now that he finally has some recognition as being a stand out boxer and one to watch.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

25/02/12 The best in the business

42 wins and 0 losses, the record of a boxer that without doubt is the best pound for pound in the world right now. As Floyd Mayweather turns 35 theres very little room for argument that there is anyone better out there, 'Manny Pacquiao' i hear you scream, i'll be sure to touch on that at the end of this post. I really wanted to have a chance to write about the 5 weight division world champion because of his flamboyant nature, controversial publicity and his ability in the ring and no time is better than on the birthday of the WBC champion.

Whenever i speak to anyone about Mayweather , it's either  'I love him'or 'I hate him', which i think is exactly how Mayweather would want it to be, playing the good guy in the ring is something he can easily carry with his ability to outbox anyone put in front of him, but playing the villain is what he does best, no more so than when taking on Jose Castillo, 'Golden boy' Oscar De la hoya and Ricky Hatton in three of the biggest encounters of his career. Winning his first WBC title against Genaro Hernandez he proved that he was the real deal and could hold his own in the ring, then going on to defeat Diego Corrales in a fashion that could be described as boxing perfection, Corrales had the fight stopped by his trainer due to being knocked down 5 times. In the rematch Mayweather proved once again that he was not to be taken lightly, tying up a unanimous decision to take him to 29-0. Going on to beat Artuo Gatti, who was not at the peak of his career to say the least proved easy. Then a slightly tougher test in the awkward style of Zab Judah, winning a UD but found it very hard to overcome the rough and dirty style Judah brought to the ring, for me it was exactly what Mayweather needed at this point of his career to prove that he was happy to go the distance and dig in the trenches when he needed to.

For me and others around me the biggest test of his career would be when he took to the stage in the biggest box office match ever, generating $120 million in revenue he took on the 38-4 Oscar de la hoya. De la hoya had already lost to Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad and many thought this was going to be another loss on his record for the aging De La Hoya. With Mayweather landing 207 of his 481 punches thrown and De La Hoya only landing 122 of his 587 thrown it was hard to see how the judges couldn’t agree on a unanimous decision. I guess because of the volume of punches thrown by Hoya it people may have overlooked the punching accuracy of Mayweather who in my opinion deserved the win.
Getting hyped for his next fight was easy for me as Ricky Hatton is one of my favourite all time boxers, but regardless to who Hatton had beat before he had never come up against someone with the ability of Mayweather. A TKO in round 10 shattered any dream both myself and Ricky Hatton had of ending the undefeated record of the pound for pound champion. many argue that the way Joe Cortez officiated the match didn’t allow Hatton to execute his best boxing, but Mayweather still had a job to do and that he did.

Wins against Juan Marquez, Shane Mosley and Victor Ortiz proved that Mayweather was capable of winning in all situations, In my opinion Mayweather boxed better than i had ever seen against Marquez and his counter punching was comparable of Muhammad Ali. Mosley had Mayweather on the canvas only to be out boxed and pointed as mayweather turned the fight completely on its head and dominated from there on
out. And in most controversial fashion Mayweather KO'd Ortiz in round 4 after Ortiz had reached in to touch gloves as an apology for his low shot a moment before, Mayweather capitalised and hit Ortiz with a shot that left him on the canvas in disbelief of what just happened, i personally say he had it coming after the low shot.

Ultimately it leaves us with one last question, does any of this matter if he doesn’t fight Manny Pacquiao? To put it simply yes, of course it matters, this is a record that not many boxers in the sports history can relate to and regardless to any criticism he has received he has still beat some of the best boxers around. Its the fight we are crying out to see, as both fighter boast records and wins that can only be topped if the beat each other, they have traded the pound for pound position more than i can remember. Comments like 'this fight
will save boxing' and 'only match worth watching' is rubbish, there’s many great matches to look forward to and im sure many more in the pipeline, what i do agree with is critics saying that this will define both of these men, because it will and i feel that they will have so much respect for each other after the fight. Mayweather has been reported saying that no matter what decision he makes now he will always be
criticised, 'your opponent was too small' or 'your opponent was too old', and i agree but one thing his for sure his next fight with Miguel Cotto will be another huge fight that he will have to overcome, i know its not the Pacquiao fight we were all promised, but im really looking forward to it. My last point, who cares if he flaunts his money to the masses that watch, who cares if he insults other world class athletes on social network sites and who cares if he is behind bars for 87days, this is all part of the reason, you either love him......or hate him.

Friday, 24 February 2012

24/02/12 Ringside & 'War of the Roses'

Great to watch ringside last night and one i was really looking forward to after such an eventful week in boxing. Obviously this weeks main topic was going to be the British embarressment that invaded Germany, both Robert Smith of the BBBC and Barry Hearn were in the studio discussing these recent events and also promoting the upcoming battle between Sheffileds Kell Brook and Stockports Matthew Hatton.
It was great to have Smith in the studio to get a perspective of how the BBBC are handling the Chisora and Haye situation, he had confirmed that the trial would be on the 13th march which seemed a little while away considering the matter of urgency that seemed to be pressured on the BBBC to deal with the two fighters. When questioned Smith confirmed that that is the normal allocated time that they would offer the boxers to prepare for the trial. I personally think that neither of these fighters will have any matches lined up for the near future at this point, so it really deoesnt matter how quickly they take action.
What i am interested to find out is how they will deal with Haye as he no longer has a boxing licence after announcing retirement, maybe a large fine or a long period of suspension from the sport will be considered.
Another great point discussed and argued is the fact that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, either in the ring or at a press conference. How can anyone forget how Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis traded punches at thier Conference, or Michael Bentt and Herbie Hide outside the Den. Ultimatly the most valid argument for Chisora's behaviour would be that of Muhammad Ali, who in his Conferences and weigh-ins taunted Sonny Liston and Joe Frazier in a manner that would never be excused today. Probably the most recent example of a situation getting out of control was the recent Bout which saw Johnriel Casimero knockout Luis Alberto Lazarte infront of his home crowd in Argentina, a situation that got so out of control the two boxers had to be ushered and protected as they exited the ring.
This is not new, it has been happening for a while and im sure that will be the first argument used in the defense of Chisora and Haye.

On the flip side to the negative vibe given off from these two British fighters, it was great to see Hatton and Brook sit side by side in the Ringside studio and offer nothing but respect for each other. Brook took all comments very graciously knowing that he is the overwhelming favorite for this match. He knows that he is going to be in the ring with a boxer who is not technically great but can sure take a hit on the chin and can definatly offer some damaging blows, including leathal body shots.
I think the concern is that when asked to step up to fight a class act in Alvarez, Hatton very much struggled. But as stated in my last blog, Alvarez is indeed a class act, so no shame for Hatton to have lost, especially after going the distance with Canello. Kell Brook will be going in to this match with an undefeated 26-0 record and will be looking to remain unbeaten, a convincing win over Lovemore N'Dou suggests he has the upper hand as Hatton could only produce a draw against the 63-13 N'Dou, TKO wins against Jackiewicz and Galarza showed the technical ability that brook offers including speed and a devestating punch. Ultimatly i think this will come down to either one of them landing a huge shot on the chin, offering a test of both fighters heart. For me i must join the majority and say that Kell Brook will win over 12 rounds in the highly anticipated 'War of the Roses'.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

23/02/12 Is boxing at an all time low or just the heavyweight division?

I keep hearing and reading everyday that boxing isn't what it used to be, or boxing is in decline and will never be the same.
I suppose i have to agree with that to a certain degree, if you mean the Klitschko brothers are not living up to the Ali, Liston and Frazier era of boxing or the Tyson, Bowe and Holyfield era of boxing then the above statements would ring true.
Keeping in mind both Klitschkos can only dominante what is put infront of them, i would say they are doing a pretty good job. However this isn't stopping people looking outstide of the heavyweight division towards the current middleweight division, boxers like Mikel Kessler, Carl Froch, Lucien Bute, Andre Dirrell and Americas very own 'son of god' Andre Ward are fighting for the supremecy of that division.
Another division that never fails to excite is the welterweight division. With the likes of Victor Ortiz, Andre Berto, Miguel Cotto, Saul Alvarez, Manny Pacqiuao and Floyd Mayweather there is always another big fight just around the corner. In my opinion i believe both of these divisions are stronger than they have ever been and need to be seriously considered before the sport of boxing is told it is heading on a downwards slope. I understand that the megafight everyone is crying out for is the Pacman v Money, but on the flip side we have gained two huge fights in Mayweather v Cotto and Pacquiao v Bradley can we not look forward to these encounters?
Yes ok, the era of Ali, Foreman, De la hoya, Tyson have all passed but enter the Era of Nonito Donaire, Adrian Broner, Brandon Rios, Ricky Burns, Saul Alverez Julio Ceaser Chavez, Tavoris Cloud and Andre Ward. Im aware that no heavyweights have been mentioned here but should that matter, surely these fighters deserve a mention?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

22/02/2012 Attention now on Cleverly

On Saturday 25th february our attention will be turned towards Nathan Cleverly as he defends his WBO light-heavyweight championship against American southpaw Tommy Karpency.
Cleverly has confirmed that after all the recent events in the heavyweight division involving Derrick Chisora and David Haye, he will be keen to get his head down and focus on the task in hand.
Cleverly claims 'people are going to be looking for people to lead by example', and has stated he has the chance to do this.
After a heated press confrence with merseyside born Tony Bellew in his last encounter, im sure he will be looking to make sure this time around he is focused on getting the job done and retaining his WBO title.

In other news the encounter of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley has been confirmed to be going ahead on the 9th June, i think we can all agree its not the fight that we would have wanted Pacquiao to have taken, but however does leave us asking the question...can Bradley do what many doubt and beat the pound for pound champion. Bradley isgoing in to this fight with 28 wins and 0 losses, without doubt this makes him the underdog for this encounter, but many have said that due to recent fights taken by Pacquiao he seems to be on a downwards spiral and heading towards a defeat. Carefully picked fights like Antonio Margarito and Sugar Shane Mosley suggests that the 54 - 3 champion doesnt have much left in the tank like he once used to.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21/02/2012 First Post - Chisora v Haye

Trying to think of my first post for this blog is near impossible, the idea being i can come on here and relay to the world any boxing updates, interviews, schedules, fight reviews and my overall thoughts of these when they occur.

If i was working on that pretence, right now i would most probably be discussing the recent events of british heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora. On saturday the 18th a day after he had failed to knock Vitali Klitschko from his WBC crown, Chisora squared up to Haye at the post fight press conference.What followed next i don't think anyone would have predicted, Chisora who has now apologised for his behaviour looked Haye square in the eyes and triggered a hayemaker to be thrown in his direction. This included a glass beer bottle that im sure David was enjoying as he was dreaming of his attempt to take the WBC crown from Vitali himself.

Full statements have now been given from both fighters and can be read here,

article courtesy of

I feel, like most other boxing fans that this has to now be handled in one of two ways, either the fighters are stripped of any boxing licence they currently have or in Haye's case wish to have, and are banned from any future bouts. Alternativly, let them go at each other in the ring.Whatever happens i will enjoy covering and watching the upcoming events. This is asuming Haye will stop telling the world that he is retired, when really i think we all know that he cant resist One last shot.

After reading 'Making Haye' by Elliot Worsell, Haye states that the two losses on his record eat away at him. I'm sure a shot at Vitali might put a smile back on the face of the former heavyweight champ.

As for Chisora, after his antics at the weigh-in and before the sound of the bell, he was so very close at stepping up to the plate. As he boxed his way through vitali on a few occasions hitting him with some great hooks and jabs during the bout, but unfortunatly couldn't stop vitali landing 211 punches which ultimatley won Dr Ironfist the 44th win of his career. I do however feel that the Chisora camp will struggle to agree terms with any other boxer right now in fear that he may spit in a family members face or better still, slap his opponent in the face at thier weigh-in.

And finally..... my first post would'nt be complete without wishing Muhammad Ali a happy 70th birthday, many boxers in thier time have made this sport what it is today, but no more so than you, a true boxing and sporting legend. you really are 'The Greatest'