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Friday, 24 February 2012

24/02/12 Ringside & 'War of the Roses'

Great to watch ringside last night and one i was really looking forward to after such an eventful week in boxing. Obviously this weeks main topic was going to be the British embarressment that invaded Germany, both Robert Smith of the BBBC and Barry Hearn were in the studio discussing these recent events and also promoting the upcoming battle between Sheffileds Kell Brook and Stockports Matthew Hatton.
It was great to have Smith in the studio to get a perspective of how the BBBC are handling the Chisora and Haye situation, he had confirmed that the trial would be on the 13th march which seemed a little while away considering the matter of urgency that seemed to be pressured on the BBBC to deal with the two fighters. When questioned Smith confirmed that that is the normal allocated time that they would offer the boxers to prepare for the trial. I personally think that neither of these fighters will have any matches lined up for the near future at this point, so it really deoesnt matter how quickly they take action.
What i am interested to find out is how they will deal with Haye as he no longer has a boxing licence after announcing retirement, maybe a large fine or a long period of suspension from the sport will be considered.
Another great point discussed and argued is the fact that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, either in the ring or at a press conference. How can anyone forget how Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis traded punches at thier Conference, or Michael Bentt and Herbie Hide outside the Den. Ultimatly the most valid argument for Chisora's behaviour would be that of Muhammad Ali, who in his Conferences and weigh-ins taunted Sonny Liston and Joe Frazier in a manner that would never be excused today. Probably the most recent example of a situation getting out of control was the recent Bout which saw Johnriel Casimero knockout Luis Alberto Lazarte infront of his home crowd in Argentina, a situation that got so out of control the two boxers had to be ushered and protected as they exited the ring.
This is not new, it has been happening for a while and im sure that will be the first argument used in the defense of Chisora and Haye.

On the flip side to the negative vibe given off from these two British fighters, it was great to see Hatton and Brook sit side by side in the Ringside studio and offer nothing but respect for each other. Brook took all comments very graciously knowing that he is the overwhelming favorite for this match. He knows that he is going to be in the ring with a boxer who is not technically great but can sure take a hit on the chin and can definatly offer some damaging blows, including leathal body shots.
I think the concern is that when asked to step up to fight a class act in Alvarez, Hatton very much struggled. But as stated in my last blog, Alvarez is indeed a class act, so no shame for Hatton to have lost, especially after going the distance with Canello. Kell Brook will be going in to this match with an undefeated 26-0 record and will be looking to remain unbeaten, a convincing win over Lovemore N'Dou suggests he has the upper hand as Hatton could only produce a draw against the 63-13 N'Dou, TKO wins against Jackiewicz and Galarza showed the technical ability that brook offers including speed and a devestating punch. Ultimatly i think this will come down to either one of them landing a huge shot on the chin, offering a test of both fighters heart. For me i must join the majority and say that Kell Brook will win over 12 rounds in the highly anticipated 'War of the Roses'.

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