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Thursday, 30 May 2013

30/05/2013 The Biggest fight in recent Boxing history

One of the biggest fights in recent Boxing history has just been announced. Floyd Mayweather and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez has finally been confirmed. Rumors started as soon as Mayweather overcame Robert Guerrero a month ago. It was the nailed on fans favorite, as both men stand proud of their unbeaten records, and with Mayweather running out of options, Alvarez seemed to be the only fighter to fill that void.

It looks as if Alvarez will be dropping a few pounds to meet Mayweather, but this will not effect the Mexican too much, this will be the biggest shot he ever has at being an over night megastar. He will not only become a World Champion (again) but he will have done what no other has done before and knock Mayweather off his throne. This also presents an incredible opportunity for Mayweather, a man that consistently receives criticism after every fight for ducking fights and taking on over the hill Boxers, this will be a chance for him to silence the critics and cement himself in Boxing history.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

28/05/2013 Froch v Kessler II

Its safe to say that this past Saturday night saw the fight of the year so far, redemption for Carl Froch as he battled his way through 12 hard fought rounds to overcome the Danish 'Viking Warrior' Mikkel Kessler. It was a fight that had Boxing fans watering at the mouth from the moment it was announced, partially due to the first encounter between the 2 warriors, but also as fans knew that Froch was in the shape of his life, and this was his time to snatch back the loss he had 3yrs ago to Kessler.

From the opening round it went exactly as planned for Froch, a game plan that consisted of working the jab and not letting Kessler catch him on the front foot, many fans looked on in ore of what Froch was producing, at this point the tables had turned 360 degrees and Froch was the man in charge. But in round 4 the Kessler that we all knew but had forgotten about came on strong, catching Froch with some incredible shots, but it was never quite enough to trouble the Nottingham based fighter.

Through the middle rounds, fans watched on not really knowing which way this fight was going to go, but what was certain was if this was going the distance, Froch had got himself into a great position to take the win. Everyone knew that Froch had to start the fight strong as this has always been a reoccurring theme when he has lost or won by a close margin. But not only did he have to come out strong, he also then had to maintain this throughout the contest, by round 9 though the tide had taken a drastic turn in Kesslers favour. Was this going to be a comeback performance from the Dane, and was he going to give Froch a taste of his own medicine. Kessler caught his opponent with some great shots that most fighters would have struggled to pick themselves up from, but the Boxing world knew (Kessler included) that if you hit Froch with a clean punch you better make it count. The British fighter has a chin made of granite, i can not put that any clearer.

In the last 3 rounds just when it seemed that Kessler was establishing himself back in the match, Froch sucked it up and went at him with everything he had left. It was a brutal few rounds that left the crowd standing from their chairs. Round 12 was everything the previous fight had and more, Kessler needing a KO and Froch needing to finish strong, and it didn't disappoint. With the final bell sounding, and after Froch looked to have nearly ended the fight after a barrage of punches unloaded on Kessler, both men stumbled towards the centre of the ring and embraced each other like only these two men could. They knew they had been in an incredible fight, and they knew they left everything they had in the ring.

After the fight both fighters couldn't have been more gracious to each other, and with Froch suggesting a third showdown with Kessler, Bernard Hopkins looking for the winner before the fight had even started and Andre Ward watching on, it leaves Frochs career very carefully balanced on a knife edge.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

22/05/2013 Cotto's return

Im a huge fan of Miguel Cotto as i think most fight fanatics are, and after seeing how he nearly overcame the odds of the biggest upset of last year by losing to Floyd Mayweather on points, it gives me great pleasure to confirm that the Puerto Rican is looking for a ring return on September 28th this year. He's a fighter that never backed down from a big fight and had an incredible career. It seemed to make sense that his last fight would be against the best fighter in the game right now, but as the last few months have shown there is many more opponents out there for Cotto.

I personally think Cotto had very little left in the career tank after taking out all his frustration on  Antonio Margarito in New York in 2011, it was a revenge path that Cotto knew he had to finish and he did in great style. It Gave him the world title shots he again deserved and a big money payday that he always strives towards, but losses against Austin Trout and Mayweather looked to have left Cotto with no option but to take some time out the ring or maybe even retire for good.

Goldenboy Chief Richard Schaefer confirms that they are looking at the Barclay's Centre to hold Cotto's return but nothing is for definite at this point, and no opponent has been confirmed. I'm just pleased that i may get to see one of my favorite fighters over the last ten years get back in the ring.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21/05/2013 Matthysse has arrived

This past Saturday night saw one of the KO performances of the year, Lucas Matthysse launched himself into the Boxing limelight after a 3rd round KO of Lamont Peterson. Matthysse who stands above all others as the hardest p4p puncher in the ring, produced another incredible performance to increase his KO number to 31.

Everyone knows that the Argentinian fighter has a lot less ring ability that his piers, but what he lacks in Boxing finesse he very much makes up for in punching power. After knocking down Peterson twice before that final blow that had Peterson fighting to his feet, Matthysse left no doubt as right from the opening bell he was looking for that killer shot, he even at one point threw a punch so hard he removed his own feet from the canvas.

After the fight and when he had finished being paraded around the ring, his corner was quick to take advantage of his performance and get the verbal ball rolling, with comparisons to Manny Pacquiao and an open challenge to Danny Garcia. Matthysse has since come out stating that he is happy to have been compared to the ex-p4p king.

Garcia was an onlooker from ringside that night, as for him the winner of this showdown is due to meet him later in the year, and as much as he remained his cool and confident self infront of the camera, there were times he knew what awaited him in his next battle and he didn't look best pleased. Both men offer huge KO power (evidently from Garcias encounter with Khan and Morales) and both men love coming forward to fight, i don't think either man knows what the back foot is.

But the Garcia showdown seems to have temporarily been forgotten about as many critics are now looking for Mathysse to take Floyd Mayweather from his throne. It seems any Boxer that shows a break through performance of recent is being quickly pushed infront of Mayweathers unbeaten record, just ask Canelo Alvarez. It would be a great fight to see (styles make fights as they say) but would Matthysse's ability be enough to take down the current p4p king, Devon Alexander may tell you otherwise.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

16/05/2013 $23 Million for Povetkin v Klitschko

The big news in the Heavyweight division right now is the $23.3 million that has been put up for unbeaten Alexander Povetkin to get in the ring with Wladimir Klitschko. But first he must overcome Andrzej Wawrzyk, not exactly the toughest test he will face. I cant help but feel this fight will be one to forget, as much as Wawrzyk has a chance to win a world title he is very much out of his depth here, and Povetkin will be doing everything in his power to prevent himself picking up an injury.

It has been confirmed that both Povetkin's and Klitchko's camps are looking to have the contest held at the back end of August or the first week of September. Either way both men will be looking to stay in shape as they are just a few months away from a big money earner. It will be the biggest payday of Povetkin's career and also the biggest chance he will have of standing on top of the Heavyweight division. I guess we will await the outcome of this Fridays fight first.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

08/05/2013 What next for Mayweather?

As Floyd Mayweather moves on to 44-0 and continues to showcase his desperation for someone to unlock the Mayweather code, it leaves Boxing fans asking the question, who can beat the best boxer in the world?
Robert Guerrero certainly thought that he had all the credentials and the backing of God to bring Mayweather back down to earth with a bang. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, infact it was such a one sided fight that anyone that took a moment to even think Guerrero had a chance will now be hanging their head in shame.

From the moment that the opening bell sounded Mayweather proved his dominance and back up every word he had said before the fight. By standing off Guerrero and picking his shots he was able to gain control of the fight from the start, and in true Mayweather 'counterpunch' fashion he announced to the world that he still had much to offer.

The question now stands, who next? With rumors being confirmed by the Mayweather camp that he will be looking to fight in England very soon and stepping up to 147 pounds, Amir Khan became the name instantly in lights. Khan is set to face the winner of Britain's Lee Purdy and awkward customer Devon Alexander, but also chases matches of his own. Khan confirms redemption against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia is a certain, but often references that he ultimately wants his chance to dethrone Mayweather.

The Natural and obvious choice is Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez who himself remains unbeaten, but even he realises that as good as his record stands, and as good of an opponent he has overcome he may have to just hold off a while longer before he steps in the ring with Mayweather. Regardless to what happens it will be an entertaining time to watch Mayweather finalise the rest of his legacy over the next few years, (assuming his right hand holds up) and it will also be entertaining to see how Robert Guerrero overcomes his court hearing for being in possession of an armed weapon without a licence. This was his second mistake of this year, the first thinking he could beat Floyd Mayweather.