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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21/05/2013 Matthysse has arrived

This past Saturday night saw one of the KO performances of the year, Lucas Matthysse launched himself into the Boxing limelight after a 3rd round KO of Lamont Peterson. Matthysse who stands above all others as the hardest p4p puncher in the ring, produced another incredible performance to increase his KO number to 31.

Everyone knows that the Argentinian fighter has a lot less ring ability that his piers, but what he lacks in Boxing finesse he very much makes up for in punching power. After knocking down Peterson twice before that final blow that had Peterson fighting to his feet, Matthysse left no doubt as right from the opening bell he was looking for that killer shot, he even at one point threw a punch so hard he removed his own feet from the canvas.

After the fight and when he had finished being paraded around the ring, his corner was quick to take advantage of his performance and get the verbal ball rolling, with comparisons to Manny Pacquiao and an open challenge to Danny Garcia. Matthysse has since come out stating that he is happy to have been compared to the ex-p4p king.

Garcia was an onlooker from ringside that night, as for him the winner of this showdown is due to meet him later in the year, and as much as he remained his cool and confident self infront of the camera, there were times he knew what awaited him in his next battle and he didn't look best pleased. Both men offer huge KO power (evidently from Garcias encounter with Khan and Morales) and both men love coming forward to fight, i don't think either man knows what the back foot is.

But the Garcia showdown seems to have temporarily been forgotten about as many critics are now looking for Mathysse to take Floyd Mayweather from his throne. It seems any Boxer that shows a break through performance of recent is being quickly pushed infront of Mayweathers unbeaten record, just ask Canelo Alvarez. It would be a great fight to see (styles make fights as they say) but would Matthysse's ability be enough to take down the current p4p king, Devon Alexander may tell you otherwise.

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