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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

08/05/2013 What next for Mayweather?

As Floyd Mayweather moves on to 44-0 and continues to showcase his desperation for someone to unlock the Mayweather code, it leaves Boxing fans asking the question, who can beat the best boxer in the world?
Robert Guerrero certainly thought that he had all the credentials and the backing of God to bring Mayweather back down to earth with a bang. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, infact it was such a one sided fight that anyone that took a moment to even think Guerrero had a chance will now be hanging their head in shame.

From the moment that the opening bell sounded Mayweather proved his dominance and back up every word he had said before the fight. By standing off Guerrero and picking his shots he was able to gain control of the fight from the start, and in true Mayweather 'counterpunch' fashion he announced to the world that he still had much to offer.

The question now stands, who next? With rumors being confirmed by the Mayweather camp that he will be looking to fight in England very soon and stepping up to 147 pounds, Amir Khan became the name instantly in lights. Khan is set to face the winner of Britain's Lee Purdy and awkward customer Devon Alexander, but also chases matches of his own. Khan confirms redemption against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia is a certain, but often references that he ultimately wants his chance to dethrone Mayweather.

The Natural and obvious choice is Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez who himself remains unbeaten, but even he realises that as good as his record stands, and as good of an opponent he has overcome he may have to just hold off a while longer before he steps in the ring with Mayweather. Regardless to what happens it will be an entertaining time to watch Mayweather finalise the rest of his legacy over the next few years, (assuming his right hand holds up) and it will also be entertaining to see how Robert Guerrero overcomes his court hearing for being in possession of an armed weapon without a licence. This was his second mistake of this year, the first thinking he could beat Floyd Mayweather.

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