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Sunday, 21 April 2013

22/04/2013 Action from both sides of the pond

We saw everything this weekend after an incredible night of Boxing action, from Madison square garden to wembley and back across to Austin Texas, we had plenty of action from both sides of the pond. KO's to close decisions, I have rounded up this weekends ringside action and given my views on what we can expect from here out.

Saul Canelo Alvarez v Austin Trout

This match up had the making of a classic, with Alvarez carrying his incredible unbeaten record at the tender age of 22 to the ring, and Trout bringing his unbeaten and strong amateur background to the fight the crowd were awaiting the showdown. Trout started strong and seemed to take control very early on, with Alvarez keeping his guard high and taking the back foot Trout was able to maintain his distance and pick shots at will. Alvarez then knew he had to up the tempo, and he did just that. By rounds 4 and 5 he had found his rythem and was beginning to open up on the American.

It was in round 6 that the tables had completely turned in the favour of Alvarez after he landed and impressive straight right hand to Trout, this resulted in the 26-0 man hitting the canvas for the first time in his career. From there on out it was Alvarez that took control, as he breathed confidence over Trout he gave the crowd a real show as he stood for a strong 30 seconds weaving and ducking I and out of Trouts punches. It was that confidence and the overall Boxing master class that took Alvarez to    The final bell with another win on his résumé. He remains unbeaten and now looks for a bigger test of his ability, with talks of Floyd Mayweather still hovering around the Boxing world he finds himself in a very strong position to challenge the king for his crown. For now he will have to wait a little while longer as Mayweather goes about his business, but I'm sure we will see them very soon in the same ring, and when we do I'll be sure too not write of Alvarez as quick as I have in previous encounters.

Tyson Fury v Steve Cunningham

It was Furys chance to show the Boxing world what all the talk has been about, and a chance to get his name up in lights in the home of Boxing Madison Square Garden, and Fury took that chance by the scruff of the neck and showed everyone exacktly what he Heavyweight division has been missing. Cunningham started the fight very strong and had Fury frustrated, infant Fury seemed so wound up by the American that by the end of round 1 he was already giving Boxing fans something to write about as he shoved Cunningham back into is corner. This didn't come as a shock to British fans, especially Jose that have followed his antics over this past year, but the Americans were about to find out what this man was really about.

Fury continued to frustrate fans and seemed more inclined to make a name for himself than get the job done that stood in front of him. Cunningham stood strong and had Fury on the floor in the second round. With respect to Fury he dusted himself down and continued to go after Cunningham. Both men exchanged great shots, but it was the big shot that both men were trying to land but neither could  find it. And then as he bout drew closer to he final few rounds, Fury ceased his opportunity and whilst having Cunningham firmly locked on the ropes produced a devastating right hook that nearly took Cunningham out the ring. It was the telling shot that proved to much for the experienced Cunningham, and it was the shot that not only put Fury on path for a showdown with Pulez for a shot at anKlitschko title, but also announced to America 'is this the Heavyweight you have been missing for the last 10 years?

Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi

Nathan Cleverly went into this fight knowing that he was just 2 mandatory fights away from a shot at the big time, ultimately a chance to face Bernard Hopkins. I think many people had this fight down as an easy win for the Welshman, but hat wasn't to be and the scorecards certainly didn't do Krasniqi any justice. The German based fighter proved to be a good test for Cleverly and landed some great shots throughout the fight, but Cleverly held his stance and used his jab to perfection to gain a very favourable points win.

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