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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28/08/2012 Froch announces next opponent in IBF showdown

Carl Froch has announced his next opponent and it comes in the shape of Yusaf Mack, the 32 year old from Philadelphia will look to take away Froch IBF crown. With 31 wins out of 37 Mack is brings no naivety to this bout, and with fights against the likes of Andrade, Johnson and Cloud Mack is no stranger to a big fight.

Froch comes off the back of a total dominant performance against Lucian Bute, where the Brit took centre stage and marked his spot as one the best Super middleweights around. Froch confirms that Mack wont take this fight lightly, but deep down must know that he is more than capable of stopping the American. It would seem that this is a fight that Froch will look to keep him in shape and see him through the new year where bigger fights await him. Certainly a rematch with Bute is still up for discussion, pencilled in dates suggest that this may happen in march of 2013. Froch will also be looking at a rematch with Kessler and maybe even Arthur Abraham after his win against Robert Steiglitz at the weekend.

With Andre Ward stepping up to face the Light Heavyweight Chad Dawson it is a great time for Froch to command the Super Middleweights and become the man to beat. I'm sure he still has a good few fights left in him, and as long as the opponents are out there for him and Hearn makes them happen, we are defiantly in for a treat with Carl Froch

Sunday, 26 August 2012

27/08/2012 Is Ricky Hatton on his way back?

I could ultimately make this very short and sweet, and over a short period that's what i aim to do. May 2nd 2009 was a defining moment for British Welterweight sensation Ricky Hatton, it was his moment in time, and a moment he will long live to forget. An incredible performance from the P4P Champion that left the Hitman on the canvas with no where else to go. Whats more important is that it was to be his last fight in the ring, albeit against the wishes of the British fans.

And this last week i have heard many rumours re ignited that Hatton was looking at making a ring return, its sounds believable as he clearly has unfinished business in the sport, but truthfully this is a dead end rumour that needs to be put to bed once and for all.
Hatton hit a very dark place before and after the Pacqiuao bout, crying, being sick, and looking himself away, would he want this he wouldn't. Hatton had achieved everything possible i n he sport but beat the 2 best Boxers in the world, and he carries no shame with that. With reports that Paulie Maglinaggi and Kell Brook both making statements surrounding the Hitman, it comes as no surprise that his name has been brought to the public attention again, but the Hitman is in a great position right now with his promotion company and a great stable of talented fighters, this makes it a lot easier to overlook any demons of the past.

Will we see Hatton back in the ring, i suppose you can never say no, not when people like Evander Holyfield, George Forman and now Bernard Hopkins prove that any aged man can step back in the ring assuming they have kept himself in great shape. But i cant help but feel that as many thoughts that Hatton may get when he wakes up in the morning and opens up his gym, he will never make a move to get under the spotlight and try one more round.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

18/08/2012 An Incredible Month ahead....

Saturday, August 25 -- at Berlin, Germany
WBO super middleweight title: Robert Stieglitz vs. Arthur Abraham

Both men looking to make a statement here in this division, Abraham seems to have found his feet again after his loss to Britain's Carl Froch and with a win in the bag goes into this fight looking good. Stieglitz has had to put up with his name going under the raider for a while, but now gets the chance to really put on a show and gain an impressive win over one of the Super middles top opponents. A win here could see either one of these men step in the ring for another World title, most likely against Carl Froch who will now be the man to beat if Andre Ward stays competing with the Light Heavyweights. I have Stieglitz winning this fight over 12 rounds, i can not see a very entertaining fight here but it will be long and brutal.

Saturday, Sept. 1 -- at Oberhausen, Germany
WBA/IBF middleweight titles: Felix Sturm vs. Daniel Geale

Unfortunately i cant see anything but a Sturm win here and it ultimately boils down to him fighting again in Germany. I hate to say it because it should have no place in the sport but decisions do seem to sway towards Strum when he fights here. Luckily for the sake of Boxing i don't feel that this will be close enough for there to be any dubious decisions and i feel that Strum offers a little too much for Geale who goes into this fight with a little less experience. I don't doubt that the Australian can cause a few problems for Sturm, but this will be a very tough test for him, especially when he is not only fighting against the man in the ring, but the men surrounding the ring as well.

Saturday, Sept. 8 -- at Moscow, Ukraine (HBO)
WBC heavyweight title: Vitali Klitschko vs. Manuel Charr

Any takers on a Charr win here? thoughts exactly, this unfortunately might be the last we see of the big Ukrainian and it seems that he is happy to go out on a minor pay day. One half of the most dominant brothers currently competing in the sport, now looking to change his career path completely and go into the world of politics. Many of us wanted to see David Haye's name headlining this event alongside Klitschko but it wasn't meant to be. Rumours have it that we may see it in 2013 but i wouldn't hold out for it. The Knockout king will no doubt prove his power again here and i believe pick up a very easy and early win.

Saturday, Sept. 8 -- at Oakland, CA (HBO)
WBC/WBA super middleweight title: Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson

An encounter i am very much looking forward to, after dominating the Super Middleweight division Ward was left with no option but to try his skills elsewhere, and where else but the division that sits above him. Dawson recently picked up a solid win over legend Bernard Hopkins and after getting that demon of his back will want to move on and further his career in the ring. Ward has not stepped foot inside the ring since defeating Carl Froch in December 2011, will this affect him, probably not. A classy fighter who one day will no doubt be amongst the best P4P fighters around, Ward surely comes in the favourite here, both men have no problems when going the distance but Dawson will probably be more favoured if the fight goes this far, but i cant help but feel Ward will work himself into a great position by out scoring Dawson through the early stages of the fight.

Saturday, Sept. 15 -- at Las Vegas, NV (Showtime)
WBC light middleweight title: Saul Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez

Does this match up to the Pay per view headlines we were all it doesn't, but that's to no fault of either of these men. It was a day that the young Mexican was to come up against his toughest opponent yet in Paul Williams. Sadly Williams was involved in a horrific crash that has left him unable to walk and will most defiantly never fight again. Attention was then turned to Victor Ortiz, who was favourite when going up against Josesito Lopez. What no one saw coming was Ortiz yet again refusing to come out of the corner mid-fight this time because of a broken jaw. This left Lopez the favourite to step in the ring with 'Canelo'. If Lopez can replicate his round by round ability against Ortiz then he will be very much in this fight, but Alvarez will always be the favourite and the Young gun that seems to have the world at his feet right now. The Mexican can not put a foot wrong and i believe will continue to impress, Floyd Mayweather will soon be in his sights.

Saturday, Sept. 15 -- at Las Vegas, NV(HBO-PPV)
WBC middleweight title: Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

This promises to be one of the fights of the year, and will leave me trying to guess the outcome right until the final bell. Both men coming off great wins, Martinez currently ranked 3rd best P4P boxer in the world broke down Matthew Maklin round by round and the son of legend Ceasr Chavez, picked apart Andy Lee with ease. It s a true test of Strength, Power, Speed and age will play a big factor here. Is Chavez literally punching above his weight here? Is Martinez too slow for the young Mexican? Who holds the most power? The Argentinian 49-2-2 fighter has seen it all and will soon be looking to step aside but not without proving he is the best around, a win for Chavez will surely set up a mouth watering encounter with fellow countryman Canelo Alvarez.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

11/08/2012 A moment for Boxing history

Olympic Boxing has brought us so much in the past and will no doubt throw up many more historic moments. Moments that capture the world and everyone involved in the sport, moments like Britain's Nicola Adams becoming the first woman ever to win a Gold medal at the games.
Adams went into the Flyweight division a serious contender for the top prize and she didn't disappoint. When coming up against Mary Kom of India in the semi finals many people thought that Adams road might come to an end but she was more than capable of battling her way through the world champion, which left her with a guaranteed medal and a place in the final against Chinese number one Ren Cancan. Adams was exceptional and nothing was going to stop her winning the illustrious Gold medal in front of her home support.

It is only on occasions like these when the sport is recognised in all of its glory, often critizised for its politics and brutality, but try telling all the women that entered this Olympic year taking part in the sport they love. Its a true Honor to have the first Women's Olympic medallist come from Britain and a memory that will burn strong not only in Olympic history but in Boxing history. Adams now faces the next stage of her career and will look to take things to the next level, rumours of Amir Khans camp showing an interest in taking her on. Khan himself confirmed that he has many women turn up to train at his gym and its a sport growing very quick amongst the girls. Adams will now stand out as an idol to many women who are involved in the sport and to many young girls who will now be looking to try their hand in the ring.

Well done Nicola Adams Flyweight Olympic Gold Medallist 2012.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

01/08/2012 140 Khan v The 147 Welterweights?

What does Amir Khan have left at 140pds? The question he is most definitely asking himself as i write this. He has already talked about stepping up and as a rematch with Danny Garcia looks like it wont happen due to his rematch with Erik Morales, this is most definitely his best chance to make a move. Khan has taken some negative feedback for talking about this move and will no doubt come up against more media comeback if he does decide to step up to 147. I believe Khan has a very important decision to make and must recognise that if he does leave the Jr Welterweight behind him, the challenge he will be up against.
With the likes of Lopez, Ortiz, Bradley Britain's own Kell Brook this makes it one of the toughest divisions to break into, and once you establish yourself in this division the primary target becomes the two best P4P boxers in the world in Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The million dollar question then becomes, if Khan couldn't stop Peterson or Garcia, what chance will he have against the Fighters in this division.

Khan will need to seriously thing about his next few fights and should maybe consider easing himself back into the ring with an easier opponent especially at 147. He is currently taking some time away from the ring to look at his career carefully, but already talk about him getting back in the ring in December, which i think is a mistake for the Brit. Khan needs to look at taking until next summer out of the ring as he has been either been fighting or preparing for a fight for the last seven years. A recent interview with GoldenBoy CEO Richard Schaefer confirmed that they can not wait to see Khan back in the ring and will be supporting him 100% of the way. Schaefer went on to say how Khan's entertainment value is what keeps him as a top draw attraction, with the current popularity of the UFC due to fans getting the fights they want, its people like Khan that keep Boxing up there alongside the Fighting Championship for entertainment reasons. Win or lose Khan puts everything into a fight and ultimately it always produces something exciting.

Khan will have nothing to worry about if he eases his way back into the mix and steps up to 147, will he get back on winning ways, i guess only time will tell. one things for sure, with the entertainment that Khan shows us in his fights and the Fighters in the 147 division, we are certainly in for a treat.