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Saturday, 11 August 2012

11/08/2012 A moment for Boxing history

Olympic Boxing has brought us so much in the past and will no doubt throw up many more historic moments. Moments that capture the world and everyone involved in the sport, moments like Britain's Nicola Adams becoming the first woman ever to win a Gold medal at the games.
Adams went into the Flyweight division a serious contender for the top prize and she didn't disappoint. When coming up against Mary Kom of India in the semi finals many people thought that Adams road might come to an end but she was more than capable of battling her way through the world champion, which left her with a guaranteed medal and a place in the final against Chinese number one Ren Cancan. Adams was exceptional and nothing was going to stop her winning the illustrious Gold medal in front of her home support.

It is only on occasions like these when the sport is recognised in all of its glory, often critizised for its politics and brutality, but try telling all the women that entered this Olympic year taking part in the sport they love. Its a true Honor to have the first Women's Olympic medallist come from Britain and a memory that will burn strong not only in Olympic history but in Boxing history. Adams now faces the next stage of her career and will look to take things to the next level, rumours of Amir Khans camp showing an interest in taking her on. Khan himself confirmed that he has many women turn up to train at his gym and its a sport growing very quick amongst the girls. Adams will now stand out as an idol to many women who are involved in the sport and to many young girls who will now be looking to try their hand in the ring.

Well done Nicola Adams Flyweight Olympic Gold Medallist 2012.

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