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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

01/08/2012 140 Khan v The 147 Welterweights?

What does Amir Khan have left at 140pds? The question he is most definitely asking himself as i write this. He has already talked about stepping up and as a rematch with Danny Garcia looks like it wont happen due to his rematch with Erik Morales, this is most definitely his best chance to make a move. Khan has taken some negative feedback for talking about this move and will no doubt come up against more media comeback if he does decide to step up to 147. I believe Khan has a very important decision to make and must recognise that if he does leave the Jr Welterweight behind him, the challenge he will be up against.
With the likes of Lopez, Ortiz, Bradley Britain's own Kell Brook this makes it one of the toughest divisions to break into, and once you establish yourself in this division the primary target becomes the two best P4P boxers in the world in Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The million dollar question then becomes, if Khan couldn't stop Peterson or Garcia, what chance will he have against the Fighters in this division.

Khan will need to seriously thing about his next few fights and should maybe consider easing himself back into the ring with an easier opponent especially at 147. He is currently taking some time away from the ring to look at his career carefully, but already talk about him getting back in the ring in December, which i think is a mistake for the Brit. Khan needs to look at taking until next summer out of the ring as he has been either been fighting or preparing for a fight for the last seven years. A recent interview with GoldenBoy CEO Richard Schaefer confirmed that they can not wait to see Khan back in the ring and will be supporting him 100% of the way. Schaefer went on to say how Khan's entertainment value is what keeps him as a top draw attraction, with the current popularity of the UFC due to fans getting the fights they want, its people like Khan that keep Boxing up there alongside the Fighting Championship for entertainment reasons. Win or lose Khan puts everything into a fight and ultimately it always produces something exciting.

Khan will have nothing to worry about if he eases his way back into the mix and steps up to 147, will he get back on winning ways, i guess only time will tell. one things for sure, with the entertainment that Khan shows us in his fights and the Fighters in the 147 division, we are certainly in for a treat.

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