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Monday, 30 July 2012

30/07/2012 Guess whos back? and with a new promotional company

3rd of August is a day that shows little significance for many people, but for a certain P4P Champion its the day that he steps out from his cell and begins his quest back into the Boxing ring. Floyd Mayweather would have served 63 days of his jail sentence which is only three quarters of the time he was sentenced to, clearly someone has been behaving himself. He will be no doubt looking towards a major fight at the end of the year but against who is anyones guess, matches between Manny Paquiao and Juan Marquez, and 'Canelo' Alvarez and Miguel Cotto have been provisionally put in place for the end of the year. As usual in this sport nothing is set in stone, and im sure if the Money man put his cards on the table and requested a match up with any of these Boxers, they would all jump at the chance....Maybe even Manny Pacquiao.

For now focus will be on getting back in shape for a big payday, and a payday that will help fund his new promotional company that is currently being established alongside his best friend and Rapper 50 Cent. TMT (The Money Team) is the name of this promotion and has already had Boxers like Dirrell and Gamboa jump on board. Both men have a substantial amount of money and will I'm sure make this a success. And the reason for setting up this company? to put on the fights that people want to see according to Mayweather and (curtis) Jackson. Its a promotion that has been setup for Boxers by Boxers, i guess we will watch this space and await the uprising of Floyd Mayweather and look forward to seeing him back in the ring. Love him or hate him, Boxing needs a Floyd Mayweather.

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