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Sunday, 15 July 2012

15/07/12 Haye v Chisora

 David Haye v Dereck Chisora

Winner: Haye KO Rd 5  WBA & WBO International Championship

It went perfectly to script for Haye, who right from the outset was the clear favourite to win this encounter. With incredible speed and movement around the ring Haye was able to pick his punches and regularly find ways through the tough defence of Chisora. Some thought that even though Chisora was never going to out-box Haye, he would be able to catch him with a punch that could end the bout, and this seemed to have been his game plan from the opening round. With his guard held high and close, Chisora wanted to Soak up the punches of the former world champion and hope that he could counter with a huge bomb. It came close to landing a few times but Haye always seemed one step ahead when dancing at speed around the ring, and the only time Chisora could land a big shot successfully was after the bell of Rd 3 where Haye dropped his guard and was caught with a shot that seemed to leave him questioning his whereabouts in the ring was.

But Haye Composed himself and came on strong and in Rd5 landed a 1-2 combo that put Chisora on the canvas, most fighters would have stayed down but with his larger than life heart Chisora picked himself up and continued, but to no prevail. Haye's final Combination that sent Chisora packing was one of his finest and even the man himself said 'it was the best punch i have ever thrown', Both men after the event seemed in ore of each other and had nothing but praise for their competitor. It was a great emotional cap to a brilliant evening of Boxing, and one that promoter rank Warren can hold his head high about.

Vitali Klitschko is now the talking point for Haye, the WBC champion has a fight lined up later this year and it is scheduled to be his last before he makes a jump into politics. Haye's trainer Adam Booth confirmed if they can't get Klitschko then there is no other option out there. I agree, even with talk of Tyson Fury and David Price, for me neither man is ready yet to step up to face someone of Haye's quality. With that in mind could this be the last time we see the Former WBA Champion, if so, what a fitting way to cap off an incredible journey for the 'Hayemaker'. Chisora no doubt will continue to fight (putting all licensing issues aside) and will probably look to avenge defeats against Fury and Helenius.

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