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Sunday, 15 July 2012

15/07/12 A win for Garcia leaves Khan's Mayweather dream a million miles away

 Amir Khan v Danny Garcia

Winner: Danny Garcia TKO Rd4 WBC, WBA & Ring Magazine Championship

With much talk over the grudge match going on in London between David Haye and Dereck Chisora, it seemed to have left this light Welterweight encounter following in the shadows, and after round 4 its probably where Amir Khan and British hopefuls want to keep it.
Khan started the fight as expected and found himself leading the way throughout rounds one and two, his incredible hand speed seemed to much for Garcia who was just trying to catch Khan off guard with a big shot. Both men traded combination after combination, but it was Khans that looked to be doing the most damage, until round three when after nearly the full 3 minutes. Garcia caught Khan on the side of the head with a terrific left hook that saw Khan hit the canvas in a daze. Commentator Nick Halling called it correct when he said, if that shot had not brushed the shoulder of Khan before it his him upside his head, he would not be getting back up. But get back up he did and he held on for the remaining 10 seconds of the round but not without damages.

Both men came out in the 4th round with one thing in mind, for Khan to try and weather the storm from the last round and find his feet again, and for Garcia....Knock him out. Both men continued to trade punches as the fight really opened up, the bout was turning into an instant classic just as Khan was hit again with a very light handed shot, but it was enough to put him down and have to take another count.
The defining moment was a barrage of punches from Garcia that left Khan helpless on the ropes and forcing the official to step in and give Khan the standing count, Khan was unable to steady himself and alongside pleading with the referee to continue the fight, Khan had to concede that his night was over. It seemed that Khan had slightly under estimated Garcia and his punching power and has now lost two big fights back to back. Garcia who now holds a 24-0 record comes off the back of wins against Morrales and Khan putting him in great position for a very big payday in his next battle. Khan will have to now plan his way back to the top after dreams of an eventual Mayweather encounter, seem a million miles away.

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