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Saturday, 21 July 2012

21/07/2012 Are we about to see Khan switch Camps?

In the wake of Amir Khans loss to unbeaten American Danny Garcia he has confirmed that he is unhappy with the time he receives from trainer Freddie Roach. Khan who has now lost two fights back to back says he is looking for a trainer that can offer him 100% of their time. Roach currently shares his time across the gym with middleweight Julio Ceaser Chavez and P4P Champion Manny Pacquiao and has confirmed he can't offer Khan the time he wants.
Roach has taken Khan to two world titles and it would seem can take him no further, many trainers are available across the globe, but very few with the credentials that Roach carries.

Step up Enzo Calzaghe, who has recently stated that he would love to take on the Former LightWelterweight Champion on a full time basis. Enzo who this past week regained his license will now be looking to jump straight back in the game, who better than Khan? I feel this would be a great move for Khan as he will fill his wish of having a full time trainer with 100% focus on him, but could he possibly reach and better the heights that Roach has already taken him to, i guess time will tell. For now i believe it is essential that Khan takes some time out the ring to recover and relax, Khan himself admits he has been either in the ring, preparing for a fight or making his next match-up since he turned his hands to the pro's.

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