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Sunday, 31 March 2013

31/03/2013 It was the right decision....

Saturday night brought us plenty of action from the echo arena in Liverpool, notably two clashes with two very different styles, both resulting in the same outcome. The first match up saw a rematch from a year ago, Anthony Crolla v Derry Matthews. Matthews went in to this match with a huge advantage, not only had he already beaten Crolla, but he had the backing of some 7000 fans.

It was a fight that promised so much and delivered so much more, from round to round the momentum swung in both men's favours, Crolla starting off with a terrific game plan and looking very sharp. Matthews on the other hand took a while to settle in to the fight, but once he found his rythem he looked just as sharp as before. Both me deserved the win, and when it was announced that they may have to fight again due to a draw on the judges scorecard, I couldn't help but feel slight disappointment that this saga wasn't settled on the night, but it remains that everyone including myself will be glued to another fight between these two men.

Topping the bill was Tony Bellew v Isaac Chilemba, this was a huge contrast compared to what the fans had just witnessed, and certainly did not live up to what most fans thought would be a great encounter. Bellew was the clear favourite going into the ring, but people had obviously failed to do their research on Chilemba, as he was a man that had only lost one fight on his way to this eliminator, and he even avenged that. He was not to be taken for granted, but I can't help feel that Bellew did just this. Obviously very frustrated right from the outset after a slight push of heads and a stare down after the first round ended. The fight continued in the same fashion, with both men landing some telling shots but neither really doing any damage.

Overall it was the decision that left silence fall over the echo arena, with another draw, and one judge even having Chilemba winning by four rounds, it was thought that Bellew had been hard done by. I personally saw nothing wrong with the decision and I actually am in agreement with the final outcome. Bellew pleaded that he was the clear winner, even saying that he should of win as he was the home town man, I'm sorry but that's the sort of excuse that we fans want to take straight out of the sport (reference to last weekends action in Germany). Somebody should have reminded Bellew with a few rounds left that this was indeed an eliminator and had he have won this he would have probably landed a big pay day in the U.S.

Either way this fight will probably happen again, in order for Bellew to win his time he will need to keep his head, and also forget about the other fighters around him. I still can't help but feel he has still not forgotten his close loss to Welsh champion Nathan Cleverly. What is for certain is based on this performance neither man will beat current WBC champ Chad Dawson.

Friday, 29 March 2013

29/03/2013 Gurrero caught in possession of a gun at JFK

With just 6 weeks until he is due to face pound for pound champion Floyd Mayweaher, Robert Gurrero finds himself in hot water after being stopped yesterday at JFK airport due to being in possession of a gun.

It couldn't have come at a worse time for the man who has promised to dethrone Mayweather, 'I have been put on this planet to humble Floyd Mayweather' states Gurrero. Most would say that it's an impossible task, but he if he does manage to see through his promise, he must then enter the courtroom to give reasoning to why he was carrying the weapon.

Mayweather himself has confirmed that he has many more fights left in the tank over the next few years, with many fighters out there that would love a shot at the 'money', he finds himself in a unique position of choosing who he wants next to step up. I think most fans would love to see Mayweather take on the Mexican gunslinger 'Canelo' Alvarez, but it would seem he is biding his time before he opens up a shot to he young champion. For now Robert Gurrero is the man left to the challenge of breaking the unbeaten record.

Monday, 25 March 2013

25/03/13 Back for 2013

After being away for a over the new year period, we are back and having seen some incredible matches and some shock results, I think we can all agree that we are excited to have the boxing season back and underway.

I myself had a chance to sit back and enjoy the highs and lows of the sport that I love, watch matches fall apart, notably Kelly Pavlik calling it a day just a few weeks after promising to take on Andre Ward. Matches being made that have got us on the edge of our seats again, encounters like Alvarez v Trout, Mayweather v Gurrero, Rios v Alvarado and manymore. I also got the chance to attend my local amatuer boxing event showcasing all that the midlands have to offer at a variety of weights. An incredible day that proved once again theres nothing sweeter than live sports, especially up close and personal.

Watching David Prices shock loss to Tony Thompson was hard to swallow, especially as I have been backing him to go all the way and dominate what is a less than average heavyweight division right now. Instead its Tyson Fury that yet again have the critics talking, and weather its for the right or wrong reasons, he definately looks like nobody is going to stop him getting a shot at a world title. Adrien Broner showed us yet again tha he is the man to beat at lightweight, taking Gavin Rees to the limits of his boxing ability and showing that he was still leagues ahead of him. His brash and cocky nature is coming across more and more to the Brithish public, but it would seem his home nation are still struggling to connect to his fighting nature.

Froch v Kessler 2 was officially announced and leaves all British fight fans with a mouthwatering promise that this time round, Froch may comeout on top. Both men friends outside the ring again seems a distance away as they now both prepare for the biggest fights of their careers. With Froch aiming for another rematch with Ward and Kessler looking to climb back to the top of a division he once dominated.

This post is short and sweet but I want all fans to know that we at BWM will be back and tracking all the latest fight news and reviewing all the fights from across the world.