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Monday, 18 June 2012

18/06/12 Munroe Suffers cut that ends Quigg encounter

Scott Quigg and Rendall Munroe were set to go to war on Saturday night, but it ended with a rather anti-climactic finish after Munore suffered a deep cut above his eye, forcing officials to stop the fight. The decision came early in round three after the doctor took a good look at the eye, it came after the two men clashed heads in what seemed to be a slight brush of heads, but after closer replays you could clearly see how Quigg had full contact with Munroe and the blood started to pour. The first two rounds were quite even with both men probably winning a round each, this left the fight poised for a classic encounter. After the decision was made it left the crowd extremely unhappy as they could see a great fight developing, but I'm sure they would understand once they had seen the replay themselves, it was a cut that could prove quite costly to Munroe if it doesn't heal properly and could cause repercussions in future fights if it is aggravated.

I feel for promoter Ricky Hatton as recent news has confirmed SkySports have cut a lot of his events from their scheduling, so the events that he does put on need to count for something. This event would have been great for Hatton had it seen the distance, Hatton himself said after the fight that there has to be a rematch for him, the fans and the fighters. If the fight turns out to be anything like the start of this encounter I'm sure it will be a true classic between the number one and two British Super- Bantamweights.

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