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Saturday, 2 June 2012

02/06/12 Kirkland demanding $2.5million to take Alvarez fight

Another thanks to ESPN's Dan Rafael who last night reported that Junior Middleweight James Kirkland is now demanding he gets $2.5million if he is taking on Canelo Alvarez. This is due to him having an injured arm, I'm sorry but in my opinion you either take the fight or you don't. I understand there has to be an financial factor when stepping into the ring, especially in such a high profiled fight, but if the bout mattered that much he would just take it. It also begs me to question if he is actually injured, and if so is it really that bad? It leaves Alvarez with very little options here, i think i am going to agree with the majority and back Alvarez to take a fight with Cotto.

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