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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

12/06/12 Haye Chisora Press Conference

The conference had started with the announcement of Matthew Hall, Liam Walsh and Frankie Gavin will all be on the card for July 14th with the inclusion of 4 belts on the line.
Frank Warren confirming that he was unhappy with the outrage that has been generated through the media, particularly aimed at the Daily Mail, as he feels that they have really attacked the July 14th Card but with no support from their readers as they actually want to see the fight go ahead.
Chisora and Haye both confirming that they feel great and both really in shape for the fight, notably the weight loss from Chisora. Progress can be tracked for both fighters on BoxNation's 24/7 series that they will be putting together in the build up to the fight.
Haye stated that he wont be happy with just a win and feels that its the way he 'Disposes of this Guy' (Chisora) that matters. Chisora understands that he is up against a fast fighter and has trained for this, but its Haye's punching power that Haye himself promoted towards Chisora.
The Chisora camp have confirmed that their man is a natural fighter and a real heavyweight and that's the advantage they have going into the encounter, to which Haye replied if you strip away the fat there wouldn't be much of a heavyweight left. Words continued to exchange between the two men until the inevitable face off for the cameramen.
Further talk of the licencing issues arose, to which Frank Warren put to bed quite quickly by saying that it is being promoted and licenced legally through the Luxembourg Boxing Board.

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