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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

05/06/12 Khan v Garcia really heating up!

Admit it who was disappointed when Khan v Peterson fell through, i think a lot of people were and i think the hardest thing for Khan was having got into such good shape, it was taken away from him with one act of stupidity. And how many times does turn out that when a replacement is found, its never quite as good as it would have been with the originally booked man. Turns out that although Khan Peterson could have produced the entertainment of last years encounter, Danny Garcia has quite rapidly filled the void and already stamped his mark on this fight scheduled for July 14th. Both men seemed very excited upon this match being put together and each man made quick assessments of the opponent and offered their brief opinions, well in true Boxing Mano e Mano fashion the guard has been dropped and both men are expressing how they really feel.
The funny thing is that the exchange of words and intimidating atmosphere has all come about thanks to Danny Garcia's father Angel Garcia, who has branded Khan as over rated in their recent official announcement of the fight in Vegas. Khan responded to this verbal attack saying that when he KO's his son Danny will he be overrated then? The Younger Garcia simply sat back and let them exchange words and confirmed that he lets his dad do the talking and that he does his work in the ring. This is shaping up to be a great fight and both men are defiantly going the right way about promoting this bout, if people were unaware of either Khan or Garcia and what they can bring to the table, they wont be come July 14th.

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