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Sunday, 3 June 2012

03/06/12 Klitschko, Boxers, Legends, Brothers!

After much criticism, both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have pulled together all friends and family and many important people along their journey to the top, and have produced just over 2hrs of footage for an insight to their lives. I have to say it is a great time for them to have released this film as they are under fire for so many reasons and most of which are either unfair or invalid. As mentioned by Dan Rafael in the film and i confirmed in one of my previous articles, both Klitschko brothers can only do what is put in front of them, they can only dominant a division that they are currently apart of so they should stand tall and be classed as the best Heavyweights of the 21st century.

The film initially gives a brief look into the places where the brothers had grown up, and their parents being very supportive of them both, but also very tough with them.It was at an early age when Vitali had taken up Kick Boxing and before long became the Ukrainian Champion. Wladimirs first success came at the Atlanta Olympics where he won gold and shot to stardom after Vitali missed out due to injury. Something that wasn't mentioned in the film and is worth noting is that recently Wladimir auctioned that gold medal for $1million for charity.
It wasn't to long before both men turned professional and started making themselves known throughout the Boxing world.

The first real big step for both brothers involved American Chris Byrd, as Vitali had beat Herbie Hide in 1999 for the WBO Championship then lost it to Byrd. It was then in 2000 that Wladimir took on Byrd for that same title and won to bring the title back into the Klitschko family, a theme that would be ongoing throughout their careers.
Whilst then Wladimir lost in a shock upset to Corrie Saunders and Lamon Brewster, Vitali went on to establish himself as a true Heavyweight warrior after an epic battle with Brit Lennox Lewis. The film had much emphasis on this fight as it was a huge turning point for both brothers. Vitali dominated Lewis early on but Lewis landed some heavy shots which resulted in Vitali's eye being opened up and the blood kept flowing. The fight was eventually stopped and even though Vitali walked away with no belt, he did walk away with something more precious, respect. More so, the respect of the American audience that was watching, the brothers were a force to be reckoned with and they would go on to dominate Heavyweight Boxing from here. A great part of the film shows Vitali read out a letter he received from Ex-Champion Max Schmelling, reporting that even though he got knocked down its how you get back up that matters.

Both men have defeated the likes of, Brewster, Byrd, Peter, Rahman, Chagaev and more recently Arreola, Briggs, Adamek, Haye, Mormeck and Chisora.
And if there was a loss to contend with, the other brother would avenge it and close of that chapter. It is a running theme that when you take on one Klitschko, you take on both Klitschko's. , and they both admit it as well. They have each other to support and look out for and ultimately intimidate the opposition, just ask Derrek Chisora. they also have a great management team that at one point could have been Don King if it wasnt for Vitali not liking what he saw. Both men saw straight through the promoter that once represented Ali and Tyson and didn't want to be a part of it and having Manuel Steward as part of the training camp only strengthens their corner as there is nothing that he doesn't know or hasn't seen.

Its a great film that deserves to be noticed, just like both brothers. Interviews with fellow Boxers like Brewster and Lewis add another view on their careers as does interviews with family, friends and some of the Klitschko camp.
And in answer to everyone asking why they wont fight each other, ask Nadezhda Klitschko, as she explains what its like watching her sons step inside the ring, or not watching as she reports.
I hope people watch this and see the other side to the Boxers that get a lot of negativity, the side of Vitali doing his politician work in Ukraine to help make it a better place, the side of Wladimir carrying out charity work and most of all, the side of both brothers...just being brothers.

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