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Friday, 15 June 2012

15/06/12 This months 'Boxing Rant'

I have recently been disappointed and slightly aggravated with some of the articles i have seen expressed through the worldwide media and blogging sites. 'Boxing is done for', 'Is Boxing dead' is a small taste of what your likely to read if you are currently browsing these articles. Simply put...NO!, boxing hasn't died and even though theres has been shocking news and negative views stressed against the sport, it still lives strongly amongst us.

The Pacquiao v Bradley outcome seems to have tipped a lot of people over the edge of being so loyal to the sport, i have to agree with certain critics that are campaigning against paying for any future Pay Per View events until we get the fights we want, notably Mayweather v Pacquiao. But im certainly not going to allow it to tarnish the sport so much so, i don't watch it any more. Shane Mosley and Winky Wrights retirements are a low point for the sport, but for every Boxer on his way out the door, another one will enter. James Kirkland, Adrien Broner, Amir Khan, Canelo Alvarez are just a few examples of Boxers that are taking their Decisions by storm at such a young age.

The Paul Williams accident has left many more people feeling very negative after losing a great fighter that was so dominant in the ring, but Boxing will survive like it always has. After the Passing of Diego Corralles in 2007 Boxing stood still for a while, but in true fashion got back on its feet and continued to offer top quality bouts around the world.
I will continue to watch the sport i love, through the corruption, politics, Blood, sweat and tears that has always underlined the sport, and look forward to some of the great fights and fighters ahead.

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