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Sunday, 26 August 2012

27/08/2012 Is Ricky Hatton on his way back?

I could ultimately make this very short and sweet, and over a short period that's what i aim to do. May 2nd 2009 was a defining moment for British Welterweight sensation Ricky Hatton, it was his moment in time, and a moment he will long live to forget. An incredible performance from the P4P Champion that left the Hitman on the canvas with no where else to go. Whats more important is that it was to be his last fight in the ring, albeit against the wishes of the British fans.

And this last week i have heard many rumours re ignited that Hatton was looking at making a ring return, its sounds believable as he clearly has unfinished business in the sport, but truthfully this is a dead end rumour that needs to be put to bed once and for all.
Hatton hit a very dark place before and after the Pacqiuao bout, crying, being sick, and looking himself away, would he want this he wouldn't. Hatton had achieved everything possible i n he sport but beat the 2 best Boxers in the world, and he carries no shame with that. With reports that Paulie Maglinaggi and Kell Brook both making statements surrounding the Hitman, it comes as no surprise that his name has been brought to the public attention again, but the Hitman is in a great position right now with his promotion company and a great stable of talented fighters, this makes it a lot easier to overlook any demons of the past.

Will we see Hatton back in the ring, i suppose you can never say no, not when people like Evander Holyfield, George Forman and now Bernard Hopkins prove that any aged man can step back in the ring assuming they have kept himself in great shape. But i cant help but feel that as many thoughts that Hatton may get when he wakes up in the morning and opens up his gym, he will never make a move to get under the spotlight and try one more round.

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