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Monday, 27 February 2012

27/02/2012 David Haye on That Sunday night show

I have no problem admitting that I am a huge David Haye fan, owner of numerous photographs and a signed copy of his new book, but I can’t help but feel Haye somehow couldn’t admit he was in the wrong and still had to make excuses for his actions on last nights, ITV’s That Sunday night show. 
 "I've got no desire to fight Chisora inside the ring or outside the ring," Haye explained. "He's lost his last three fights”
 Were the words of a former British heavyweight champion David Haye, It’s a shame because I think after the recent brawl between these to fighters most of the boxing public would like to see them glove up and prove their own arguments right in the ring. I can’t see it happening for a while but the foundation for a British mega-fight is all there, at least we wouldn’t be let down like we were when Audley Harrison decided it would be wise to step in the ring with Haye.
Haye went on to explain that it was his fist he hit him with and not a bottle, and this would have been the same weather it be a mobile phone or a hotdog (which would have proved interesting), either way i do think Haye has the right to defend himself but from what? I don’t think Chisora had any intention on hitting him, yes he walked up to Haye like he had stolen his lunch money and in a way that would have probably provoked Haye into thinking he was about to strike but Haye threw the first punch and ultimately that’s what kicked this whole week of drama off. Overall Haye has stated that he wishes he hadn’t have gone down to the conference and the only reason he was there was as part of the media but as he says ‘you can’t rewind time’. I understand the history that Chisora carries but I personally think Haye knew he was capapble of getting under Chisora’s skin and getting a reaction. I am really happy Haye gave an interview and expressed his opinions I just feel that he perhaps should have made more of a public apology and perhaps a little sooner as he has defiantly tarnished the british boxing name and has most defiantly not been much of a role model this past week, I think in by having done this, he would probably have more of a chance of landing his dream fight of Vitali Klitschko. Or maybe just not having got involved at all and he would probably already have this title fight agreed, being a David Haye fan I still hope he gets that chance.

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