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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29/02/12 Anger Management

Today the WBC banned Dereck Chisora indefinatly. The good thing is that this ban may only last a 1 year – 18 months, the bad thing being that just as we have found ourselves with another heavyweight capable of stiring up the division, he is taken away. I can’t help but feel  that some of this desicion was based on Chisoras personal history and not just his recent behaviour.  If this is the case i am very suprised that the WBC have continued to let Floyd Mayweather fight. It would seem he can assult who he likes and ultimatly end up in prison but continue to represent the WBC with thier Welterweight championship belt, fair?
Bernd Boente manager of the Klitschko brothers has been reported saying that he feels this was the right thing to do from the WBC and that it would be wise to get help. But Bonete has confirmed that he will not over look a match with Wladimir Klitschko when Chisora has returned from his ban.

 "I am pretty sure Chisora will be banned for at least a year and I am not sure Vitali will still be fighting by then”.
"But a fight against Vladimir in a year or two is possible but first of all I think Chisora needs some help”.
Full article and interview can be found here:

It would seem that writing off Chisora from the heavyweight division wouldn’t be wise, he may still have a chance to get in the ring with the best heavyweights around. Maybe even another title shot?
For now though we will sit back and wait for the desicion of the BBBC, if a ban comes into place the only option Chisora will have is to box out of another country and there is no guarentee that they would offer a boxing licence. If New York can offer a licence the badly beat up and partially sighted Antonia Margarito then Chisora surely stands half a chance.
Frank Warren has made his feelings clear and wants to know how the WBC can take action when no hearing has taken place. I have to agree with him, It would seem that the WBC have been very quick to take action and have choosen make an example of Chisora.

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