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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21/02/2012 First Post - Chisora v Haye

Trying to think of my first post for this blog is near impossible, the idea being i can come on here and relay to the world any boxing updates, interviews, schedules, fight reviews and my overall thoughts of these when they occur.

If i was working on that pretence, right now i would most probably be discussing the recent events of british heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora. On saturday the 18th a day after he had failed to knock Vitali Klitschko from his WBC crown, Chisora squared up to Haye at the post fight press conference.What followed next i don't think anyone would have predicted, Chisora who has now apologised for his behaviour looked Haye square in the eyes and triggered a hayemaker to be thrown in his direction. This included a glass beer bottle that im sure David was enjoying as he was dreaming of his attempt to take the WBC crown from Vitali himself.

Full statements have now been given from both fighters and can be read here,

article courtesy of

I feel, like most other boxing fans that this has to now be handled in one of two ways, either the fighters are stripped of any boxing licence they currently have or in Haye's case wish to have, and are banned from any future bouts. Alternativly, let them go at each other in the ring.Whatever happens i will enjoy covering and watching the upcoming events. This is asuming Haye will stop telling the world that he is retired, when really i think we all know that he cant resist One last shot.

After reading 'Making Haye' by Elliot Worsell, Haye states that the two losses on his record eat away at him. I'm sure a shot at Vitali might put a smile back on the face of the former heavyweight champ.

As for Chisora, after his antics at the weigh-in and before the sound of the bell, he was so very close at stepping up to the plate. As he boxed his way through vitali on a few occasions hitting him with some great hooks and jabs during the bout, but unfortunatly couldn't stop vitali landing 211 punches which ultimatley won Dr Ironfist the 44th win of his career. I do however feel that the Chisora camp will struggle to agree terms with any other boxer right now in fear that he may spit in a family members face or better still, slap his opponent in the face at thier weigh-in.

And finally..... my first post would'nt be complete without wishing Muhammad Ali a happy 70th birthday, many boxers in thier time have made this sport what it is today, but no more so than you, a true boxing and sporting legend. you really are 'The Greatest'

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