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Thursday, 13 September 2012

13/09/2012 Pacquiao rematch with Marquez, Cotto, Bradley?

Who will Manny Pacquiao be fighting at the end of the year, it looks to be one of three men, Miguel Cotto, a rematch with Timothy Bradley or Juan Marquez. The most likely opponent seems to be Marquez in a rematch for the fourth time, but its not necessarily the right decision. Regardless to what happened in their previous encounter, there is no way Bradley would risk losing the rematch, especially when he didn't win their first battle. Cotto would be the logical choice as he is probably the most ready, after taking on Floyd Mayweather and proving he can mix it up with the best he would no doubt cause many problems this time round for the Pacman.

I'm not as unhappy as most about the announcement of a potential fourth showdown between Pacquiao and Marquez and this is purely because of the incredible fights they have produced in the past. For me Marquez would need to win this fight and if not probably hang up his gloves, many people including Marquez himself thought he had beaten Pacquiao in two of their three fights and if he was to lose again he may feel there is no reason to continue.

I would have loved to seen a rematch with Bradley but this is simply to set the records straight as i and many others had Pacqiuao winning this fight (revenge for the Marquez encounters i guess).

Lets hope who ever the Pacquiao camp chose to take on it matches up to some of the recent fights Pacquiao has been involved in and hopefully lead him on to a bigger fight....Mayweather anyone?

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