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Thursday, 13 September 2012

13/09/2012 Everyone loves a comeback story...

Ricky Hatton is just a 'yes' away from stepping back in the ring in November and being handed a license to Box again. Hatton 33 is just awaiting a response as regards his medical tests and after meeting with the British Boxing Board of control on Wednesday is hoping all comes back positive.

Secretary of the BBBC Robert Smith confirms once the results are in, the BBBC doctors will look at the tests and they can then make their decision. Rumours have spread more and more since reports that the hitman was make a conscious effort to get fit again and lose alot of weight.

There is no conformation around who Hatton will be facing if the fight goes ahead, one things for sure he will want to forget in 2009 against Manny Pacquiao and look to get his career back on winning ways. Names like Paulie Magilinaggi and Junior Witter have been mentioned so far, but i cant see Hatton jumping straight back in such a big fight after being out of the game for a while. His Ultimate goal will be to work his way back up the Welterweight division, how far he will go is anyones guess, it will all depend on how serious he is about this come back.

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