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Sunday, 9 September 2012

09/09/2012 Ward v Dawson, incredible display

An eargerly anticipated match up between two of the finest boxers on the planet right now, Andre ward and Chad Dawson produced a great fight and answer any critics over Andre Wards ability.
It was an encounter that was scheduled at 168pds, a weight that Ward has dominated over the last few years. Dawson had to drop down from his usual light heavyweight division and this seemed to have an overall effect on him when the fight neared the end.

Dawson started off the bout great and looked to be getting the better of Ward, but Ward specializes in figuring out his opponents strengths and stopping them. This was the case here, as Ward realised fighting on the inside of Dawson would reduce his range and automatically cause a few problems for the taller man. As the fight progressed Ward took more and more control and was putting together some great combinations. It all eventually become to much for Dawson as he hit the canvas in round ten and as he rose to his feet he was asked if he was good to continue, and he simply said no.

It is another huge win Ward can add to his impressive record, he has no doubt cemented his place at the top of that weight. Much criticism over the way Ward goes in with his head when taking on his opponents still hovered over as the fight went on, there was times i watched on and thought that surely what he was doing should be stopped. But unless the official steps in he will continue to do it, and as there was no real complaint from Dawson i guess everyone was ok with it.

Yes Ward comes to spoil fights, theres no Boxer out there that hasn't once had to dig deep or change a tactic or two to pick up a win. But for every time Ward spoils a round, he produces an incredible round of skill and ability straight after. I still think a rematch with Carl Froch shouldn't be forgotten, as Froch could cause Ward problems and proved that at times. But right now, with Floyd Mayweather just coming out of prison and Manny Pacqiuao's loss to Bradley and mixed emotions over his next fight, surely this leaves Ward right at the top as the best pound for pound Boxer in the world?

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