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Thursday, 6 September 2012

06/09/2012 Freddie Flintoff takes on the Heavyweight Boxing division

The Ricky Hatton rumours will not stop and are louder than ever since recent news has come out that Cricket Star Freddie Flintoff would be appearing on his undercard in November.
Hatton who has recently had his promotions turned down from a new agreement with Sky, will now be looking at pushing his fights through ITV and channel 5.

Flintoff has been appearing more and more in the public eye through the sport he shares a passion for, with ring walks, belt carries and TV interviews at ringside, he is no stranger to the Boxing world and looks to take it to the next level. Sitting at ringside on many occasions has perhaps led Flintoff to look further ahead and make a big move for his professional career, who next Gordan Ramsey?

I have already made my opinions clear on the Ricky Hatton situation, and the same can be said about Flintoff. I understand that every man deserves his chance to take on another sport, ask Bill Sonny Williamson the New Zealand rugby star who has recently turned his hand to pro boxing and remains unbeaten. Whether this goes ahead or not I'm still unsure, first things first, the Hitman needs to find himself a TV deal. which shouldn't be hard considering the amount of fans that follow him around.

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