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Saturday, 8 September 2012

08/09/2012 Klitschko v Charr, is this the end?

It was always going to go one way, and after just 4 rounds it was Vitali Klitschko that picked up the win over Manuel Charr. Unfortunately though not in the fashion Boxing fans would have liked to see, ending with a cut over the right eye of Charr the fight was waived off by the fight doctor.

The fight started slow as expected, and as Vitali found his range and worked from the jab in which he is so confident doing, it looked as if there was no way in for Charr. But as the fight started coming together Charr found a rhythm which was proving quiet a challenge for Vitali at times. With quick hand speed and sharp foot work some fans perhaps thought that Charr stood more of a chance than they gave him credit for.

But it was in round four when Charr went in for a hook missed which left the shot open for Vitali to take, and take it he did. With a great left hook of his own, Vitali caught Charr right above the right eye which instantly produced blood. The officials watched on concerned as blood poured from the face of Charr and there was no sign of it stopping. After the Doctor took a close look the fight was called off leaving Charr extremely upset.

With months of hard work and training from Charr, taking himself away to knuckle down and focus on beating Vitali, he found it hard to swallow when he was told the fight could go no further. After taking Charr's unbeaten record Vitali now has a very big decision to make, either he looks at one last fight with David Haye or he decides to hang up his gloves after an incredible career, somehow i don't think this is the last we will see of Vitali Klitschko.

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