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Saturday, 6 October 2012

06/10/2012 Prizefighter Results

Brilliant Prizefighter tonight with an incredible upset, outsider Terry Flannigan overcame the odds to take the £32,000 prize money and a big money shot in the bag. The evening was always heading towards an upset when favourite Derry Matthews found himself clutching on to his place in the tournament after both of his eyes were cut open by the lowest ranked favourite to win Jamie Moore. Matthews however did make it through to the semi finals against Flannigan.

On the other side of the tournament former British champions Gary Sykes and Anthony Crolla found themselves facing each other just 3 years on from their last encounter where Sykes beat Crolla. History repeated itself in this battle and Sykes came away the winner. Flannigan exploited Matthews cuts and went to work from the opening bell trying to put an early end to Matthews evening. After countless checks by the official and two check overs from the ringside doctor Matthews was allowed to continue but he knew he hadn't done enough, and Flanningan found himself in the final where he was to meet Sykes.

Sykes got off to a great start but Flanningan matched his every move, determined to make his night hard, South paw Flanningan made Sykes work harder than normal but by the time the final bell sounded it seemed that that hard work paid off.
The general vibe across the venue was that Sykes had edged it on hard work and punches thrown but after a split decision was announced Flannigan picked up the win and the prize money, he now looks as if he may be next in line for a shot against Gavin Rees.

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