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Saturday, 20 October 2012

21/10/2012 Brook on track for world title

An incredible night for Kell Brook, with a third round stoppage over Hector Saldivia which has propelled him on to the world stage. A fight between Devon Alexander and Randell Bailey will decide who Kell Brook will fight next for the IBF world championship.

Brook came into this fight on the back of a lot of critisicm after he was beaten around the ring in the back end of his last fight against Carson Jones. Since then Brook has re conditioned his body and he looked a new man coming into the ring tonight. He hit the ground running and went straight after Saldivia and in the first round had him on the canvas.

Round two saw much of the same as Brook continued to dominate, by round three it was all over. Saldivia walked straight onto a right handed jab from Brook and went down and could not regain his feet. Brook leaped with elation as he now knows this eliminator has put him in an incredible position with in the Welterweight division.

When asked about his next match, Brook said that he would love to knock the chin off Amir Khan, but promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that the Brook camp would be continuing their journey towards a world title. What ever the outcome from the other match up, Brook is now the man that everyone will be watching. It would seem that the steel city has found themselves another future champion.

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