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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

17/10/2012 Price responds to Furys recent comments

Further comments have been made in the latest Tyson Fury and David Price saga, this time is the Mancunian Price that has has his say. "His idiotic and giving the sport a bad name" says Price, this comes after a weekend where Fury had firmly made his points clear about British Champion Price.
With an interview on Channel 5 that 'Exploded' as described by Mick Hennessy, Twitter comments and a recent post of himself Fury has not exactly endeared himself to anyone, namely the fellow British Heavyweights.

"We are grown men and no-one bullies as far as I'm concerned" added Price, "its like dealing with a kid at school talking absolute nonsense". No doubt these comments wont be well received by Fury who has found himself in hot water because of his actions. It would be wise for Fury to now keep his mouth firmly closed and keep his comments to himself, but as we know its very unlikely as in Boxing there always seems to be a bad guy who wants to step in the way of every good guys path to glory. And at the moment i think we can all agree that its Fury playing the bad guy.

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