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Monday, 15 October 2012

15/10/2012 Audley Harrison Interview

I said I had prepared very well for this bout and it showed...I was in great shape and went out there with no fear, believing I could win it. I was really in the zone, didn't get fazed by the crowd, or atmosphere and stay focused on the task. After 8 years, I finally had control of myself again.
My whole game plan was about avoiding his right, so to get lined up like that is a disappointment for me. Father time has caught up with me, as I didn't see the initial shot, so could not react. He finished me off like a good pro, so I have no complaints. I have a broken nose for my troubles, so I didn't get away Scott free.
I have said when I turn up to win, and lose to nothing other than ability, I will know my times is up, so this could be my last bout. I'll take some time to think this out, as I never want to come back to boxing once I've walked away.
I started this journey as a nineteen year old juvenile tear-away, boxing at the Top hat social club in Ealing against a policeman Tony Wildgoose winning by 2nd round stoppage...if it's to end here, what a ride it's been and I'm grateful to the universe for allowing me to find my destiny and walk the precarious road my way.
Keep dreaming, keep believing and never give up.

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