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Thursday, 25 October 2012

25/10/2012 RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012

RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012 

Boxing today has suffered a huge loss as legendary Detroit trainer Emanuel Steward has died, the 68 year old who is most famous for his iconic work in the Kronk gym has been suffering for a while now. His family have rightfully been very reserved with any information around his suffering and even held back any information this evening regarding his passing.

Its a sad moment for everyone involved in Boxing now that it has been confirmed, just searching the Internet its easy to see just how much he was loved in the Boxing community. Messages, thoughts and prayers have all been left with his family who will still be trying to come to terms with his loss like many others.

Steward has guided many Boxers to titles, and has had much involvement in the careers of others, the likes of Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, Prince Nassem, Wladimir Klitschko, Julio Ceaser Chavez and many many more. He is up there with some of the best trainers in the world, often compared to other greats like Angelo Dundee and Freddie Roach, but Steward has his own techniques and philosophy on the sport and that's what made him so successful.

I had great enjoyment reading the story of Thomas Hearns and to see the impact that Steward had on him was incredible, he was an irreplaceable trainer and a father figure to many men that walked through the doors of his gym. The biggest reason i love this sport is the history that it is built on and its the stories and matches that involve men like Steward that make this such a passion.

It comes at a time where we have seen many other greats pass us, Angelo Dundee, Johnny Tapia, Corrie Saunders, Terry Spinks and one of my all time favourites Joe Frazier. Many more have been unfortunate to have passed away but very few will leave the impact that Emanuel Steward has. A true legend with an incredible story to tell, he will very much be missed in this world were nothing is certain but anything is possible.

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