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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

06/11/2012 Bute wants Froch, but no way near ready

Where next for Lucian Bute? well he seems to think a rematch with Carl Froch in his homeland of Canada. After this weekends performance against Denis Grachev it would seem that Bute has a lot of work to do before he is ready to try and claim back his championship crown. Looking very sluggish and of the mark at times, Bute managed to gain a unanimous decision over the Russian, but at times looked like the fight was slipping away from him.

Carl Froch who faces Yusif Mack this month will be looking to make quick work of the American so he can go into the new year ready for another big encounter, the initial plan would have been the rematch that was promised to Bute in March but Froch may want to look at the situation again and decide if taking on Bute again is going to propel him back into the spotlight. As the rematch has been written into their initial contracts prior to their encounter earlier this year Bute can call upon this and he can most probably negotiate a deal to hold the fight in Toronto, but i think even Bute knows that he is a million miles away from being able to stand toe to toe with the 'Cobra'

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