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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

06/11/2012 Reality TV and Election polls

No further development in the Haye v Vitali saga, it would seem that Vitali has carried himself through to the next round of voting by finishing 3rd in the initial round 1 of voting in Kiev. Due to the recent performance in polls and the hunger Vitali has shown to prove his worth as a politician, all talks of the fight have now hit a stand still and we will probably have to now wait until next year before they pick up again.

Haye on the other hand has taken a different approach to get himself back into the public eye, recent reports confirming that the former world champion has signed up to enter the jungle in the hit reality TV series im a celebrity get me out of here. He has also just finished recording of a new fitness DVD that he has been working on. Haye who prides himself on image has yet again managed to put himself in the spotlight without actually stepping foot into a Boxing ring.

Hopefully next year we will see this encounter, it seems that its all Vitali has left regarding big pay days, and as for Haye, he confirms he will not step into the ring for anyone but Vitali.

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