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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stevenson shocks the Boxing world.

This past weekend saw an early contender for KO of the year, Adonis Stevenson took out Chad Dawson in just over 70 seconds. It was a match up that showed great promise, with the experience and all round in  ring ability from Dawson, and the incredible knockout power of Stevenson. From the opening bell Stevenson looked the more confident fighter, Dawson hadn't even had a chance to find his range before he was caught with a left hook that sent him crashing to the canvas in a daze.

It was a punch that shook the Boxing world and put Stevenson into a position where he is now a man to be very much avoided. With that being said it was Tony Bellew who was able to offer his opinion first, stated that he never backs down from any fight and would happily face Stevenson for the WBC crown. He did however say that he would give Stevenson the respect he deserves, in other words, he knows what damage Stevenson could cause should he land one of those big shots.

Stevenson on the other hand is making his own path to build his legacy, now looking for shots against the likes of Bernard Hopkins, but he knows that Tony Bellew has landed himself a mandatory challengers shot at  his title. Dawson now has to rebuild his career after this devastating loss, which also comes of the back of being outclassed by Andre Ward. For now the spotlight sits on Adonis Stevenson, a man with a punch that even 'Superman' would be proud of.

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