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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Maidana overcomes Lopez to look towards Cotto showdown

Just had a chance to watch back Marcos Maidana v Josesito Lopez from this past Saturday, it was a fight that Maidana went to the favorite, but Boxing fans knew that Lopez was able to match Maidana aslong as he avoided the power and strength the Argentinian poses. Lopez opened up the fight with great promise, showing that he was able to go toe to toe with Maidana and at certain points early on looked the better man. But this fight was never going to let us down and it didnt, with both men trading punches round by round this fight was perfectly balenced for wither man to take the lead to the 12th round.

But it was Maidana who overcame Lopez in round 6 in what looked to be an early stoppage, this came after the recent pressure on referres to step in when they feel either fighter is in danger of being hurt. When watching the reply back of Maidanas 6th round punching flurry i dont think that Lopez will have issues with why the fight was stopped as his guard was high and he return no punches that came his way.

This was also a match that Miguel Cotto would have undoubtedly been watching as talks that the winner of this would go on to meet the Puerto Rican in November. Cotto who now looks to be nearing the end of his incredible career would still offer more than both of these men in my opinion, but Maidana would certainly take him the 12 rounds and he would need more than ice to fix the swelling if Maidana caught him like he did Lopez.

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