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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Broner v Malignaggi, good, bad and very ugly

Last night we finally got a conclusion to the war of words between Adrien Broner 27-0 and Paulie Malignaggi 32-5 after weeks of both men exchanging words it was time for them to exchange punches. It was a much anticipated showdown partially due to boths fighters ability to verbally promote this match up, but also fans were intrested to see if Malignaggi could be the man that stops Broners unbeaten streak. From the opening bell it was Malignaggi that proved to be the busier man with Broner standing his ground and aiming to cut off Malignaggis every move, but even though the older man was busiest he was also the weakest, and every punch thrown was just shrugged off by Broner.

Broner remained strong throughout the fight and knew that Malignaggi wouldnt be able to maintain his work rate through 12 rounds, he simply rolled his shoulder and picked off Malignaggi with the stronger shots. It was a technique and performance like that of his good friend Floyd Mayweather, who himself watched on and at times shouted encouraging words for his younger prodigy which seemed to do nothing but anger the defending champion Malignaggi. It was just a further exchange of words which seemed to be the theme of the whole fight.

Once the final bell rang it was clear that Broner had won but it was still close, with judges scoring it 115-113 Broner, 115-113 Malignaggi and 117-111 giving Broner the win and the WBA Welterweight crown. Broner after the fight not only confirmed his greatness and denied any concern he ever had of losing to Malignaggi, but also continue his verbal onslaught of Malignaggi, stating that he had taken Paulies belt and his girl. It did nothing but incite the man from Brooklyn, leading him to give his views on why the belt should of remained with him in his home town. Away from all the trash talk Malignaggi did actually have a valid case, after receiving a low blow and an elbow to the face after the bell the tables could have easily been turned, unfortunately it all went in Broners favour. Although Broner won the fight, silenced the crowed and became a 3 weight champion, he still didnt offer a performance that gives him the right to call himself Boxings next superstar.

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