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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10/04/12 Fury needs convincing win

British Heavyweight Tyson Fury aims to add another title to his record this weekend when he takes on 40 year old Irishman Martin Rogan. Half Rogans age, 6inches taller and boasting an unbeaten 17-0 record, Fury goes into this fight the favorite, but concern has recently been raised over Fury's ability to stay in shape. a dramatic increase in weight, 70 pounds to be exact is what Fury had piled on over the winter and then had to shift again to get in shape for this match. Fury has already given himself a reputation for making rookie errors and being rather clumsy in the ring, the last thing he wants is to carry this reputation outside the ring with him. Fury claims that due to illness in his family he had reached a low point that caused the weight to go on, and has worked hard since to make sure he is in the shape of his life to become the Irish Heavyweight Champion. Due to being televised from early on in his professional career Fury has gained a large British following, many whom believe he is ready to step up to take on the Klitschko brothers. To put it simply Fury is no way in the class of the Klitchsko brothers and still has a lot to learn in the ring before he can challenge for a world title.

I don't want to be negative about a Boxer than shows promise to one day bring home a world title to Britain, but when making a comparison to fellow Heavyweight David Price, i just feel that Fury has to tighten up his movement around the ring and use his size to his advantage when throwing punches. He had proved against Derrek Chisora that he is capable of producing a performance worthy of being the British Champion but this is the only fight where he has looked fully convincing. I really hope that Fury can put together a top class performance against Rogan and not leave me feeling slightly fustrated. There is no doubt that Fury has all the attributes to become a World Champion, its just time that we started seeing it. I have Fury winning this weekend and making a statement with a KO later in the bout.

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