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Thursday, 26 April 2012

27/04/12 Ringside

Tonights episode of Ringside was a special, focusing on Amir Khan's lifestyle and the training he is putting himself through in order to get in shape for the biggest fight of his career against Lamont Peterson. Johnny Nelson took the trip over to the phillipines to meet with Khan and along the way found himself in the ring sparring wtih world renouned trainer Freddie Roach and P4P king Manny Pacquiao. Khan showed Nelson around the place he was staying, a small 1 bedroom place amoungst the locals that left Khan feeling sometimes isolated, but Khan did admit that it was the isolation that he seeks when he is focusing on the task ahead of him. 5 mile runs in the morning, and regular workouts at the gym are just a small peek at what the English Welterweight challenger gets up to everyday as he moves closer to his rematch.

When showing us around the local area of the phillipines it was very clear that the residents were familier with the sport of Boxing and very familier with the face of thier sporting king Pacquiao, with his face on every street corner it showed the impact he has on all the local familes. Im sure every household, school and playground will be aware of Pacquiao's upcoming bout with Timothy Bradley, and due to Khan being his occasional sparring partner and being based in the same training camp it would seem all phillapinos were aware of the challnge Khan faces.
Whilst Nelson found himself sparring with Roach he was showed a few moves that we can expect to see Khan to execute in the ring, Sparring with Pacqiuao seemed more of a reason for the Pacman to show of his lightning fast hand speed as he danced around Nelson for fun.

Overall a great show that gave us just enough of a preview to see what we can expect in a few weeks time in Khans much anticipated rematch. It left Jim Watt questioning Khans tactics to go out and become so isolated but conceded we will have to wait and see if it was worth while.
Ringside also offered a quick look into the gym of James Degale but not for his Boxing training. Infact it was a boyhood dream that had come true as he met his all time Boxing idol Roberto Duran, who also showed Degale a few moves in the ring.

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