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Saturday, 14 April 2012

14/04/12 Tyson Fury v Martin Rogan

From the opening bell it looked as if we may have been wrong to write of Rogan so quickly, i know i certainly had jumped to the conclusion of a Fury win. Rogan came out the blocks with the intent to get at Fury and land some big right handed shots, but what Rogan and the rest of the Boxing world didn't realise was that Fury was coming into this fight with a Southpaw stance. They had told us to watch out for a new Tyson Fury and that we did as the fight unfolded, Fury managed to ride combinations and block most that Rogan had to offer with his new stance and made it look quite comfortable at times. It was in round 4 that after Fury realised it was time to stop touching mits with Rogan and actually start Boxing, that he had the Irishman on the floor with a great straight left shot. After showing the world that he had developed a great defensive technique in training it was time for Fury to unload punches and really come alive in the contest, and the defining shot came right at the end of round 5, a terrific left hand to the body that left Rogan no choice but to retire from the fight. Overall a great contest and another title to add to the record for Fury, Promoter Hennessy has now confirmed he will be looking for the next big fight for Fury as he firmly believes he is behind the Klitchsko brothers as one of the best Heavyweights around, Povetkin might be a good measure if they could land a deal with him, i personally think that an all British fight with David Price should now seriously be considered before he gets in the ring with any of the top Heavyweights.

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