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Monday, 7 May 2012

07/05/12 Mayweather v Cotto

Ok who had thier hard earned money on Miguel Cotto.....well shame on you, this Welterweight war had Mayweather win all over it surely? Whilst this might be true, the majority of the Boxing world including myself seemed to be backing Cotto to finally knock the king off his thrown.
This was also the vibe that was felt and heard around the MGM grand when both fighters entered the ring, Cotto stayed focused and knew what mamouth task lay ahead of him, Maywether on the other hand was all smiles and was just as relaxed as he has been in all 42 previous matches, the fans were determined that they could give Cotto that extra boost to get the win, but also knowing that this would not bother Mayweather from the moment the opening bell sounded.
Both fighters had a traditional opening round as they felt each other out and exchanged slight blows, as the next few rounds went on Cotto had thrown a lot of punches but found not many were landed with any conviction and it was Mayweather that landed the shots that mattered. Cotto finally started to find his way towards the back end of the fight after soaking up some hard shots from Mayweather, and it was the P4P Champ that found himself having to weave, dodge and duck to make sure the hard shots that Cotto was throwing were not connecting. Some shots did get threw but it never really seemed to take Mayweather out of his stride, as he would cover up and offer shots just has hard in return, (you don't get called the best counter puncher in the buisiness for nothing) and it was the last couple of rounds were Mayweather proved his class, knowing Cotto would have to find that KO punch he made sure he put himself out of harms way and picked off the Puerto Rican with ease. A UD over 12 rounds with 1 Judge scoring the match 118-110 and 2 judges scoring 117-111 left Mayweather adding the WBA Light - Middleweight title to his collection.

It seemed a close Fight at times with Cotto drawing Mayweather in to a toe-to-toe battle and this where he did his most damage but it was always swaying towards Mayweather who again proved why he is the man to beat. 8 belts and $32million later 'Money' Mayweather now looks towards his time in prison and then to his next opponant, Manny Pacquiao.
But when asked about setting up the long awaited encounter with Manny Pacquiao the Champion couldnt confirm anything.
"This was a gruelling fight, i'm going to go home and take some time off and see where we go from here,"
 It was recently stated that Mayweather would retire in 2014, which for a boxer of his age says he has just a few more fights left in him, but if the Pacquiao bout does not happen Mayweather is still unsure what direction he would head in,
"There's nobody out there for me. I can't really tell you where my career's going from here. I fought everybody basically. There's nothing but the young, strong pups coming up.

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