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Sunday, 20 May 2012

20/05/12 Kessler wins.....just

Last night Mikkel Kessler picked up a dominant fourth round victory over Allan green, but he was only dominant in the 4th round. Infact Kessler was lucky to even come out of the first round and enter the second, Green caught the Dane with a great right hand and then put him to the floor with a great body shot, looking back Green probably had the chance to end it there and really go after Kessler. This wasn't the case and kessler found his way back into the fight and in round four connected with a left hook that could potentially win KO of the year. I think once Kessler found his feet in the match he looked ok but i can only think this is due to the quality of his opponant, against the likes of  Dawson, Hopkins or Cloud he would'nt stand  much of a chance boxing like he did last night. Is staying in the Lightheavyweight division a wise choice for Kessler? probably not as i can't see him ever winning a title there, maybe time to look back where he came from as he clearly still has unfinished business at Super Middleweight.

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