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Sunday, 20 May 2012

20/05/12 Price Dominates again

David Price last night proved that he could be the man to carry the torch for British Heavyweight Boxing, and maybe even carry a World title one day. I know it was only his 13th fight and it is still only 4 years into his pro career, but take nothing away from his ability in the ring and the devestating fashion that he is Knocking his opponants out in.

Last night was no different and right from the opening bell Price took charge and went to work on the jab, Sexton found it hard to get into the bout and by round 3 found him self on the floor with a great shot from Price, (which was only at half power). Sexton was finished by this point but tried to hit back with some combinations but to no effect as Price took each shot in his stride and continued to land heavy blows. Going into round 4 the crowd could sence the end was near and so could Price, it was teh 3rd knockdown that was deemed enough for the referre to call a stop to the fight. Price got himself on the inside of Sexton and hit him with a terrific right hand that left the man from Norwich on the canvas for a good couple of minuites before he could find his feet.

Price now sits proudly at the top of British Boxing but i can't see it sitting well with former Champion Tyson Fury, who himself held both belts before he was forced to give them up. Promotor Fank Maloney said after the fight that he believes Price could be ready to step in the ring with either Klitschko, as much as i want to believe this is true, i could'nt see him doing enough to stop one of them. For me his next move has to be Fury and both camps must see this is the only fight left at this level before they look to make a move on the world titles. I suppose there is always Haye or Chisora?

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